Letter(s) from Marina Omelchenko to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Wayne,

I am very happy to receive your reply. Thank you so much for your interest. After your initial mail I am more than eager to know more. It’s a wonder that my e-mail adress was not buried among all others, and I am glad you decided to reply. It was a nice surprise to hear from you - hopefully more mail from you will follow up. And if it isn’t in our stars to meet in the future I hope we can remain good friends. Your friendship will always be appreciated.

You sure wonder who this girl in the picture is. To satisfy your curiosity:I live in Ukraine,in Dnepropetrovsk,one of the biggest cities in Ukraine with the population about 3 million people.My name is Marina,but very often my parents call me just Masha,it's a short variant for my name.
I was born in 1983.I work as a fitness instructor.I like my job very much,as from the one hand,it's a great pleasure for me to work with people,to help them to make their body much better,to improve their health;and from another hand, my job hepls me to be in a good shape too.
So,you see I am quite satisfied with my job,although I can't say it's a very high payed one.
I've never been married before and I don't have children.
My dream is simple: at some point in my correspondence I count on meeting the man of my life (or at least a man of a large period of my life) - and maybe you could be that man for me.My main goal in life for now is to create a family with my beloved man,to have children,just to be a good house-wife and a wonderful mother. Just let's see where our relationship goes from here, and once we get to know each other a bit I will meet you happily in some place that we'll agree upon. I wouldn't mind to see your pictures. I want to be sure what kind of person you are. Perhaps this is only the beginning of our wonderful mutual adventure. It's up to you and your charms whether it comes true and we find true happiness with each other. I'd like to know more about you and will tell you more about myself now.
I like nature, animals, reading, music, movies, etc. etc. Once or twice a week I go to swim in the indoor pool. I love to swim, and I love the sea,warm weather,as I am a sunny child. Last year I was lucky to have traveled to Moscow for 10 days to see my friend there, and right there my idea to meet my prince took final shape. I decided I would love to travel to many places in this world and so I hope to find the man of my dreams that will take me here or there, offer to share every single little thing with him, and love me truly and deeply, just like I will love him. If he could be you, I want to get to know you well, and if you and I decide to meet and it is for real my heart will be yours and only yours. I am a typical Ukrainian woman which means I am very loyal, and I will end up with only one man. It's up to you to become that special person for me. I search for someone caring, loving, unconditionally generous, and absolutely trustworthy, someone able to fulfill dreams, of which one is of traveling to see something of this world (I've never been abroad) and sharing endless memorable moments together.I really need care and attention, tons of it, both in everyday life and in our relationship.

Well, this is about all I can say for now and it's really time for me to close and start awaiting your new letter. Just please remain honest with me, and I'll always be honest with you. I would love to know more about yourself in your future letters, so please write soon, and especially if you think you can be THE man that could change my life and fill my heart with eternal joy.

Letter 2

Hey my dearest Wayne!!!

When I turn on my computer I always hope that a letter from you is waiting for me to be read.
It seems like each time we correspond, I feel more closer to you. I guess from this
point, our relationship can only grow. Hopefully it will be like a blossom on a tree that eventually develop into a big fat juicy fruit,do you agree with me?
How are you today?
Your reply gave a very accurate picture of where you are in life, as Keats the famous English poet said that if you speak I know you deep. I guess we all are generally looking for the same thing in life - a warm gentle and caring companion. Somebody we can relate to, who is honest to us and build a strong healthy postcard family with. But in order to do this I guess the foundations of the relationship should be strong. Frankness, candidness whatever you want to call it, is necessary. All of us have needs: emotional, sensual, intellectual, material.
These needs of course have to be shared and communicated to your companion so that he knows what you want.Communication is necessary in a relationship. With proper communication we can realize our needs, dreams, aspirations. As a matter of fact, dreams are goals with a dead line.
Achieving that dream of marital bliss would be heavenly but in order to achieve that bliss we need to communicate. I am writing this letter order to get know you better.
You know when writing this letter to you I've almost forgotten to tell you about my family.
First of all I want to tell you that all my relatives live in Lugansk-a small town in Ukraine,it's rather far from Dnepropetrovsk,that's why I usually visit my relatives once a month.
My mother's name is Elena,she is a housewife now,in her past she was a teacher,she worked with the kids of the age of 6-9.My father is a driver,a driver of the big trach transporting wood.He works mostly in Russia and abroad,that's why we don't see him very often.Sometimes it upsets me greatly!
I have also a yonger brother-Oleg,he is a student of the economical college.I used to be very close to my family.But now I am renting an appartment in Dnepropetrovsk,as I want to have my own life,to be independant,to earn my living myself.I haven't found the right man in my life yet,that's why I feel very lonely sometimes.Of course,I have a work,some friends,but I understand that I feel lack of somebody in my life-a man,a close friend,etc.
One more very important thing:as my English is very poor,I am writing you my letters with the help of interpterer from the translating firm "Stella".They help me greatly in it,as I don't have a computer(also messenger) in the appartment I am renting now.There is also such service in their firm,as telephone calls,it's great,I think.So,if you want we can have a phone conversations with you,I'll be using the help of my interpreter when talking with you.

You know,I usually write you my letters during my break,so it is coming to it's end now.
I want to wish you a wonderful day!
I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently as always.....
Your Marina from Ukraine

Letter 3

Hello my sweetest Wayne,
As always I want to thank you for your letter.
How are you today?
You know,I am so happy tro recieve your letters.
But I really think that one meeting in person can tell much more than 10000 of e-mails.
Don't you think so?
Meeting the person is very important - to see will it be the spark between us...
I like you very much and I think our feelings are similar, how can you imagine our meeting?
As to me I tend to think that only a meeting can tell two people if they are meant to be together. I imagine our meeting as something intriguing, exciting, as a culmination of our correspondence, of our communication! I imagine us being together reflecting our thoughts on our acquaintance, our letters, pictures, laughing at each other. I am certain we will have a lot of things to tell each other, words which have energetic power. I deeply want our meeting to become the new stage in our relationship, even a new page in our life!!!
You know I am always blushing when I told pleasant words or the words, which are of great importance to my partner and me!
I will certainly buy a special gift for you! You know I like to make gifts and make my dearest and nearest people happy!
You know I really worry greatly,because of my poor English.I don't want to have a language barrier between us.Let's start learning Russian and you'll be teaching me English,deal?Are you ready to be my pupil?)))
I will write you some phrases in Russian:

"HELLO" = Privet
"I love you" = Ya lublu tebya
" You are very pretty "=Vi ochen simpatichni
"you are gorgeous"= Vi velikolepni
"marry me" = Jenites na mne
"I want you to kiss me" = Ja hochu chtobi bi pocelovali menya
Have a wonderful day-Xorowego dnya tebe!
I wait for your letter-ya jdu tvoe pis'mo!

I wish you a wonderful day!
Amd know that there lives a girl in Ukraine,who likes you very much!
Your Marina

Letter 4

Hello my dearest Wayne,
As always I want to thank you for your letter.You know though we stay in correspondence with you for a rather short time,but sometimes it seems to me,that I know you for ages.
I like to have a bubblebath very much!
This is something I have in my mind for my future relationship. So, I hope you agree with me.
You know, for me the most important thing in a good relationship must be RESPECT AND LOVE. I think respect is the BASE of all because if as partners we have respect every thing will be OK. For example, with respect, there is sincerity, honesty, care, trust, and love. With respect there is NO betray, not lies, mistrust, and etc.
So, we need respect all the time, and everything will be the best,don't you think so?
You know I want to meet with you greatly.When you'll be able to visit me?
The weather is cold in Ukraine and the sidewalks are very slippery. I am afraid to fall. Now I look through the window and admire little birds that come to our town in winter and make this dead scenery brighter and more friendly.I want winter quickly fly away. I dream about travelling. I imagine the blue tender sea, the sky full of birds flying, the noise of waves. The winter is a dead season. The trees are dead, leafless, the ground is dirty and brown. No life. No joy. I don't like winter. It's boring. The summer is joyful.
Tell me more about the city you live in and your family.

Dear, i would like you to read the next very carefully.I don't know what will be your reaction.I have already told you that my English is very poor.I use the service of "Stella".This is a translation firm.I use their services as it'll take me two days to write you something in English.And I have so many ideas and thoughts to share with you,that I can't write you this in some sentences.It is very hard for me to say this.But I can no longer pay for the correspondence with you.But I don't want to lose you. I can't imagine my life without you.My dear, I don't know what you will think.I feel so much embarrassed to ask you for help, as I'm not used to asking.But for me this is the only way to keep in touch with you. Dear, please don't think that I'm just a girl who wants to make a profit of you.I'm so much serious towards you.I want our relations to grow serious.

I don't want to say good bye to you, but if you decide that the best variant for us is to stop right now, I am not going to judge you, but I still hope that it is just the beginning, but not the end...

Anyway, if you are still interested in me, you'd better contact stella_admin@mail.ru to get the detailed information of payment for their services...

Waiting for your letter impatiently......