Letter(s) from Gulnara Latifyllina to Eric (France)

Letter 1


To me of 26 years. I have brown eyes and light brown color hair.
Height - 172 sm, weight - 55 kg.
I have languages - Russian, English, French language.

I do not search beautiful and the young man. I search the future husband.
Also it should be financial steady to have an opportunity to create family. I can accept, many lacks if it will be good to concern to me.

I can give mine to the person everything - fidelity, tenderness, passion and love. And existing love which will never die.
I very sensitive and kind. I love children, and I love a life. And I believe, that I can find my unique thing the person.

Write to me - domino2577@mail.ru

I with impatience wait to receive news from you.


Letter 2

In firm where I work to me have suggested to take holiday for 1-2 weeks. I thought of it and I thought of you also...

I have a question to you - just as where you represent our meeting?

I do not wish to spend my holiday in Russia. For me it is uninteresting. I can take my holiday only once in a year and only once. And I wish to use my holiday as much as possible and not in Russia. I dream to travel and see the world! It is easy for understanding...

For me it would be more interesting to lead my holiday in the Europe. We could meet in Paris! Within 1-2 weeks.
It is very romantic and beautiful city absolutely comes nearer for our first purpose. I well speak in French, and we could spend absolutely there our time together!

What do you think of it?

I wait your answer with impatience.

Kiss you with tenderness.

Letter 3

My dear ERIC!

I can receive the visa in 10 days. I shall go tomorrow to travel agency to receive the information on my trip. I shall write to you about it.

I speak well in French. But to write difficultly for me. You can calls to me in the evening after my work. Here I cannot speak easy. My number +79179328269.

I am so glad that I felt, that you could be especial. I cannot explain why, but now.. I can see, that you, obviously, more likely exceptionnal.

My feeling and my intuition have told to me to write to you. Therefore I have one important question? You do desire to take seriously our attitudes, and I do not wish to invest my emotions, time or energy in game of time is to straight lines also. Please do not take it as a crime, and I only speak it, I think also by which I always I do. Certainly the fact, that I write again back to you means simply, I feel intuitive trust to you.

As, when you stop to trust work of your internal wishes and expectations on the most important person in your life - to the person, you will be in marriage - you stop to feel really alive. I from my name, I have solved, which I was not going to coordinate less. I can feel, that you have the same opinion!

Possibly something about me? The simple truth - always the best way to begin?
I had formation - foreign languages, and I work in the private company as the translator of the documentation from foreign languages.

I would like alive intensive with the person, with which I can to reach spiritual and emotional harmony. I really should feel true love and the reference of a body, opinion and soul and I believe, that it is a unique way which you can reach real happiness in marriage and a life.

I know that the life is all.. I speak in several languages (Russian, French, English language).
I would like to live, with what person I can respect and love for other part of my days. This kind of the person, I shall be proud to be near to it the party under any circumstances. In last time in my life I really wish to divide deep emotions, to be we like and to give the same love with all its consequences in return.

If you answer me what I sincerely hope... this one you should take it serious!!!

Please don't hesitate to give me an answer. I can only promise you one thing. I am writing to you with an open heart the rest. Only destiny will decide. Let us just be honest to each other and you should ONLY answer me if you have noble intentions that's all I ask. You will never regret it!

I never in my life was more motivated to meet with a man like I would with you...

I wait your answer.

Letter 4

My dear ERIC!

I had many ideas yesterday and today. I even badly slept yesterday at night. And I have decided to risk with you and to meet you...

I have just come back from travel agency up to the Internet-cafe to write to you, that I there have learned! I have written the whole 2 leaves, and all is very detailed.
I think it for you and for me, they - too joyful news! How be fast we can already together, and I begin my new life there with you.

I should give them some documents, and I have taken this list quickly to collect all this. I have asked all in detail within 2 weeks - to Paris to France.

They have in detail told to me as how many charges - for the visa and medical insurance. And for the ticket and reservation.
I it have told, that I shall live in the future husband with whom I have acquainted on the Internet.

But I think, that I shall not have troubles with you - I very much trust you! Even my father so does not care of me. And I am very grateful to you with this purpose! And you my sir in other world - me of which I shall not transfer chance to accept this sir.
But when they have told total for 2 weeks - 730 euros.

My family has no such money. If you have helped me, that I would thank you when I shall be there. I in a condition to make all in a bed - I very gentle in a bed. Also that I am especially good in a condition which will be borrowed in oral sex...
I shall make everything, that you want - all your imaginations become a reality. Certainly about a life I silly but in men I understand well - I think. I already have feelings to you.

I very much wish to see more quickly you and to nestle on all of you my body...

I wait your answer.

Kiss you with tenderness.
Yours Gylnara

Letter 5

My dear ERIC!

I drank coffee and waited your letter in the Internet-cafe to write to you the answer...

I shall go now to travel agency to ask as you can send me the necessary sum of money. I do not know as it is done, I for the first time search a meeting through the Internet... I was in 8 countries in the Europe but not for the man and as the tourist.

I shall do tonight my naked photo on a bed (but I shall clean my face certainly) and tomorrow I shall send you it also about other my photos.
You should promise me that you will not show this photo your friends!! I trust you! It only for you!

Your have given me the fine beginning of my day. I thank you for it the beloved.
I send you all my love... I mean each word which I have written to you. More I learn your emotional world, more I start to believe, that you can to be valid " the person of my life ". I really live with this hope now every day... You became the most important problem of my current life. I now have received acknowledgement which I felt from the beginning.

I am in physical aspect possibly only 26 years, but in intellectual and emotional aspect I am much more senior.
Certainly I to be that. I have not any around of me, that I can trust blindly. It does you completely by one and becomes empty inside. All we demand social interactions and someone around of us to whom we can trust us. These days it is very difficult to find such person.

All we demand someone, we can give our love. All we demand someone who loves us and who allows us to feel it in many things of a life.

You should be strong in your opinion and your emotions to hold the basic chapters of love.
You never betray that person to whom you promised your loyalty even if sometimes you should make a sacrifice with this purpose. The principle is more important than something. Even if you should pay the high price to hold this principle. You hold it.
There are the people, never capable to give harmony and the constant world and to love to someone.
As in the first problem which occurs, they will forget other person and will think only of itself.

When you deal ONLY with VERY FEW CLOSE PEOPLE around of you, you behave sincerely yours and advantage because these people are more important than something on this planet. This love and tenderness and protection which you should give when you give your promise to your partner for a life.

I wait your answer.

With tenderness.

Letter 6


Eric... I shall not send my naked photos with my face. Are you crazy?

Or I send my naked photo without cowards and I clean only my face. But I shall leave hair...
Or I do not send in general anything... I not the prostitute. You will see me when I come completely!

You saw many my photos to understand and see that I is real... And without cosmetics also. And I shall send still tomorrow!

I leave now. And after news from travel agency I shall write to you the message on you a mobile phone.

Kiss you with tenderness.

Letter 7

My dear ERIC!

I sat in the Internet in cafe one hour but I could not open and send you my naked photo... Here it is a lot of people and all of them cost and look at me for my back! It is a shame to me to open me naked!

I shall come once again after a dinner and to try to send you it. I think that you my photo interests only? Because I yesterday wrote you news from agency and you did not react...
I write once again. I require in 730 euros to receive my trip to Paris for 2 weeks. I shall receive my Schengen visa in the Europe in 10 days. In 10 days we can already be together! You will send me of money for my trip?

I want it, you are opened and frank with me. Is useless to make display, or to be a hypocrite to each other it - only charges of time and energy, and it gives a problem in the end.
You are precisely, who you - and - a way which your person should accept and love you. The life in pair should be opened and full confidences. I hate people who operate other people with lie and false promises, and I am assured, that you had events with them in your life.

You should understand, that I take our really serious contact, and I would like to give you my full belief. I am realistic when we meet, we should feel in very natural way if there is "magic" in air. You want a way to which I smile, a way which I go, a way with which I speak, a way which I dance! Sensation of contact of our leather! I am realistic the woman, and I know, that these things cannot be caused.

I know, that my individuality is rich and deep enough to offer much others to the prophetical person except for sex. Therefore I want it I, the person felt a heat of my heart and tenderness, I grope it. I want it, it was proud about me when it goes nearby with me publicly, I want, to which it felt similarly to.

I shall write to you every day, and I shall send you messages every day. I cannot simply accept you from my ideas more. I think, that it is the right, feeling, that I should go. Certainly as you directly I have many opportunities to find the person here in Russia aswell, but it seems to me, they arrive to me for the wrong reasons and wish to spend time well only with me.

Character I adore already the fact, that I like to laugh, it - is a lot of from and humour - visible aspect of my life, and I think, that the smile sympathic from heart between close people opens our hearts, and it is not necessary for something. I adore the person who is sensual and who likes to concern? I demand physical the contact for example putting in everyone the weapon of others, looking at TV. I will make sure your heart will melt on regular basis.

The main aspect is that he is sincere and faithfull and he doesn't insult me by undecent behaviour towards other women when he is in my company or even without my company. but I think this is something very normal.

Wait your answer.

Letter 8

My dear ERIC!

I have again come to the Internet in cafe but here too much people!! All of them cost and look at me... I cannot open my naked photo...

I will send this foto tomorrow in the morning from my work. Every day I have work till a dinner in a private concern as the translator of written documents.
When my chief will leave in the morning that I shall come on its computer into the Internet and to send you it is a photo! You see as I risk for you...

I too was in bank and the information about this system has learned. They have told that I shall receive money for some hours - very quickly.

They have told that I should ask you - yours a full name and a surname, the country and city where do you live, and a code - for reception of money.

I shall spend too my money. Except for 730 euros for my tourist trip I shall pay road up to Moscow and back aboard the plane (I live to Kazan).

Also this feed and a taxi together - 500 euros. It I shall pay itself. They buy it for all tourist group.
And my money come to an end, that I can collect this all with my small salary.

Then I can go to travel agency and order my trip to Paris!! They I do my visa and buy tickets. And in 10 days we already shall be together...

You should tell to me as for a long time you did analyses on sexual illnesses? You have the document? I shall do and bring it too with me.

What clothes I should bring with me? In France coldly?

I wait your answer with impatience.

Kiss you with tenderness.

Letter 9

My dear ERIC!

I need 730 euros to receive my trip to Paris for 2 weeks. I shall receive my Schengen visa in the Europe in 10 days. In 10 days we can already be together! You will send me of money for my trip?

I send you my nude photo as I and promised... And some more my photos.

To me have told that you will require my data:
Russia, the city Kazan,
street Mysina 21-34,
Latifyllina Gylnara.

You should me send also your data and a code for reception of money.

I wait your answer.

Kiss you with tenderness

Letter 10


You do not search the wife or the normal girlfriend for you... I do not know that you search or that you want.

I think that you search the prostitute... Or probably you ask such photos girls to sell it on a porno sites! You can interest only interpol...

I the kind normal girl! I do not search the idiot or the whoremaster... I search the husband.

I shall send nothing to you more... YOU have lost me. Do not write me more.

I wish good luck in your business!