Scam letter(s) from Elena Suvorova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings my greater and gentle love Joe!!!!! I am very happy to receive your letter here in cold Germany. Your letter so to warm me here in this cold country. To me so it is cold without you my love, to me so it is sad and it is sad. I here to not know anybody and I with greater work to understand German language. To me so now alone and sadly. Now on my eyes of tear of grief and grief, and your letters to warm me and to allow me force to go through all these difficult minutes. I very much to miss on you my darling and road Joe. I you very strongly to like and to not want to lose you now such difficult minute for us. My darling Joe I so to want that you were a number with me. I so to wish you to embrace and be warmed yours by heat, your true love. My love Joe I the nobility that today at you Christmas. I so wished to congratulate personally today you on a holiday Christmas ?????????. My dear Joe so I am a pity to me that to not mark today with you Christmas. My darling and I so am upset by road Joe now from for this theft of my things and documents. I so wished to congratulate today for Christmas yours family and you wash love Joe and to present my gifts to your family, your road mum and especially to you my lovely and gentle groom Joe!!!! I so am upset that my things, gifts and documents to steal that young the man. When I we to fly by the plane in Germany it to seem to me very nice and decent the man. It was such gallant and nice. I to believe to it that it good. And when policemen to find suspected the man, me to cause on an identification suspected. My dear I has been very upset when this the man to appear not that person whom to steal my things and documents. I so hoped, that policemen could find this thief. I so hoped with return of my documents I could arrive quickly to you Joe, but the man policemen to not find it. I was so is upset also my heart was is very injured, that my dream cannot be carried out. I very much to cry in a police station, I so have been upset that I cannot see you my greater love Joe!!!! I so to love you and to me very much to not suffice your love here in it the cold country Germany. I so to wish you to embrace and be with you all life wash lovely groom Joe. My darling and road I now to write from the airport of city Frankfurt. Mine Joe I very long to persuade security service of the airport, that to me would allow to take advantage of the Internet for some minutes. I so wished to write to you my letter my love Joe!!! I still to write the letter to my tourist agent, that it to me would help settle mine a problem for that that I could to arrive to you. My tourist agent to answer me. My darling Joe to me that is to be necessary for my agent of 1000 dollars of that my tourist agent could arrive to me in Germany. My darling and dear Joe my tourist agent should arrive to me in Germany and solve all my problems. My hope that you can understand, understand me mine a difficult situation with the certificate of my person for flight to you my love Joe??? My darling and road Joe I so to wish to be now with you, I so to wish to be in your embraces. My darling I very much to love you and very to want what our meeting was carried out. My love Joe you can send at once money of 1000 dollars to my tourist agent, that it at once could fly to me and has helped to settle all my problems with my flight to you Joe. I very much to hope now for you, that you can help me. Now it is very difficult to me to be in the another's country of one. To me so I am bad now my love Joe, here nobody the nobility. And policemen it is very strange to look at me. I to not know what now to do my love Joe. I so am upset. Only to remain with me only one hope for you my lovely and gentle Joe. My greater hope that you can help me Joe????? My darling and road Joe you can send through the Western Union of 1000 dollars to my tourist agent Anna Busygina, what the agent could arrive at once to me in Frankfurt and settle all problems with flight to you my love Joe??? My dear Joe my agent to give me its address of the Western Union. I to write to you below these lines. The address of my agent: Russian Federation
City Moscow
postal code 115035
Name: Anna
Surname: Busygina Mine greater love I very much to hope for you, I shall wait for your fast reply, your true love Elena!!!!!!!!
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