Scam letter(s) from Anna Shabunina to David (USA)

Letter 1
My dear. I already thought about all about this much time. I understand that you better to find another, beside which no problems with money. But you me too must understand. I much want with you further to communicate and you to hear.
I today talked with its boss. He has said me that I can to work only in the night. Daytime I can not work. More so instead of I already want to work much womans. But beside me must be a warranty that that we are met as you speak at June without fall. But else I on day work to earn 220 dollars. I think this will be for you not plenty of if you me will be a help. After all we then with can to communicate and hear each other. Your Marina
Letter 2
My love. I right before call at in internet-cafe. I have much tired and ated to write you letter. I have much tired for the whole week. I understand that if I write you once at week, after heavy days then with each at once this will all gravely for me. I much want on build strong relations with you. But I think that so nothing be not.
I under think one variant. I talked with him , and he has offered me variant that I can to write the statement about that that I shall not work one month. I this month to work not shall, you me help for this month. We shall all time to communicate and hear each other. But if that that will not so , well any in lifes to be, that then I return on work in month. As you such variant. My love you must me too to understand that I not to can to tear between work and private life. You must understand that us it is necessary although small chance to hear each other. But more so that so much for for the sake of our e?aae and our happiness.
I want with you be too met and afterwards never again part never. Your Marina
Letter 3
My love. I on its main work work nearly light days month, even today. My boss has said that since monday ( that is to say tomorrow ) instead of me will work other woman. I wrote already you that beside us in my city gravely to find work and on my place plenty of interested persons to work. That is to say tomorrow November 6 I already do not work , but December 6 I must work. So will well if you tomorrow send me money. And tomorrow we already with can with you to communicate more and I with can to answer all your questions. Your Marina
Letter 4

My Love. I for go in internet-cafe that to read your letter. But beside me presently regrettably no time to you to write long. I shall write you all tomorrow. I presently it is necessary on night work. But I thought you sent already me number for reception money. But I think that you this soon with do that I in the morning can to get. Your Marina
Letter 5
Hello David. I very pleased you to write. I know that now beside me much free time and me no need nowhere to hurry. I this very pleased. On cause of my night work. I begin to work usually in that time in which it is necessary people, my customer. They speak me graph of my work. This can be the miscellaneous time. Well usually or in 8 or in 9 evenings beginning. But finish sometime in 2 or 3 nights. If master give me money on taxi home, that I meal if no that I remain beside them building to sleep on sofa. But I all time remain. Since, I usually work with sick. When they fall asleep then at 2 o'clocks I can to go home. But can be much often that my help it is necessary else since anytime person can awake. Here is so my graph different.
I wrote you that my letter to you to dispense sometime 5-7 dollars. This really so. In the first, I pay for time, which I write you letter, in the second I pay for translator. But else hereto I bad use the computer. Beside me his(its) never was, and so I often help to send you letter and get.
Yes I know this dearly. But in internet cafe for all this such price. Certainly if I had a computer of the building. That me possible was all this does most. And I pay whole 30 dollars for month. Yes this really much cheaply. But regrettably I have no on computer spare money. Shall wait your answer. Your Marina
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