Letter(s) from Abbey Odutayo to Robert (Canada)

Letter 1

This is the first time,that I post my self on the internet(feels funny),because i normaly meet people in person,but I guess it should not be a problem to meet the right person.(yes it is)so I give this a try.Iam a 26 year young lady(But I look and feel like early 18,s)I just want to find one good real man that knows how to treat a real woman(Because I know how to treat a man).Iam a decent looking girl and have a good heart and soul (sometimes to good thats what people say) i am carring, very open& honest (I hate lies )truthful,very romantic, funny and adventures love to do things,but also relax, love to cook,(i guess I should be chef,lol),listen to soul,jazz and r&b, watch good movies etc.romance movie and my favourite is Love don't cost a thing and i am hard working and very amitious,but know when to stop and take time for you.If you are looking for a good wife and success relationship,call on me no games i will treat you like King. then maybe i am the one. I am not a control freak and expect the same ,give each other space and respect.So if you are Honest (no freaking lies and storys) beautiful from the inside out, have a good heart and soul and like some how to plan things in life and looking for a real true relationship,Know what you want in life, than you are the one (People are never perfect so things can always be worked out,there is always little give and take) just have logic and flexebiity.I am giving person but only to the one that deserves.so what are you waiting for!

Letter 2

Hello Robert,
So good to have an email from you,I have lived in Nigeria all my life only came there for 2 months to see a friend of mine who later went back to her hometown in Delhi,I am a well brought up lady from a Christian home consisted of my parents and me,myself and I(smile),I lost my parents when I was alittle bit younger than now and that was 2 years back,I guess a question must come to your mind and that's how did they died,on this unforgettable day,they were driving on the highway when this drunk truck driver accidentally mis skilled and directly hit their car,immediately this hit occured the car spilled under the truck and it was crashed to a tiny thing,oh God what a terrible thing to think about,and that same year I broke up with my ex boyfriend,caught him on bed with my best close friend which saddens my heart,at first it was like what I see in movies or read in novels,I felt a rush from my head and back to my feet,I didn't know what to do but to just help myself out of that room,after a few months I tried composing myself and get use to what happened,he came back to me and ask for a second chance which I tried granting him,but he is a total flirt and won't control his act,I just had to let go of him,I told him off and I ended it,I felt once a cheater will always be,so here I am looking for that one true man and I hope you are the one(smiles),now back to my friend,I do see her but she is one of my worst enemy,I guess enough is said about the sad tales and I don't want to bore you(smiles), I am a very outgoing,compassionate,sharing,caring,loving person,I tend to have a big heart and trust to a fault,I am not perfect though but most people say to me I am too soft which I don't have problems with,for fun I like playing basketball,listening to all sort of music..goodmusic per say,I do enjoy watching movies,reading,singing as I write my own songs myself too,but never try to work towards recording any,I enjoy playing basketball I have mentioned before,from my profile you could read I am a bit tall,5.8ft..172cm and I weigh 135lbs,I am very energetic and love to share good or bad times with my partner,I am open to anything with him,nothing should be kept hidden from him,oh I guess enogh as been said about me,if there is anything you still need to know or not clear enough of,do ask me and I will respond back.