Letter(s) from Julia Asakasinskaya to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my Rainer!

From first lines, the letter, I wish to admit that I am glad again, to write to you the letter. And still, me More pleasantly to receive your letters. I thank you, that you bring heat, in my heart. Yet at whom, not It turned out so to like in my heart. I am able to distinguish people, I can tell about the person, after our, the first Acquaintances. My intuition, me when did not bring. But you, especial. So responds, about you, my heart. And in Communications with it, I wish as to emphasize, that I am glad to a meeting, with such person, as you. At me, all is normal. Weather again, pleases me and gives me, good mood. On work, all is normal. But I can notice, that her became, on much more. Now, my amount of works, has increased three times. In the street spring and in Such, romantic, a season, everyone wish to be beautiful and irresistable. Especially, it it is possible to tell, about Girls. I think, that nevertheless, the girl should be beautiful. Especially in the spring when time of love comes. Likely, set of acquaintances when people connect themselves serious attitudes, occur, in the spring. One Word, it is time to love. You agree with me? I can tell, as me, the spring has not bypassed. For me, it as, is time to love and romanticism. It would be desirable, What our acquaintance, became one of the most pleasant, the moments, in our life. As I already spoke you, I am glad, that Has met you. To you, are addressed, my, most, gentle and deep feelings. If you saw me, you Has noticed, how my cheeks have reddened. Even if, I do not see you, I, very much, strongly worry, when I speak, about the Feelings. As you, have already noticed it, on my, last, to letters. I have absolutely forgotten to ask you, how your affairs? How your mood? What, at you, plans, for the near future? To me, it would be interesting to learnabout your ideas. If certainly, it not a secret. My dear I have desire to meet with you New Year, but on how many I know documents and tickets very much Expensive. Simply I do not have such money. And I wanted to ask you my dear, you can to me the help with Money. I shall wait for your answer. On it, I should finish the letter. It is time to me to go for work. My break for a dinner, has come to an end. If I shall be in time, I should run in shop and to buy, something, what to not remain hungry. I shall wait for your letter. I wish you, successful day. Yulia.