Scam letter(s) from Elvira Gayazova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jessey! It was pleasant for me to see your letter, and I want to thank you for that that you have written to me. Nice to meet you. Thank you that you wrote me back. The computer of dating agency found some profiles for me which match to my search. I carefully read every profile and write you the first message, as I find your profile the most interesting. I hope that you have some free time to write, that we have a chance to get to know each other better. I will tell you more about myself: I am 27 years old, my name is Elvira. I have never been married and I am single right now, live with my parents. I like my home and cosines, I dream to find a man I will be able to share my life with, and I hope this dream will come true. After finishing university I work in pharmacy as a consultant. I like sport, like to swim and try to keep myself fit. I attend aerobic classes one or two time a week. I like everything new and like to travel in new places, but my work does not allow me to do it often. I have a lot of friends and I like to spend my free time with them. I will send you a picture so you can have imagination who are you talking with, also I want to ask you to send me some pics of yourself. Please, feel free to ask me any things you would like to know about me. I want to ask you some questions: what do you like to do? What is your character? What is important for you in woman? Have you ever had a wife? I will answer to your questions in the next letter I hope to get from you. Elvira
Letter 2
Hi Jessey! I am glad to get your letter again. Jessey, I hope that this also interesting for you to talk to me. Thank you very much about nice words about me, this is very pleasant to me, in the following letters I will send you more pics of myself. You had some questions for me, so I would like to answer them. I am sure you read my profile and saw that I am looking for a man to start serious relationship with. I will try to tell you more about me as a person. First of all I think that I am very romantic, I like to comunicate with people. I believe in love and like a good humour. I am jealous and very much like to get compliments as every woman I guess. This is very important for me that everything around in order ad take their places. I like to cook and do it very nice, have you ever taste russian food, I am sure one day you will, and like it very much. I really apreciate romantic and beautiful relationship between man and woman, which based on trust and honesty. But sometimes such things come to the end very fast, I think that there was not any love in such relationship, as if it is true and reall love, it can get over any troubles. I am not going to make such mistakes and that is why very carefully about finding a partner for life. Well, I told a lot about my views on life and relationship already, but don't think that I am ideal please... well, I would like to know more about you, so if you are not against, please tell me what woman do you dream to meet? I know tat I ask you about very private things ad if you are not ready to share them with just let me know, that's all right, I just feel that I can share such things with you. I will be waiting for your letter, and I wish you a nice day... take care, Elvira
Letter 3
Hi Jessey, I am glad to get your letter, day by day we start learn each other better, and this is really interesting for me. I want you to know that after reading your letter I really feel better. Thank you that answered to my questions. I began to understand you and your soul better. Jessey, I send you more pics of you. Please, tell me more about your family, how many relatives you have? What is relationship between all of them and you? How often do you see them and you gather together? I am very close to my family. I told you already that I live with my parents. I am the only one child in our family, but I think that I am not spoiled girl. My father works as surgeon, he is 60. My mother is 56, and she works in the super- market. We have a very simple family, but really love each other, and this is very important for us. I had a relationship before, I had a boyfriend 2 years ago, but we brouk up,as both understood that we are too different, also right now he lives in another city with a new girlfriend. Right now I am single as you know, and feel very lonely sometimes, that I decided to try to find a man through the online dating agency, although have never had such expirience before. I really don't care about his status and money situation, reall love and family values important for me, may be even it sounds to good to be true, but this is true. I also don't very care about our possible age difference, as in my opinion this is absolutely not important in a relationship if reall love takes place. I need to go now... share with me your thoughts, Bye bye Elvira
Letter 4

Hi Jessey,
Thank you that you shared your thoughts with me. I don't used to share such things, but I felt that I can share them with you. I think that I am independent woman, but as every woman sometimes I very need attention and love.
Thank you very much for telling me about your family, it helped me to learn more about you. It's great that you have so big family. I'm also can't write a lot, I need to do some house work, and then I will go to meet my friends, by the way I told some my very close girlfriends and parents about you, and that we talk to each other. Have a nice day. Your Elvira
Letter 5
HI dear Jessey! Nice to see another letter from you. I had a very hard day at work today, so I will go and have some rest, I just wated to let you know that I wish to hear from you very soon, take care and have some fun. Elvira
Letter 6
Dear Jessey!
Thank you very much for emial, as I told you before I very much like to get letters from you.I really feel that we are getting closer to each other. I have new emotions in my heart, and this is very new for me to talk to a man from another county.
Jessey, I have not told you before where I live, well, to regret it is far from you, I live i Russiua, in the city named Kazan. But if we will decide to meet in the future I hope it will not be a problem for us, I have a little expirience in travel abroad, I was in Prague and in Turkey. I was there as a tourist. Also I am such kind of person that if I decide to meet a man I feel that hi is the one ad only for me, there is not anything that can stop me from us being together. Also I think that nowadays this is not a problem to go abroad and to comunicate when we are so far. It is very interesting for me- new culture and traditios, thinking of other people. This is very new for me to talk to a man who are from abroad, I also think that this would e interesting for you to get to know russian soul better.I am also sure that you are surprised about the difference in my profile, I wrote that I live abroad, let me explain... when I was trying to poste my profile to the site and wrote that I am from Russia, the online service did not accept it, and informed me that I had to enter information once again, I did it several times and only I wrote USA, it has been accepted. I think that it was a mistake of their service and wrote them email with this questions, but still had not get a reply. I truly hope that this will not a big problem for you and me. I will stop my letter on this moment. And hope to hear from you response. Your Elvira
Letter 7
Hi my dear Jessey! I just read your email, and it was interesting for me to read your ideas about what I wrote you before. Our exchange of opinions is very interesting for me. And I think I know more about yourself. Yes I also think that distance is not a problem. Jessey, I send you a new pictures, and also would like to see more new picture of you. Dear, I want to know how do you like to spend your free time, as for me, I like to have fun with my friends. I like to go to the cinema and museums. But frankly speaking, I often dream about romantic evening with lovely man, it can be a supper or just a walk. I think that there is a lot of charm in such things. Are you romantic person? Do you think about such things with a woman of your dreams? Do you like cosy evenings with your family? I very much like when all my family together. How do you like to spend your holidays? I have a question for you... do you have a woman in your life right now? I think that you are nice looking and rather popular among women. What is your private life now? Tell me more about it please... Best wishes, Elvira
Letter 8
Hi my lovely Jessey! I am very glad to have a news from you. Jessey, yesterday I couldn't write you as I did not have a chance to use internet. I don't have my Pc at home and that is why I write you from my girlfriends notebook, we live very close to each other. But yesterday she was not at home, and I hope you have not lost me. I miss your letters. Today at work I was thinking about you, and I am really glad that there is a person who think about me and who read my letters and write me back. My friends and I plan to go out today, may be to the club or disco. I am sad that don't have a chance to invite you to go with us, I know that we could have very nice and romantic evening together. I hope that in the future we will have a chance to have fun together, it would be nice time for you an me, we will drink little good wine and then will slowly dance. May be after that we will go somewhere and continue our evening... only you and me. Well, honey, it is time to go now, and to regret I have to end this letter, I kiss you, Elvira
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Jessey! I hope that you are fine! Thank you for your words. It is also nice to me to speak with you today. I send you another pics of me, I think you have not seen them yet. Today my work finished little earlyer, and I am glad that I will have more free time. My mother is little ill today and I have to prepare supper for us. By the way, what food do you prefere? I like cook and can do it absolutely not bad, mum took care about this some many years ago. I can prepare meat, fish and different salads. We in russia have a proverb: "The way to the man's heart goes through his stomach". May be one day I will be able to cook something for you, I will do my best about it, and I am absolutely sure you like it. Now, I have to go, I wish to hear from you very soon Kisses and hugs Elvira
Letter 10
Hi my dear Jessey! I am happy to speak to you again. Yesterday I had a nice time with my friends. We were in night club "Arena", we had a nice supper and then played to the bowling. I have a lot of good impressions about this evening, and when I saw my girlfriends dance with their men- I envy them a bit. I thought about you yesterday, that you dance with me and whisper gentle and sweet words to my ear. When I see loving couples, I began to realize more how I need a man in my life. How often do you go out? I think that there are a lot of girls trying to pick you up... right? I often think about your letter and it is really becoming more then just a mail exchange. You see that I always write you very frank and deep things as to the very close person. And I want you to now that I am very glad that there is such person in my life as you. I will be waiting for your letter and will think about you, my kisses, Elvira

Letter 11
Hello honey Jessey! You not against I call you so? I am glad you like my pictures and I am very glad we becoming closer day by day. I talked with my parents and friends about you more. They told me they hope to see you one day. My parents are very interesting about you, he asked me a lot of questions about you. I told them that you are very nice and kind man and that I like you. My father like fishing and he told me that one day he will meet you to the russian fishing with him, I told him that I was not sure if you like it, but he told that you would of cause. Have you told anybody about me? Your friends or relatives, I am sure that their opinion is very important for you and I would like to know what they think about it. Please tell me, do you have any plans consering our relationship? I think that it would be great for us to have a chance to spend some time together, we will have a chance to get to know each other better and it will help us a lot. We will be able to look into each others eyes, stay one by one... what do you think about this idea? I would be very happy to invite you to visit me, but as you understand, I live with my parents, and I am not sure what will be their reaction. So may be we will talk more about it? I will be waiting for your answer and miss you. Your Elvira
Letter 12
Hi sweetheart Jessey! Thank you very much for the email. Do you agree with idea to see each other and spend sometimes together. I think in the following messages we will talk more about the time and place to meet. This is very important and pleasant for woman to know that exist a man in her life who want to see her and to hold you her in his arms, to give her his love and warm. Thank you very much that you give me such emotions and feeling, I really apreciate this. Please, could you tell me, what ideas and imaginations do you have about the first day of our meeting. I have a plenty of ideas, how we will spend our time together. I will mae some surprise for you, and I know that you will like them a lot. I want to let you know that it would be very hard for you to get out of my hands... :-))) Write me very soon my darling, and have a nice day. Elvira, my kisses for you only
Letter 13
Hi darling Jessey, I hope you have a nice day, how are you today? I am ok. I am little excited and yesterday I could hardly fall asleep. I thought about the idea of our meeting. It brings a lot of emotions to my heart, and I have a lot of expectations of this day. I think, lovely, that it would be nessesary for us to arange our meeting so there no any inconveniences and difficulties. I can take some time off from work. Jessey, will you be able to arange some time off at work to be able to spend this time with me? Then, if this would be all right, I can visit you, this would not be a problem for me to make such long trip. If this would be all right for you, so just let me know. I think this way would be the best for me as well, I will be able to see you home, your life, your friends. You can show me your city and beautiful sights. Also if you will have to work during this time, I think this will not be a problem for us, as I will be waiting you from work and cook something tasty for you, then will hold you in my gental hands, what do you think? If you agree, I think I can start some preparations for the travel and our meeting. Because I really think that we need to meet to continue our relations. To answer on your questions, yes I like to fall a sleep early. Because I need to wake up also early. As usual I'm in bed at 10 or 11 p.m my time. Ok have to go now. Kiss you tender and Miss you terrible, Elvira
Letter 14
Hi, my lovely Jessey! Thank you very much for new letter. I am really happy to hear that you are ready to open the doors of your home for me. Thank you that you trust me, this is very much serious for me. I want to tell you that in the last letter I wanted to check if you are really serious about me, and now I see that you are really serious about me if you are ready to accept me in your home. I think that if you sugested me to meet somewhere else, this would mean that you are not serious about me and you have a wife there. I just know that a lot of people meet only for fun and intertaiment, but such kind of meetings is not for me. And this would be very serious step in my life, I hope you feel the same. Now, I am sure about you and really see that you would like to meet me. Honey, I will spend these days with you with great pleasure and I think this would be the best time for both of us. These days I am going to visit tourist agency, to find out complete information about this trip to you, I want to be ready by the day when time will come. I will let you know as soon as I get everything. I adore you, sweety, Jessey. All my kisses for you only, Elvira P.S.Yes this is my new mail box because I have problems with other.
Letter 15
Hello Jessey, Thank you for the email and that you understand me. How was your days, I hope everything is fine with you. I have some news for you. Today I talked to the travel agent by phone, they told me, that it would not be so easy to get tourist visa in your country, but they would try to help me with everything and all papers. The agent did not told me all details by phone, so I will go there tomorrow and find everything out more carefully. Honey, I really hope that everything will be ok, and our dream will come true very soon for you and me. I am really excited about tomorrow day, but I will do my best to take this chance to see you. Write me back soon sweetheart, you give me a lot of energy and good spirit. Love, Elvira
Letter 16
Hello honey Jessey, Today I have some good news for us. I send you new pics today again. Well, Jessey, today I was at that travel agency, and talked to the agent cocering getting visa. He explained me some points about getting visa for enter to your country. The goverment of USA made control stronger, because of the situation of terrorism, and as I told you before, it would not be so easy to get the visa. But this agency will do best to help me with aplying. And I really hope that his words be true. I hope that we will not have a lot of trouble on the way to see each other. The process of visa's preparing will take about two weeks or even about 10 days, and it will allow me to stay in your country from 30 to 90 days. Tomorrow I will go the agency again, to conclude the contract, I also need to make some photos, so it would be difficult day tomorrow for me, I am excited. But I am very happy to know that our preparetions begun and very soon we will enjoy each other. Don't forget to write me and take care, darling Elvira
Letter 17
Hi honey Jessey, I wait for the day of our meeting more and more day by day and can't stop thinking about that. Thank you for the letter, my days was very intense and hard, and I feel very tired. I was in the agency and as I told you , I have concluded the contract. With making of visa aplying, they will do all the nessesary documents for me, will order the tickets for me and deliver me to the airport where I will fly from. They told me that I will fly from Moscow. Honey, I also need you to give me the name of the nearest airport where it would be more comfortable for you to meet me up. This info will nessesary tomorrow so please don't forget to give me it, ok? I also paid the first part of money for the visa and other documents, so it will give me a garantee everything will be in order. He did not told me how much will cost tickets for me, he will tell me it later, when everything will be ready. I will keep you in touch with all the details and news, now I will go to have some rest. I will miss you and dream about the day we will be together. Kisses and hugs for you only Elvira
Letter 18
Hi sweetheart Jessey, How are you, how was your day? I thinking about you all day long today, and can't wait for the day of our meeting. I need to tell you something serious. Jessey, I was in the agency again today and I talked to the payment of all my trip and how much it will totally cost for me. Honey, as my visa will be ready in 2 weeks and not like usual in 2- 2.5 monthes, yesterday I had to pay 400 USD for it. Today, travel agent told me that I will have to pay about 1153 USD more for the all trip package, it will be my double ticket, insurance and road to the airport in moscow. Honey, I really did not think that it would be so much and it seems to me that I will not have enough to pay for all, I have some money and will try to take something from my parents, I think it will be about 300 USD, I am very shy about this but all I have to do is ask you, if you will be able to help me with the rest of the money. I need only 850 USD. Jessey, I don't know what you will answer me, but I just hope you tell me the truth. You know how I wish you this day and how this is serious and important for me, and I don't want that the problem because of money will stop this for us, but I also understand that sometime we can't control our life. Well, darling, I really hope that I don't get you into some troubles, I just want to tell you over ad over, that I need you and very much want to see you soon. Write me back please and have a good night, I hope to see you in my night dream today. Love and kisses, Elvira
Letter 19
Hello my lovely Jessey, Hope all is good with you, do you miss me??? Honey, how do you feel thinking about the first day of our meeting, what emotions do you have? Have you told anybody about my coming, what they told you on it? My parents and close friends are very happy for me, and that I will see you soon, that are preparing some suveners for you and your home. My father always told me that for woman the most important in a relationship to listen to him and try to be the best friend for her husbant as well, and I think he is right. Honey Jessey, thank you very much that you agreed to help me with the rest of money, you can't imagine how this is important for me, and how I need your trust. Well, honey, I talked to the agent today, and he told that their firm does not accept credit cards and moving the money to account, and I will have to pay cash, but he told me that there are a lot of bank where I will be able to get money transfers, and it will come here very fast, within 2 hours after you send it, he told me about "Western Union" money transfer sistem, so I will go there and will find out how it would be better to do it. Jessey you can't imagine what I feel after your letter, I felt that all my dreams are coming true step by step. I'm so happy that you will not leave me in difficalt situation. It show that you are real gentleman. It is pleasant that you will give me 850 US dollars so I will be able to pay second half for the tickets to you. Oh my love sooooon we will be together !!! I'm so happy. I wish that we could be together at christmas but it is ok because soon we will be !!!
I will go now, darling, and I want you to remember, you are always in my mind and my soul Love, kisses and hugs for you only, Elvira
Letter 20
Hi my sunshine, Jessey !!! It is so nice to see your lovely note in my mail box . It make me smile and my heart began beating faster. I was in the one of the bank today, and took full information about sending the money. For the first you should find a bank where is the "Western Union" office, they told me that you should not have any problems with finding such bank as is is very wide sistem. When you will send the money, you should write my full name Elvira Gayazova and address Russia, 420000, Kazan, Street Kremlin, 16-1. When I get the money here, I should know your full name and address, and also when you sent the money, you will get the money transfer control number (MTCN), which you should give to me, I will not be able to get the money without this number. Honey, I think that this would be the best way to transfer the money to me, and as soon as I get them, I will go to the agency and will make final payment for my trip. So, honey, I want to ask you to be ready to do it in some days, ok?
Ohh, honey, before I forget, I need your opinion to one question. I has been suggested to work in another very good firm of pharmacy, I will take a better post there, but will get money not little then at the old work, but I will have development of my career there, so I would like to hear your recomendation, what will you advise me. Honey, I will go now, and will miss you all the time Yours Elvira Merry Christmas my dear !!!
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