Letter(s) from Oksana to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Good morning my Darling!!!
How are you?? How is your mood?? i hope that everything is fine over with you.
My creature created me tall and slim lady - loving my life and wishing happiness.
I don't like to seat at the one place I like always be in astir. I admired the beauty of the sea, liquid splashes of water, romantic stories, heroes with its joy and happiness. You know, I like romantic stories and novels,because I'm very sensitive and tender woman. On the pages of these touching stories I'm searching for a man of my dream. He will be the part of me and we share with him all my successes and troubles, we visit different countries and cities and we'll enjoy the life in all bright colours. How beautiful life I imagine for me and for a man of my dream.
I hope that you will like my description and soon I get the answer from you.

Letter 2

Hello, Dear James, I like your photo very much.. You asked me so many questions.. I have so many answers.. So I think I should start to write my letter...
You should know that your letter gives me a ray of hope for bright future in our lonely lifes!! I am sure that science that moment we are not alone in this world any more! Our corresponding will help us to know each other and one day we will meet. I think that this day is not far off!
My name is Ksusha and everyone called me so. I am from Ukraine and I live in the most beautiful town in this planet but very small on the West part of my country. It's called Kovel.
I am very romantic and sentimental person.
At the same time I am optimistic person and I always try to find only light sides in any situation. Despite all I want to be with someone who will love me and I will love, with whom I will share all my joys and miseries. And now in my mind only one question: "When will be the time and i won't be alone in this so dangerous world for such romantic person as I am?" In my heart there is a hope now that you will help me to find the answer to my question....
I am 24 years old. I have finished University.
Generally it isn't easy for people to decide which job to choice. There are some frivolous people who enter at institute thinking whether they like the profession they had chosen or not. But occupation you want to devote your life to has to bring you satisfaction. So it should be something you can do and you really want to. I don't tell you a lot about my job in this letter but next letter I will write some more.
I hope that you also write me something special about yourself and you life..
So, honey, I hope you will like my first letter and i will be waiting for you replay.
I wish you good day and funny mood!!!
Yours, Ksusha.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Wayne!! Dear, I need apologize for my misunderstanding your name. I just thought that James and Wayne the same name. Sorry I will never call you such name again.
Many thanks for your lovely letter. I like it very much to read it. You give me a very warm feeling and good mood. I think that our correspondence will lead us in something new in our lives... I feel that both of us will like this very much and want this because we are tired to be alone and we want to be happy... I should continue you telling about myself. As I told in my first letter I have finished university and now I am working as a secretary at school.
I decided to enter the departure of this job and qualify as a secretory. It's not very difficult job but it's very responsible one. Because i deal with important papers and I can't make any mistakes.. I like my job very much and it doesn't matter that this job don't bring me a lot of money.
You know one of my hobbies is cooking. I have a lot of cookery books.
My favorite national dish is borsh (it's soup with tomato paste and cabbage) and of course I can cook it.
Among the different kinds of salad I like cooking "Magdeburg's salad".
Also I can cook pancake and I like doing it best of all. I hope that in future you will try my food and you will like it very much.
"So many man so many minds" I'd like to say. As a matter of fact each of us has his own likes and dislikes. As for me i have my own opinion on the way how to eat. The most important thing for me is to eat home food. And so I always try to cook something for me and my family. But we eat together only in the evening when the whole family gather together. You know on weekends I like cook pizza or pasta with delicious sauce. But in today's fast-moving world we have less and less time to spend on eating and cook it. Besides i try always to eat healthy food and I try don't eat junk food, but sometimes I can eat sandwich or chocolate bar, because it seems that you simply can't get away from it.
Dear, I think I will be a good wife and i will care about my lover Man and our children, I will cook everything by myself and he will be proud of me. But of course now it's only dream for me!
So, I hope to hear from you soon and I will wait for your next letter. Take care and have nice days.
With a kiss, your Ksusha.

P.S. I wish you Merry Christmas and I send you my Christmas kiss.
Everything the best on this special Holiday only for you.

Letter 4

Hello, my Darling Wayne!!!!
It is very pleasant to see your letter now and I feel a little nervous and at the same time happy, because I was waiting for your answer with impatience. I am happy that you were pleased to get my letter. I think that our correspondence is involving us in something romantic and new for us.. Because it's the first time for me when I started to use Internet to find my second part of my heart, to find my real love.. I know that this unusual way and not everyone can understand it and believe in it but you know I feel that it will help us to begin a strong relationship in real life.. Do you agree with me???? I fell how letters are waking up in my heart warm feelings and I am sure it will grow day by day and letter by letter.. I hope you feel the same to me.. Because it's very important for me... You know I should continue telling you about me. I have already told you about my job and my hobbies and now i want to tell you why i know English and a little about my family.
Well, I have learned English by myself.. When I was in 8 form on my birthday my friends presented me a book on English. It was "A Call of Wild" by Jack London. Jack London my favorite write and i have read all his stories in Ukrainian and that's why my friends decided to present me such gift. They thought if I am so fond in this writer I should read it in original. They were right. And from that moment I started to learn English with a English self-taught. I was proud by myself because I think it's a big goal in my life to learn foreign language.
You know i think the most important step in everyone's life is wedding and then family. I also hope that soon I will find my future husband and we will create a strong and loved family. But now I want to tell you a little about my family. I live with my grandmother. I lost my parents many years ago. My father died when I was a little child about 5 years old and i don't even see him. And my mother died when I was 12 years old. I lost her because of heart attack.. That lost was so painful. And so my granny started to be me like a mother.. You know i think that I tell you so much about me and it seems for me that i know you for so much time..
I think i should stop here before you don't get a asleep.. I am joking now.. I will wait for you soon replay..
I send you all my kisses and hugs.. I hope you will get them!!!!! :)
Don't loose any!!! Jock! :) :) :)
With good regards yours, Ksusha.

P.S. Merry, merry Christmas and Happy new Year.. I wish you all your dreams make reality.. It's pity that I can't give you my Christmas kisses..

My information:
Full name: Oksana
Address: St. O.Pchilki, 10/18, Kovel, Ukraine, 45000
Age: 24 ( you should read carefully my letters it was there)
Height: 170 cm
Weight; 57 kg
Occupation: Secretary ( see, I do read your letters)
Hobbies: Cooking
Interests: Reading, walking at the nature
Likes and dislikes: I like sweets very much and I don't like dishonest people
Likes and dislikes in the bedroom: I like big windows and big beds, but I don't like read or pink wallpapers.

By the way you can read in in my letters. I told you all this.

Letter 5

Dear Wayne,
You know how wonderful to get such a letter of you, it's a real Delight! I like people who love to laugh, love and be loved. I'm kind, caring, intelligent, and passionate with a heart of gold. I love children and all that life brings. I would like to have a family and kids with a loving husband. I desire someone who is not looking for the next best catch and knows what he wants. I dream about finding a friend, a lover, a companion, some one with who I am madly in love with and he is madly in love with me. Always talking to each other very sweetly and lovingly, trust and respect for each other. We are together as much as it is possible, and when we are not together we are connected in our mind, heart and soul. When we are sad we are lifting each other spirits and make each other comfortable and face the situation together. Helping each other in the kitchen, having romantic dinners, planning and going on vacation to some interesting places, and we are also happy just being together doing nothing. When you come home I'm greeting you at the door with lots of hugs and kisses.
We are always caring for each other, and we make love everyday I'm looking for someone to share all my love and passions with I'm a romantic and I enjoy the simple things in life. I am very patient and understanding. I do not believe that distance can be a barrier in starting a relationship. Distance is only a state of mind. I would like to meet a man for whom I can share all my love and passion. I am looking for a permanent relationship and would like to start this in the very near future, as I believe that two people should not go through life alone. I believe there is a man out there that I will spend the rest of my life with, happy and content that he has chosen my life well.
I am wishing you a pleasant day.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Can you hear my hearts longing
Echoing quietly in your mind
Spanning the distance between us
Allowing my love to find
The one person I wish to share
My heart my soul my life
I long to hold you close to me
And make my passionate husband
The years ahead hold promises
Although this beginning brings fear
Because no life is certain
Or ever free of tears
But the best part of loving you
Is a sense of fulfillment so rare?
And the hope of each new tomorrow
I awake to love you beyond compare

Yours, Ksusha.

P.S. I wish you Merry Christmas and I send you my Christmas kiss.
Everything the best on this special Holiday only for you. How is your holiday??? what are you doing there???

Letter 6

Hello Sweetie Wayne, you look great on your last photo!!!!
Your letter it is so nice and beautiful. I read it for several times to know that i didn't miss anything about you. and you know every time i read it i found the new facts about you, i found the main features of you, i tried to feel....Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your openness to me and promise to do the same...
it seems to me that you are nice and the man i really was looking for...
Thank you so much for your open and sincere letter. I really enjoy reading your letter and the way our distant relationship develops. You light up my days; fill my heart with joy and hope; give me strength to carry on every day, something to look forward to. I am so glad to have found you. I hope you are doing fine and enjoy the days.
you know every person like to rest, and each of us do it in his own way.
If there is something special you need to know please don't hesitate and feel free to ask me. I feel convenient telling you about myself. What can you say about the water, sea, stream. What association do these words call? As for me I can look at it for hours again and again. Water is my element and it is something unusual for me those wonderful turquoise splashes and warmth of gold sand. I feet like I'm a mermaid. My dream is to return to the sea not alone but with my soulmate. I want to experience with him the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore with him the wonder of moon's reflection on the water and a lot of other things. I don't know more romantic and attractive place. The marines azure is associated for me with calmness and careness. I definitely want to experience this with my partner. There is some mystery in marine silence. At this moment there is something to live unsaid and it makes me more and more excited. When I close my eyes I see how blue waves swallow me as well as love overwhelm my heart. I'm laughing, I'm happy, I'm swimming away but then I return to the shore and my darling is waiting for me there. He was waiting for me all his life because he was born for me only. He is embracing me on the shore, kissing me and wrapping me into the towel, touching my wet hair and whispering sweet words on my ear. We belong to each other and there is nothing except our omnipotent love. This is the way I dream. I'm waiting for man who will say me one day: 'Honey, haven't you recognized me? I came from your dream to be with you forever'.
You know I am sure that when we will se each other we will fall in love with each other for the first time.. And i am sure that we will find each other as a loving couple.. we will start to build our future from first our meeting.. we will enjoy every minute of being together..
Sometimes i think even how it will be great to get married and to live together.. I know that I am a little fast but it's my thoughts about our relationship.. And i can say now for sure that if you ask me to live with you in your country I will tell you that I am agree but you should promise me that you will never let me go... my dreams are to have a happy family for the rest of my life.....
so now I will wait till your next mail, may God bless you always....
Send you my desired kisses.
Yours, Ksusha.

P.S. Dear, I want to tell you that it's not important that we will not have children, because I think that together we will give enough love for each other.

Letter 7

Hello, my sweet Wayne!!!! You are so nice with a squirrel on your hand.. Where did you find it???
First of all thank you for your letter. It makes me happy when I open my mail and find your letter waiting for me. As you know, it always makes me smile. I was so happy that you want me to see in your place.. i was too happy because you want to help me with this... You know i have never been abroad and I am sure that this first time will be the happiest because i will see you and unknown country and you will show me everything.. How it will be romantic to walk with you and hold your hand... I honey I am too happy now.. I think I am flying.. I will try to know about how i can go abroad and i will write you next time about it...
I am also very happy that you are writing to me because as you, I also feel that this could develop into a real relationship.
I was so happy to get your tender letter. I feel your care besides miles between us. You know for me it's very important that you fell the same as I. I open my heart only for you, cos I think that we are both create to each other. Dear I want to meet you as soon as it possible. I met my friend yesterday. She is happy because she has her lovely man near her. And I want to be with you also. I am so impatient to have you in my arms. I want to give you all my love, care, tenderness to you the whole time! I hope you want the same. And of course I want not only communicate with you I want to be, to live with you.
Honey, i would like to be your tower to slip on your body, i would like to be water to fall down on your sweet skin, i would like to be your bed to feel your body next to mine......
My darling,I have never gone away from you. I was always with you. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. I want to take the steps in our relationship my darling and I am waiting for your reply. I am sure that every place is a paradise with you and you are my angel. Thus,I just want be with you and I want to be in the paradise soon.
I am sending you my deepest love and warmest kisses...
Yours Ksusha.

P.S. Likes and dislikes in the bedroom: I like big windows and big beds, but I don't like read or pink wallpapers.

Letter 8

Hello, my very, very sweet King!!! My love Wayne!!!
If you only know how your letter made me feel so exited. My body was so agitation!!! When I read your letter I want to read it a lot of times. Your letters are always perfect!!! But they don't replace you, that's why I want to be with you so soon. I want to be in our paradise.
I have one dreams about our New Year's night.
Would be perfect to be there with you and watch the moon rise just for us. I know you would be the brightest start in the sky if you were with me on that night. Nothing would be more perfect to start a life together. We have a New Year tree.. We have decorated it together... We have exchanged our presents.. I have made for us delicious dinner... We a have candles all over the room... Light music is playing for us... You open a bottle of good wine... We full our glasses... We laugh and eat...
Then we go to dance... We are dancing and kissing at the same time..
We are gently touching and touching each other moving our hands by our bodies.. Our bodies are closer and closer.... We start undress each other and in a few minutes we were making love... It was our first encounter... But it was the most romantic and tender moment in our lives.... Because New Year we started new pages in our lives... My darling I know that it's dream..
But i also know that the whole this dream soon will be reality...
I want to tell you that I want to see you. I am not fast. i just think that real meeting helps people to know each other better...
So I send you my tender and warm kisses.
Waiting for the letter.
With love yours Ksusha.