Scam letter(s) from Anna Efimova to Steven (Belgium)

Letter 1
I am pleasantly surprised, that you have answered my letter. I for the present can not be defined as you to name. I shall name you by the pleasant stranger, as I want that you have appeared pleasant, I have in a kind not only externally, but also in dialogue and certainly as the man. I think, that it will be interesting to us to communicate with you, because I liked your structure. On the nature I very sociable, cheerful and cheerful. It will be interesting to you probably to learn about me. I Russian girl. Yes, I really Russian girl, I have written in profile that I from other country that me have permitted to be the member of this site, as the manager of a site did not want, that I was on this site. My name is Anna, surname Efimova. Me personally very much to like my name. It sonorous and gentle. To me 26 years. I was born in small city Zvenigovo, this city is about the river Volga. There very picturesque places. On a nationality I Russian. Probably you will have question, why such girl searches for acquaintance in the Internet? If honourly to be expressed now it is very difficult to find good man, because I do not want to incur the responsibility: to get family, children and many other things. You probably already know, that many Russian men drink much. I not I respect of such young people and itself do not use alcoholic drinks. On light it is a lot of interesting and fascinating besides. The letter I write from the Internet of cafe, because I do not have computer and telephone. If to you to like to communicate with me I think often I shall come here and to answer your letters. I shall wait for your letter, with hope, that you will answer to me. Anna PS: you could not send me the photo, because I would like to see you.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Steven!!! I am pleased, that you have answered my letter. I with any do not correspond if not you. I want In more detail to write concerning me is direct. In me the maximal education, has the completed ability on architecture and designing of apartment houses technical university. English language I have learned at school, then at university, but there knowledge gives not so good, I think, that you already have noticed it. I work as the hairdresser - stylist. My job to me very much It is a lot of to similar, because I like to create not usual hairdresses and the people, which I do it by, remain very pleased. But however I would like to work on trade, as it, than I would like to be engaged. There is a small lack of my job by the hairdresser, for this purpose payment of job it is a little. But however to me to like to work here. The chief requires the workers to be executive and responsible precisely to execute job. I am very like Plants and flowers, they grow in my at home. Very beautifully dawn in me amaralis and even the last year in me has raised, blossomed. It is very beautiful display. Flowers, as well as the people understand everyone. They blossom very beautifully, when you show to them the attention, care and care.
Also at me at home mine lives cat, his name is Yasha.
He very beautiful, very cautiously to concern to the unfamiliar people, long employment, only then continue contact. He likes is a fish and cheese. I do not feed by his dry forage, which sell in shop, on is Is very harmful to mine to an animal. Also I like to read, to looking good films. To read I like as the classical literature and modern.
I hope, that you will be the answer to me this letter. Good-bye. Anna.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!!
Huge and very warm hi to you from far Russia. Sends to you very gentle, hi yours Anna. each morning I rise and I guess there will be to me a letter from you whether or not. At us such grows beautiful flower, the camomile, with white petals is called.
Pull out on one petal and speak like, another does not like and so up to last petal. I while guess so: I shall pull out a petal I speak there will be a letter from you, the following - will not be and further up to last petal. I guess until then yet I shall not receive the positive answer. I certainly do not believe in guessings, it is simple to calm the soul. I very much wait from you of the message. If you answer me, at me all the day mood good and is to be sung, to dance and all the day to smile. Last night in the visitors there came my sister with the son and husband. At them such lovely boy, he very much likes to listen to fairy tales and children's verses. I read him a fairy tale " Three pigs ". He so closely listened to me to it very much it was pleasant. I very much like small children? I very much like them, with them so it is interesting, they as the angels. My sister together with the husband are going to on rest on lake Yalchik, it absolutely near. This very beautiful lake, where water clean and transparent and is very deep. I would like in the south to have a rest. Earlier, when to me there was only 1 year, we went together with the daddy and mum on the south in city Sochi, you probably heard about him. There it was pleasant very much to me: warmly, sea, sun. Now we do not go anywhere, money does not suffice on trips.
It is interesting to me to know as you spend free time, where have a rest during holidays? You to like a nature? I all time think of you, you to me likes ever more. I lie down to sleep and I present, that you already have woken up, I rise and I think, probably you have a rest or are going to sleep. At us with you all on the contrary, difference in time. If at you now bad mood, I want that it at you was improved. I whisper to you: " How are you my dear! ". I hope you it will feel 6 feeling, when the people each other understand on distance...
Good-bye, my dear. Yours Anna
Letter 4

Hello my love Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!
I today with impatience looked forward to hearing from you mine by a road. Today weather begins to remind of winter. There was a snow and already rather cool&. I in increasing frequency think of us with you when we can go with you to go for a walk keeping for hands.
I to you can say only one that that I have no more ****** photos than it. But I could offer you one idea. As you look on that that I have arrived to you for new year and we could closer learn each other.
I shall be with impatience to wait for your answer and I hope that we with you can see each other.
Yours Anna!!!
Letter 5
Hello my love Steven!!!!
I today as am usually very glad to receive the letter from you. I am very glad to that that you too want that that I have arrived to you mine lovely. I shall come to you at once as soon as you will help me if you certainly want it. I shall be at you at once as soon as you will help me I shall do the visa and first possible(probable) flight I already shall be at you. How you look on it? I with impatience shall wait for that moment when we with you can see each other I can embrace you at the airport when you will meet me and to kiss. Then we having undertaken for hands shall go to you home.
Yes by the way excuse me for that that I have not answered to you yesterday as the Internet of cafe from where I usually write you it that did not work from for what malfunctions.
I shall be with impatience to look forward to hearing from you your love Anna!!!
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