Letter(s) from Sandra James to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Dearie,
How are you doing today, hope you’re doing good. Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it and could read it over and over again without getting tired of it. I’ll like to know more about you, how you spend your everyday and what you do for a living, your likes and dislike, what you do in your spare time and anything else you would like to talk about. Well, ill rather not say anything about my physical appearance, ill send you a pix later so you'll be the judge, would like you to send me some of your pix as well. Talking about how I spend my day, I work as a make up girl,i apply make up to models.Enough of me for now hope to hear from you soon. do you have a yahoo messenger service so we could chat sometime, more like talking over the phone.my addy is the same on yahoomessenger (sandra08033) ok.Bye

Letter 2

ofcourse i wanna talk, i havnt just been to the computer in a few days, so how are you and how is everything, i hope everything is going on fine with you.
anyways, would like to know more about you ok, what you like and what you dont, how you spend your everyday.

Letter 3

hiya Kirk, how are you doing,hope you are having fun. sorry i havnt replied your mail in a while, been busy with Mom. anyways, tell me about your last relationship

Letter 4

Hiya Kirk,
how are you and how is everything, i am so sorry i havnt replyed your mail, been busy, well,do you live alone? would like to know because i intend coming home next week and if its ok by you, i could come see you before going home. all expenses on me, send me some more pics of you ok