Letter(s) from Snezhana Samoylova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Wayne!

Thank you for your interest in me. I am glad that you paid attention to my profile. Hope it also means that you liked my photos and that you liked my description of myself. So the first step is made and you like my appearance. Now it is getting more difficult as we are going to tell more about our feelings, hopes, likes and dislikes. I hope that in your next letter you will tell me more about you and your way of life. In my turn I promise to do the same.

The same as you I decided to find my special one with the help of Internet .I think that the time, we will be in correspondence with you, will give us the chance to learn each other. And in personal meeting we won't be disappointed. Of course I understand that the Internet is not quite usual way for acquaintance, but I know that all I dream is to love and to be loved. And I believe my dream will come true. Tell me something about yourself. I would love to know you.

If you are still interested in me, I'm waiting for your reply and more of your photos.

Write me to my e-mail address: snejka79@mail.ru

Best wishes


Letter 2

Hello dear Wayne,

I was very glad to receive your letter. I think that it is such a wonderful thing that we have met the way that we have. And of course only time will tell, but I think that you and I will be very compatible. I am very serious towards you so I hope you will be serious too.

Wayne I am not sure how much that you know about me, so I will tell you. My name is Snejana and my last name is Samoylova. I was born on the 12th of December 1978. So I am 28 years old and I am Sagittarius. It may help you if you believe in astrology and things like that.

My height is 168 cm, weight 52 kg. I live in Ukraine. Sometimes people mix it up with Russia, but I want to say that these are two different countries. My city is called Schastye and that means "Happiness" in English. I like it and I think you would like it too if you see it one day.

Wayne, I am very serious about finding a man to have a family with. But I understand that I can meet any man in Internet, including bad people and so on. I don't want to say that you are one but as I do not know you I don't want to give my home address to the unfamiliar person.

I work as a saleswoman at a grocery store. It is a kind of job that I don't like very much but unfortunately I don't have any better suggestions so I had to take this position. I have graduated from the Art college so I hope that in future I will get better paid and more interesting job.

When I have free time I enjoy doing different things. I take care of the indoor plants. I like them very much. Also, I like cooking, socializing with friends, dancing, listening to good music. I like travelling very much but unfortunately I can't do a lot of it. And I play with my cat, brush his fur and feed him :))

Well, you know, it appeared a difficult question to answer what things I like and I don't like the most. Most of all I like chocolate because there is a substance in it that make people feel happy. Also I like children's laughter most of all. I think it is the best sound in the world and probably for parents it is the best happiness. And also I have always wanted to learn new things and explore different places but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to do it so far. And I dream about meeting a man who would give me the whole worlds and make my dreams come true. Most of all I dislike treason, lies, slush and gloomy weather. I'm sad when my relatives are sick, when I see deceit and injustice.

Sex is very important in my life and I suppose there are many different ways to get know the person well,but the best is Sex! You can easily say what is the inside world of the person,only having sex with him. I do like tease and tempt my man. I do like wear such dresses and drive the men crazy, but I also would like to know that there is Only One who can owe me and have the complete right to have sex with me and the rest of mat only have to swallow their spittle. They get nothing! :)

Wayne I will be finishing here.. (And you are still reading? -Great!!! :-) Now you know what kind of person I am. Also I send you one of my other photos which was taken recently. I hope you'll like it. By the way, can you send me some of your photos, please?

I would like you to answer the same questions you asked.

Waiting for your reply,

Best wishes

Letter 3

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for your letter. I again was very glad to get it. How are you? How was your day? Hope everything is fine. How was your Christmas? I hope you had wonderful time spending it! I celebrated it with my friends and relatives. We all gathered at one table and had wonderful time! Usually in Ukraine we celebrate Christmas on January 6, but there are Catholics in my family so we also celebrate Christmas on December 25. Soon we are going to celebrate New Year. And what about you? Do you like this holiday?

Wayne, I will be frank with you. I love sex especially between 2 people who are madly in love with each other, and I love to make sure that my man is pleasured before me and he will be treated with great respect. I prefer a man who's heart is real and that he can share everything with his wife, friend & lover, intimate secrets or thoughts and is not afraid to speak his mind and tell me what he likes done to his sexual or in any other aspect of life. There is nothing in this world that I dislike except dishonesty and unfaithfulness. As to positions I know a lot of different positions and I also like being on top and I also like when my man is having me from the behind.. And I like oral sex as well. I like giving and receiving and most of all I like to suck and lick my man. Do you like it?

I send you 2 photos which I took recently myself. You should see me trying to stand in front of it before the shooter snaps into action! :) You wrote that you love breasts and that's why I send you a photo where you can see my little girls! :)By the way your photo in Sombrero was very nice! I liked it! :)

Waiting for your soon reply!