Letter(s) from Anna Kiseleva to Hugh (Scotland)

Letter 1

Greetings the dear friend! You likely now very surprisingly read my letter. You likely did not expect that I shall write to you. I want to ask for you a pardon for that that I have not answered you. I want to tell that that I was not at home I was at the relatives and helped them. Now I very much want to renew our attitudes and to continue our acquaintance which we have started. I hope that you will write to me, and we with you shall continue our attitudes. I shall wait that you will write to me. Your girlfriend Julia.

Letter 2

Hi friend mine Hugh! I am glad today to see your answer to my letter. I was not however surprised having read your letter and I very much liked your contents as you describe itself and very much it was pleasant to me, how you speak, I shall not hide it. How your day has passed, than was engaged as job? I want to say to you that I work as the teacher of English and German languages at school and it is pleasant very much to me, but now I am in holiday, but in September again to me on job, my working day begins from 8.00 and he proceeds till 16.00 of Moscow time. This time suffices to me what to get tired. Now I in holiday as you already likely have understood, I write you not simply for friendship and not what simply to speak and to play what or games with you, I hope for more serious attitudes, if you are not ready to this that I shall not spend and your time what to write, if you are really ready to cost the serious attitudes that I shall be glad to continue our development of the attitudes with you. In life I the sports man I like sports this my hobby almost each day I allocate time what to go in pool, in the morning I sometimes run in park, winter I to go by a ski and has learned on a little to skates, I very much like my life. I have the very good friends, which always will help difficult minute, but I do not have such man, which can always like me to respect and to appreciate and to trust me as to me it it would be desirable, but nevertheless I did not meet that man, in which I would see the second half. In the evening on target we with the girlfriends go in cinema what to see what or cinema. How you spend the time? You like sports? What kind? Describe itself and me to listen the personal life in the past it will be interesting you, I am very much interested in you as you already have understood it. I hope, that it is pleasant to you to receive my letters. I with pleasure read each your letter. And with impatience I shall wait for following your answer. Your girl friend Julia.

Letter 3

Hi dear friend Hugh I am very glad to receive your letter, became so pleasant for me that you have written to me. How are you doing Hugh??? I want to say, that I am glad that you read my letters and answer on my questions. I shall try to do too most, because I do not want, that our acquaintance would stop, I want, that it would proceed. I want to you to say about my life as I in general lives I think, that it will be interesting to you. I live with the mum in an one-room apartment our house to be the end ours of city, as you know, that I live in Kazan, it is the large city, where lives about 700 thousand people, as I already spoke to you, that the life very bad in Russia, because does not suffice much, that that. You likely set to yourselves a question, why I have decided to search for the man abroad I to you I shall say why. We in Russia, do not have such people, which would not deceive at no such people, which would not use spirits drinks, it is not pleasant very much to me when the man constantly drinks. I had young man, we met it 2,5 years, but last of month he of all saws and we with it often swore, but as that of time he very much has drunk and has sat down a rudder of the machine and was broke on death, after that to me I was very heavy was very much injured. After that happen at me whom was. I do not have not what harmful habits, I do not go in night clubs I like to go in park, to visit cinema, museums, I like to read the books, to prepare on kitchen, to sit with the girlfriends. To me is very lonely now, and I need, what who heated that me, gave me caress, love. And more I not when had no children, and I very much would like to create family, and to grow children, it is my dream and more my dream it will meet the very good man, that he would like me, respected, appreciated and trusted, it now is very necessary to me. I have such question to you, you are ready in general to build the serious attitudes? And you can give me that I shall ask you? The friend mine Hugh say to me, please. I do not play with you in games and I shall as do to you is sick, and I do not like when me deceive. That you will say to me about it. I think, that I on it while shall stop, and I shall wait for your answer. Your girlfriend Julia

Letter 4

Hi friend mine Hugh. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter. How are you doing? Is very pleasant for me that ours with you the acquaintance proceeds, and I am pleased with that we with everyone the letter learn ever more and more about each other. At me very well. I hope, that at you as it is good. I am glad, that we with you use the best efforts, that our attitudes would proceed. I as want to you to say, that I have relatives, with which I like to help they live in 40 kilometers from cities. Dear my friend Hugh is very pleasant for me that we have met you, I hope for our future together, certainly I understand that about it early still to think, but it is necessary to look forward. I today would go on sport what to be engaged, after it I have gone home on a way home I came on shops has bought some products. When I have come home I has accepted bath, and then I prepared to eat. Now I am in the Internet of cafe what to write to you the letter. I think, that we with you with everyone the letter become, closer to each other and gradually we learn about the friend the friend. It seems, that we should be more open, that would better to learn about each other. Than you were engaged? It is pleasant very much to me, that we with you find general language what to speak about each other, you do not worry I think, that at us all it to turn out with you. We should do a first step with you in our serious attitudes to us at first it is necessary to entrust to each other because presently very hardly be without trust. What you will say to me about it? The lovely friend mine Hugh I want to say that I not when did not travel, and was not abroad, and my dream it to visit behind border, it will be for me the large gift. You were in Russia? In Russia not so I am interesting I think as in other countries. I think, that I today finish the letter and I shall wait for your answer. I hope, you liked to read my letter. Your girlfriend Julia

Letter 5

Hi dear friend Hugh. I am glad again to see your letter, it is pleasant very really to read me it, I treat yours to words seriously that you speak to me I believe you. How your day has passed? I want to say that at me it is good, today we had good weather, I today went to job, and is a little tired. As you know that I work as the teacher at school, but I can at any moment take holiday. Dear friend now I want to talk to you concerning ours with you of trust to each other. I understand, that we with you begin to open the friend before the friend and it very pleasantly, in too time between us to reign not trust. So it not seems? Now certainly it is necessary, that would trust in me and ours of the attitude, which begin to develop, and you see it itself and I hope, understand. The trust this main that should be between us if there will be a trust, will be between us the strong and very perfect attitudes, and we can develop with you together. Dear my friend Hugh, if you will not trust me, from this follow what not that to fail between us, you think that I speak you now and consider this seriously think, that you do, certainly, I do not want you to offend by it the letter, and I would not want that our attitudes on it were finished, but I do not like when to me do not trust, and concern to me not seriously. I understand, and you should understand, that in a choice of the man now it is necessary to be cautious, because in the Internet there are a lot of swindlers. I hope, that you treat to me as to the present woman and do not accept me for whom or, because to me will be very insulting. I hope, that you will speak honourly me everything, and you be not afraid, that that to say to me superfluous I always I shall understand you, because I really see in you the man kind, good and trust, and I hope, that you will not be declined that is at us. You think that I to you now have said, and write to me the answer. I wait for your letter. Your girlfriend Julia

Letter 6

Greetings the my dear friend Hugh. My dear I hope, that your affairs proceed to go well, and I am glad for you. I want to tell, that at same me it is good, at my mum too it is good, I hope, that your family as it is good. How is the weather at you today? I want to tell, that our weather became warmer, it very much pleases us. I wanted to talk to you about ours with you trust, I want to tell, that I do not want that person who will not trust me, and likely you think, that I want only money, but it not so, I not when did not want money, I only want the present love, but you already likely understand it, because I speak it to you almost in each letter, yes is much as which everything but as I to you has told that I not such, certainly it now is very hard to prove that you not the swindler, but I shall prove it to you want to receive swindlers only money, and. I trust you to your words because you to me are very nice and pleasant, I shall be glad, if our attitudes become even better. But now it of trust if we with you cannot trust the most important each other at us with you not that will fail, you as likely understand. Yes certainly we with mum have some lack of family with money, but not that it proceeds not for long. Certainly, we know, each other now only from our letters, but we as can with you when be to speak by phone, I at neighbours have phone and if at me I will turn out can call to you, and I shall be glad, if you will leave to me the phone number with a code of your city. But you think what I speak you what there should be a trust, and answer me my question on which I now want to hear your answer, you trust me?? It is now very important for me because you to me have told, that you intentionally want serious attitudes, and that I for you am pleasant. I hope, that you understand, that I want to be extracted now it of trust and only trust now because it is very important, I hope, that you as think!!! Well I hope, that I have not offended you than. Whole. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Your dear friend Julia

Letter 7

Hi my friend. I am glad that I have such opportunity to write to you the letter. I that gets acquainted with you because as you know all of us here for creation of family and dialogue write. Well certainly I write with the purpose that gets acquainted, and then to build serious relations.
I want to describe myself a little.
My name Anna
Surname Kiseleva
I live in Russia, the city of Kazan.
To me of 26 years, and I have what harmful habits. I was born on August, 16, 1980. And since then I live in the city of Kazan. I live with mum, the daddy at me is not present, it has died, when to me there were 18 years. I have written to you because you have interested me, and I have decided to write to you, and I hope, that at us with you it to turn out to construct serious relations. I hope, that I too shall interest you, and I would like, that you wrote to me on mine email: miss_baby_80@yahoo.ca.
I shall be very glad, if you will soon write to me. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Your girlfriend Anna.