Scam letter(s) from Elena to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello dear Yannis!
How are you today? I am glad to begin our communication. I can't help wondering how we could meet! I was very glad to have your interest in me and I want our friendship to be pleasant for both of us and grow into strong friendship. What do you think? Though we are now so far away from each other I hope it will not affect the warmth and tenderness of our letters. What do people want? A loving and understanding soul beside them to convince them that they are not alone in this world. What do you like to do best? What is your favourite pastime? What do you do when you are in your best mood? I want to know everything about you. Let's make friends! I like an active way of life and I would like to meet a man of the same kind. I work as an accountant. I have never been married before. Do you believe in love? Did you use to love someone? I know I ask too many questions for the first letter :)) That is because I'm excited to meet you. I know time should pass till we get to know each other but I feel that I want it sooner. I can't wait. I asked you if you loved someone because love is the best feeling in the world. When you love you feel happy though sometimes love can hurt. I want to love a man, a decent man who can make me happy and can love me in return with the same strength. I want to give all myself to him and fulfill all his desires, be his mistress and best friend, caring mother and playful child, his love and happiness in the whole world. I want to have a family, a loving husband and nice children of our own. If he has already a child, I will do my best become his or her second mother. I will appreciate all that he does for me, his love, attention and care. I will never do any evil thing to him, will be sincere and frank, will always share my feelings and thoughts and will gladly listen to what you want to say and share with me. Though I am an energetic person I like romantic evenings for two with candles and wine, nice music, talks about love.
I would like to tell you that I do not speak English. I use the services of a translator to write to you. It's so interesting that with her help I can make you understand me and can share my ideas and feelings with you and also understand what you will write to me. So, if you are writing to me just for fun I would like to ask you not to waste my time and money in vain. I am serious in finding someone.
I am waiting for your letter without patience.
Write to me to my e-mail address:
Letter 2

Dear Yannis!
How are you? I was so glad to get your reply. I feel like I have a date! I'm not used to write letters. Last time I corresponded with someone was at school when I met a girl in summer camp, she was from another city and after we returned home we wrote each other letters for half a year. So, I'm learning to do it again.
Thank you for telling me about yourself :))) It was very interesting to get to know more about you. Thank you for the compliments to my eyes :))
I wasn't lucky to meet my love yet. Though I fell in love many times. And of course each time I thought that this man was my destiny. I was mistaken... Time passed and I knew that I was betrayed, he lied to me and had been meeting another girl. We parted... I was so unhappy... But then another man said the three words that I was so much waiting for. 'I love you'. I believed again and then I saw that he loved only *****... He is lazy, doesn't like to work and asks for compassion and pity all the time lying on the coach all days long. I hate lazy men. If a man doesn't have a job and at the same time likes to drink ***** too much he can't be a good husband and father. He can't support his wife and children. On the contrary, he is a problem in their life. I don't want such a life. And it is very difficult to find a man in Ukraine or Russia who would not drink. But I know that it is not so with the men from other countries. I've head that they are serious, hard-working, respectful and loving to their women and they do everything a woman can dream of and what is very difficult or even not possible at all for our men. They are believed to have strong family values. They will do everything that is needed for their family. A nice house with everything in it, a car to help moving where you need to go, holidays in exotic places, stability and comfort in family. And also they appreciate the beauty of the Slavic women and their loving and tender nature. Tell me, is it true? Tell me about yourself. What do you like in women? What kind of a woman you would like to marry? What qualities should a girl of your dream have?
Write me back soon, I will be waiting
Letter 3

Dear Yannis!
It is so interesting to correspond with you. I can't wait for the next day to come to read your letter. I wonder what you are doing now, what you thought about my letter and picture. Thank you for your answer. I am fine and I have to confess that my life is better because of our correspondence with you. It makes me hope and you know, I can't stop thinking and imagining things about us... I would like to have a look in future, what is in store for us there and at the same time I think that maybe it's better not to know it and encounter surprises that life can bring :))
I will tell you why I believe that I can find my husband in another country. I had a friend that is now living in America. Her first husband was from Ukraine and their marriage was like a nightmare. She tried everything to stop him drinking and start caring about their family and a little son. But he wouldn't. Finally she got tired and divorced him. You would ask how she could love such a man. But she really did and she didn't want to divorce. Yet she felt obliged to do so because not only was she unhappy but her child was suffering, too. After the divorce she decided to place her picture at Internet dating agency. Very soon she found her happy destiny. How much he loves her and her daughter! They are happy and though my friend moved far away from me I am glad for her very much. Her American husband is not like the Ukrainian one in any way. He is family-oriented and he really cares for her and appreciate everything in her - her beauty, her light character and her love to him, her daughter. She learned English though she didn't speak it when they met! She used the services of translation agency at the beginning and then started to learn the language. He helped her and they found the way to communicate. Their warm feelings to each other made it easy. I use the same translation service and I hope that it will bring me luck :)))
I want to tell you that a man of my dream is my Godfather. He is an exception from that bad image of Ukrainian men. I want my husband to resemble him. He is a strong, noble and fair man. He used to scold me when I was a child but now I understand that he was right. He teaches me to love life in all situations and always hope for the best. And thanks to him I know and I hope that I will find a true love of my life and create a happy family. It's difficult to say what it will be like in daily life. I can't think of all details ahead but maybe the most important thing is to choose the man correctly. When we can get on well and satisfy each other being honest and open with each other, if our goals and views on life coincide then we just have to live the life together doing our best to make the person near you happy and content with his life... What about you?
A lot of men tell me that I am beautiful and it seems like they see only this in me. And they try to treat me like a doll that doesn't have feelings and only has good looks. I don't like it. That's why I send you my picture where I am without any make-up, just the way I am in real life.
I will stop here and wait for your answer.
Letter 4

Dear Yannis!
I received your kiss :))and I kiss you back. What a sweet cat :))
Did you receive my letter? Will you reply?
Waiting to hear from you...
Letter 5

Dear Mr. Yannis, Your correspondent Miss Elena uses the translation services of our company. We deal with translation of all sorts of scientific and technical literature, patent, technological, export, import and other legal documents. Certifying translation adequacy. Interpretation during negotiations, assembly work and adjustment of equipment, as well as during conferences, workshops etc. The name of our company is "World Interpreters Company". Miss Elena has been totally satisfied by our work but she had to stop her payments due to her difficult financial situation. If you want to continue your correspondence with Miss Elena and can take care of the cost of the translation services we will be glad to help you. You are welcome to contact us and we will be glad to inform you about the conditions of our collaboration. Regards,
Danilo Eshkovich
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