Scam letter(s) from Oksana Akulenko to Dave (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Dave!!!
I have just a minute to read and answer your letter, it's so many work today, because we started free-of-charge check of a condition of a teeth among the students, there a lot of students want to do it...
Ok!I understand that you haven't a lot of money and don't trust me at 100% but i'll have vocation started at the end of december,i just have decided to visit you, i think you would be glad to see me too,we can talk a lot, we become more closer to eachother,if YES,we must hurry up,because i really want to be with you during my vocation and if you will send money for passport and visa,they will be ready in a one or two weeks... Then i'll send copies of documents to you and we will think about time of a flight to you...
You can use western Union, my father always use it when send money in sybiria to his sister. To send me money on the western union you need to know my name and a surname, and the country(Oksana Akulenko, Ekaterinburg, Russia). To receive your money to me it will be necessary to know your address, a name and a surname, the exact sum of money,and a confidential code which to you will tell in bank.
I'll need about 300$!
I'll pay for my ticket myself, maybe father will help me, but i'll have money only at the end of december, so you should help me with passport and visa, i believe you can do it!
By the way my english not very well. You asked me about my upto. "Upto" - what mean this word, I can't find them in dictionary.
So I wait for your letter and dream about our meeting!
Your Oksana!
Letter 2
Hello Dave
I think that we can meet with you in January or February.
I already spoke you that my phone is broken now. But I can call you from branch of mail. It will cost expensive, but I think I can find money. I need to know your phone number to call you. Well?
I am very glad that you want to meet me too. It very much pleases me. It seems to me that I very much love you. You became very much the close person for me.
As to the visa and other documents. I think it is better to doing already now. Therefore I hope for your help my love.
You have not answered my question. What the word "upto" means?
I wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello Dave
I do not understand you. I have offered you the variant most convenient for me.
If you do not want I can not call to you. It seems to me that our relations are necessary only for me. I think only for me is important our meeting. If you do not want that our relations developed let's finish our chat as friends. Well?
I wait for your answer. I very much hope that you make the true decision.
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