Scam letter(s) from Susan Anthony to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Baby,
thanks for the mail,how is your christmas holidays and how are you doing?are you married,got kids or do you have any serious woman in your life and what do you expect to come out from our relationship? Meanwhile i am not presently in USA i went to africa for Charity jobs and christmas holiday but if you want to see me then can you pay for my flight ticket only? i already got a visa cus i don't need it as i am a us citizen already.
Hope you are doing well and wait to read from you soon.
Best wishes,
Letter 2
Hi Honey,
Good to hear that your christmas was good and wonderful while you spent time with your families that is awesome thing you did being with your family this season to show them love. Okay you said you don't have kids and you are not married too and you don't have any serious relationship with a woman at present but you are looking for one which you said maybe me....Sure,i think so cus we will fit each other in all aspect.

I,too i am looking for someone so special,loving,caring and honest like you. i want a man that will make me happy and treat me like a real african woman,love me for who i am. if God willing we could get married and have our own kids and settle down live happily like one big happy family so that we too can both celebrate our moments and special seasons with our children.

My christmas was good and okay too darling,but is just that i am somehow bored here alone,i wil love to come back early january if i am opportuned to raise money for my flight ticket alone,i lived in Wabash,Indiana but i have family that stays in La Crosse,WI so i often visit them and spend some nights there on weekends. Honey the money i got here with me i have used all of it on these children and i am the one responsible for my feeding,clothing,internet connections and all that nobody is helping me out of this i do it because i love to do it,i love children especially the less priveledged ones,motherless and homeless kids and i am so happy to do what i am suppose to do because i believe that every good works have it's own Rewards awesomely. the charity is a Non- government and Non-profitable type of charity works,visit the SOS homes,and motherless babies home to make them feel happy and feel like other children out there in the street,care for them and show them love that is what i do and i am not complaining at all....I LOVE TO DO THAT!!!

Well,if you said because i lived far from you and you don't want a long distance affair with me,there is no problem is all good but love can reach any distance no matter the carriers and obstacles we meet on the way.

What ever you decisions are it will be comtempted with me,will be okay by me...

Have a wonderful newyear celebration and may the Good Lord bring you and your family smiles as we usher in the newyear 2007!!!

Happy NewYear In Advance My Darling....
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