Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Rony (Belgium)
Letter 1
My greetings dar the friend Rony!!!
How at you an affair, how your mood? I am very glad that you have responded to my letter. I never before before did not get acquainted with anybody through the Internet. This my first acquaintance to you. I have addressed to the Internet to find the fine, decent person for me. Probably and the satellite of the life. To find the happiness. I did not know as me will get acquainted to the person from other country while my girlfriend did not inform me about it. She at present is with the favourite person in other country in United States. We are sometimes copied with it and she tells to me about herself much. She is very happy, and lives with loved already more than year. I want to tell to you a little about myself. To me of 31 years, I live in Russia in to Moscow. My growth of 169 centimeters, my weight of 58 kg. Now I work in our kindergarten as the tutor. Moscow is very beautiful city. I was born in this city and I live here any more an extent of all life. For this time much has changed in city as well as it. My parents have moved to this city before I was born. Before they lived in Novosibirsk. The life has forced to move them here. They have got under reduction and could not find good work in Novosibirsk. To them have offered work in to Moscow and they have gone here. During first time it was very difficult for them, there was no apartment, they removed her. And with my birth it became even more difficult. But my parents have sustained these years, they have taught me and with their help I have acted in pedagogical university and have perfectly finished it. My parents have presented me very much much: all love and caress, heat and and support. They were for me the best and favourite parents on light. But now they are not present near to me. Three years back my parents came back by the plane after week rest in Turkey, they so dreamed to have a rest there and saved very for a long time for this trip. But this trip by the plane became for them fatal. The plane was broke also many members of crew have died, very little who has survived. I cannot recollect that picture when I have seen them together in that broken plane. I have tested very big shock, I wanted to die. I have remained absolutely alone. To me it is very lonely. Now with me in city my brother lives only. But it is already married and at him many family problems. But we sometimes see it and we stir on various themes. I would like to tell to you very much much, but for this purpose time is necessary and I think that during our dialogue we learn each other more. Write to me about itself. It will be very interesting to me to learn about you and about that than you are engaged, about your daily way of life. I shall look forward to hearing from you, and also yours a fine photo. Your Russian friend Oksana!!!
Letter 2
Greetings my friend Rony!!!
I am very glad that you have answered my last letter. It was very pleasant for me to receive it from you. It is very interesting to me to learn about you much more and in more detail to learn about your country. I am very glad that have got acquainted with you and have met you on the vital way. I write to you from usual the Internet - cafe. I hope that to you will be pleasant to communicate with me. I have decided to find the close person for me through the Internet because here in Russia there is no such worthy person who could support always me and help me with any difficulty. In Russia the most widespread problem is a problem of alcoholic dependence. Many young people abuse alcoholic drinks and do not know the of a measure. They do not think of that that they make and on their fault their innocent wives suffer. I cannot see these sufferings, to me it is very bad when I see the girl near to drunk the man. I do not want to be doomed for it, and I think that in other countries of such problem with alcoholic dependence is not present. I already spoke you that now I work in a kindergarten as the tutor. I very much love children especially when they still small, they such lovely. I bring up them and for them I in a kindergarten the second mum, they very much love me and when I come for work meet me amicably. Very much to like me the work, though wages not so high. I think that you and know that official bodies to contain on state financing. As to the tutor it would be interesting to me to learn about that what from you there are kindergartens and whether much them in your city? What attention is rendered to them by the state bodies? Mine dear the friend tell to me where you work than are engaged? Whether your work is pleasant to you? What your hobbies and hobbies during free time from work? You have relatives: brothers or sisters? Tell to me about them a little to me it will be pleasant to hear it from you. I have senior brother Alexey, now to it of 37 years. It lives outside Moscow in 30 kilometers, in the small city of Podolsk, the Moscow area. I frequently am at them on a visit, especially in the days off it is perfectly possible to spend on the nature, having had a rest from city vanity. It is married and at him very lovely wife. Also at them the remarkable son, to it already 10 years, it very interesting boy. His name Vladimir, to it named it in honour of his grandfather. When I am at their place I play with it and it asks much me about various things. And you love children? Children this our future also is necessary cares of them, these are remarkable creations. My friend I am very glad that you want to talk to me in a mode of real time, but unfortunately as to me have informed in the Internet - cafe they do not give such services as it will borrow many time, and visitors it is a lot of sometimes even places behind computers does not suffice and to have to wait for turn to not be released yet what - that place. I think that you have perfectly understood me my friend!!! I want to finish the letter, and with kind wishes to you your friend from Russia Oksana!!!
Letter 3
Greetings my sincere friend Rony!!!
Today when I have come to the Internet - cafe with hope to read your new letter I was very glad. I am glad that you have written to me and have told to me a little about yourself. I think that you are interested in me as well as I you. I think that it will be interesting to you to learn about me even more, I am ready to tell to you about myself more. I very much like to sing. To me speak that at me very beautiful voice. Also I like to listen to music and sometimes I listen to news of our radio. The most popular radio at us is Europe + and radio - the Youth. I like to read books about love and about adventures of various people. My most favourite author of the book about love is Julia Shilova. She writes very interesting stories. You when or heard about such author? Its products very interesting by way of serious attitudes and devoted love. What favourite your music, what genre of music you prefer most of all? I write to you, I use the program of the translator, you well understand my letters? I have not enough time to write to you in English to the Internet - cafe, I well speak in English but I completely do not have time to write letters, it will borrow from me a lot of time to type the text in English. Many people visit the Internet - cafe and there will not lead a lot of time though I so would like to tell sometimes to you much and to write to you more. I think that you will understand my position and will not be afflicted if some words will be not clear to you. I have studied English at university and now almost freely I own him. I think that you asking a question: " Why I have decided to get acquainted with you? " I the decent girl also want to meet on the vital way of the worthy person which would love me and respected, helped and supported me. I want to learn you better and to be more closer to you. I want to tell to you about one terribly incident with the father of my pupil of a kindergarten. Father of the boy has gone to shop one evening, has met there good friends and have decided to note their meeting. They have a little drunk, and when have gone home it has not reached the apartment. It was very drunk and when walked upstairs has slipped and has very strongly hit a temple about a corner a handrail. While it carried in hospital it has not come to the senses and has soon died. It was the big shock for me. It was very a pity to me of this child which has remained with mum without the father, it would not take place if it not saws. The alcoholic drinks kills the person and who knows it as the destiny with you will dispose. It was the good person, but unfortunately now it is not present with us. I do not respect alcohol and against him. You be not afflicted on me if I tell to you that - that not that. My friend you love sports? What your favourite kind of sports? I am engaged at leisure in gymnastics and I go on water navigation. In the days off I like to leave in a wood. It calms me and gives to me of force by a life. I with impatience shall wait for your letters which began for me much more than e-mail. Sincerely yours friend Oksana!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my sun, my gentle friend Rony!!!
I am very glad to see your letters again, also it is very glad to your photos!!! My friend with each your letter I learn more about you and you for me become closer. Today at us fine weather, shines the sun and at me very good mood, only small snow turns in air involving with the bright snowflakes!!! I have gone to sports a hall to support the health. I think that for me is necessary to go in for sports every day since morning. It is very useful for health, in general sports strengthen the person and give to it of force on every day. And you are engaged than or from sports employment? My most favourite sports kinds of sports this navigation and gymnastics. Also I like to play billiards. I very much like to float, in the summer I go on a beach or on small river, and in the winter I visit a swimming pool. I like when the person goes in for sports and achieves what or results. I want to look well and for this purpose I apply not few efforts. Many my familiar do not go in for sports, they speak that they simply do not have time. But I think to work sports though little bit every day it is possible to find time. In fact all depends on the person and from his desire. I was accustomed to sports by my mum, in the childhood we together with it went in the winter to a wood on a ski, were engaged in navigation and played outdoor games. My mum spoke me what to go in for sports it is necessary always and to each person. I now recollect those years when we still studied at university, it was fine time. To study it was not difficult, I made progress in all disciplines and helped the comrades in study. We had together a rest, went to campaigns, visited theatres, walked and celebrated birthdays. To us was very cheerful to spend together time. But has now passed so much time and many have parted on different cities. In to Moscow too there were a few my comrades, we meet with them and we recollect together our student's years. The most favourite my subject at university were the English language and sociology. We studied five curriculums and it was obligatory that will receive higher education. I like tasty much, my most favourite dish is fried potato with the hen. I also like to prepare much and I do it with the great pleasure. You ate a fried potato with the hen? What your favourite dish? What do you prefer from Russian dishes and drinks? What is in your city from meal and drinks? Mine dear I am very glad that you want to call me and to talk to me. Also it would be pleasant for me to speak with you, but unfortunately I do not have phone!!! I WITH THE BIG DESIRE SHALL LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU AND
Letter 5
Greetings my lovely my fine Rony!!!
I am very glad to your letter and with each your letter I start to understand, that I get used to you and to your letters. I start to trust and trust a little to you in the best between us. I every day wait with impatience of your letter. I have learned much about you, about your country and about your daily employment. Your letters of steel for me very important, they became a part of my life. They bring to me love and heat and support. I think that my letters for you too mean not small, and you also concern to them. I shall tell to you about that where I live. I live in a small one-room apartment practically in the center of Moscow. A small cosy one-room apartment in city centre. I am very glad that I have such remarkable neighbours who can always help me. At us with them very friendly attitudes. They frequently come to me on a visit. We sit together and we communicate on various themes, we ask sometimes each other advice. I always try to help them they love me. My lovely I is very glad that our attitudes so are close, I would like to meet you very soon. I think that you too have big desire to meet me. I believe in the god, and I think that belief in the god it is sacred. I some times go to church that will pray to the god and to ask it about what that of the help or supports. I on the religion christian. but for me was not present what division in a religious accessory. I am grateful to the god that have met you on the vital way. I am very glad that I am not lonely and I can always talk to you. My careful man Rony I very much would like to learn to go itself by a motorcycle!!! I think that we together can lead set of trips on a motorcycle to charming beautiful edges of your country and together lead fine days and nights in the big love!!! Mine dear I shall wait for your following letter and I shall wait for your prompt reply as a nightingale of summer. Yours the charming sun Oksana
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