Scam letter(s) from Elena Nosova to Randall (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, the my dear friend Randy! You of me glad yourletters. I have absolutely overlooked to tell about the apartment. This place where I spend the most part of the life, but in loneliness. For one to be very hard. I so ????? to find the half, I hope soon shall understand, that it is that who to me is necessary. I live in a small 2-roomed apartment in an apartment house. My windows leave on the river Volga, I frequently leave on a balcony in the evening and I like to admire on it. It so is romantic, does not suffice only a number of the favourite person. I very much like to prepare, this one of the most favourite hobbies. The way to heart of the man lays through his stomach, whether not so?! In the best way at me it turns out to prepare for Russian borshch with sour cream. My friends speak, that at me not bad it turns out to prepare, they frequently come to me also I do something favour. What your most favourite dish, you eat houses or in cafe is more often? At us today it is very cool, the strong wind and it is raining blows. Better on street to not leave. I shall wait for your following letter. The Russian girlfriend, Elena
Letter 2

Greetings, my lovely Randy! As is healthy to receive again your hot letter in all sincerity. First I want to inform a joyful message, I have found the kitty. I have come after work home and have seen her sitting before a door of an entrance. I have not believed the eyes,
she so has quickly returned. At me now such fine mood. Even complexities on work have faded into the background. How at you an affair on work? What the newcomer in general? What at you now occurs in the country? You today have dreamed me, we with you sat in cafe on seacoast, it was so romantically, you appeared very interesting interlocutor. I hope this situation happen and in a real life. I have visited mum, have brought to it of medicines, have told that has found remarkable the man. She asked to transfer you huge greetings and has wished a sound health, it is simple at it not such good as it would be desirable. At it unfortunately one insult already was. I want to take a bath later, it so weakens, it would be desirable to lie down and dream... What do you think of me, how about the woman? I like you? Ask to me too any questions, I with pleasure shall answer. Your girlfriend, Elena
Letter 3

Greetings, dear Randy!!! Thanks for your fine letter. You such remarkable the man. I should admire. Ideas that you are warm to me soul. Thanks the god, that you are in this world. I today all the day have been borrowed. I went today on aerobics. I like the figure. And to you? It is necessary to go in for sports to hold her in a fine tone. I go to a sports hall 2 times a week. Here not so it is a lot of simulators. When warm weather, it happens basically only in the summer, I run in our park in the mornings. As it is fine to breathe fresh cool air, to listen to singing birds, to look as new day begins,
it in fact will always bring something new. It is healthy!!! Knowingly Cheboksary the purest city, here in fact is so much parks, such pure air, what even intoxicates the transparency a little. I have woken up today since the morning and have decided to meet a dawn. To me was so well, I looked at the sun and smile when it got to me on the person. I have lain on a bed and began to read the book " the Master and Margarita " Russian writer Bulgakov. I read her already some times.
Each time you understand her in a new fashion, about itit is impossible to tell, it is necessary to read to understand depth of idea of the writer. The interesting maintenance, the description of goods and evil, the sights at the world, and certainly love that can be better than love like two different people. You read it? If is not present, I advise to make it, you will not regret. What books to you were remembered most of all? With impatience I wait for the new answer, Elena.
Letter 4

oh my love Randy!!!! I'm thinking ab. you everyday too. And every day,
having woken up and having made all morning affairs, I put on and I leave from a house early that up to work to have time to go in Internet - cafe and to check up your letters my dear! Every dreams are about you, every thinks are about you... ?????? ????? I want to you! I cannot without you!! I feel you that the man who is necessary for me!!
I want to wake up every morning near to you, I want that you enjoyed mine the person every morning as you write. I think there has come time for our personal meeting!!! I want to arrive to you on a visit my love!! I want to carry out with you all the days long, to breathe with you one air, to listen with you to one music, is with you one meal, to wake up with you in one bed on sunrise and to fall asleep with you on a sunset!!!! Yes I have decided!!! I want to be with you Randy! Wait your answer my love million of kisses for you my dear! Your Elena!
Letter 5

Hello dear Randy. In your last letter you have told to me, that I have sent you the same letter twice. I want to apologize before you for my mistake. I shall try to explain to you all, all the matter is that I am ill already during two weeks. And being in the Internet of cafe to me it became unexpected much worse, I have added to you the letter and have asked which manager I know some years to send this letter. And itself has gone home, but as appeared then it that has mixed that and I have sent the letter which already sent you before. I ask you a pardon for this mistake and I hope, that you were not upset from for it. Yours faithfully to you Elena.
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