Scam letter(s) from Vera Noskova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend,

I even do not know, what to write you. It seems to me, that you are an interesting man, and i do want to know you better. Maybe it will be better, if you write me a letter on my e-mail address

and I will send you my reply as the soonest,

Sincerely yours,

Mariya, ***
Letter 2
Hello my dear new friend Wayne !!!!!!!

Thank you very very much for your letter, I am so glad to receive it and to become your new friend!!! I hope, that you are not against of it, as i think, that you are a very interesting man, i have written you about it, but i do want to tell you about it one more time, as i think, that you must know about it! And i must tell you, that i think, that i am really the same girl, as you have written to me, and i think, that we will have a luck with you!

Well, i am sorry, we have written each other for a letter, but i have not introduce myself to you yet, i am very sorry...My name is Mariya! Do you like this name? It is very old name, and i even don't know, from which country it came, but this name was mentioned in a very old book, i hope, that you understand about what i am speaking about! So, i am a young girl, i am only 24 years old, and i live in Ukraine! Have you heard about this country? And i live in a city Kharkov, you may not know it, but it is a very attractive city, and maybe one day i will show it to you, would you like it? So, as for about me, maybe you think, that 24 years is not very little, but however i feel myself as a very young girl, but my thoughts and dreams are not very young, as i want to tell you, that i dream about very serious things! For example i think about the marriage and a very wonderful husband! I think, that this my dream will come true very soon, i hope on it very much, and by the way, if you are interested what i am doing at this site, i want to tell you, that with this aim i am here, at this site, i hope that maybe i will find a good man there! But what about you, how have you decided to put your profile at this site? Are you looking forward to the same with me, or you are looking forward to find good friends? maybe we are the same in our searchings, and who knows, maybe our meeting at the site is a destiny's decision, and...and i think, that you will dream yourself what will be at last!;0)

Well, what else to write you about me, it is so interesting to write the letters, and i even don't know, what to write you more about me. As for about my motherland, i am from Ukraine, as i wrote to you, i was born in a city Lutugino, it is in a Lugansk region, and there live my parents, but now i live in Kharkov. I live there myself, with out parents, and i rent a flat. I live in it not myself but with a good girl friend, we both with her study at the Kharkov National University, and we live in a renting flat. Of course it is a bit difficult to live there ourselves with out the support from the parent's side, but i think, that we will find ourselves in a life, and everything will be all right!!!! So, as you understand i study at the university, and also i work in my free time, of course sometimes i need to choose between the work and university, but i do my best to be in time everywhere! It is very hard and i have very little time, but it is a life. Well, what else, ohh, i forgot to tell you, that i study at the university the modern dances, and in future i will be a professional ballet and modern dancer teacher!!! I will teach people dances!!! And in the evenings i work at the dance school, i teach children dances, and i think, that it is a very wonderful job!!! i do like it very much!!!

As for about my private life, i am alone, i have never been married, and i think, that it is time for me to find a good man for the rest of my life!!! Of course i had boyfriends, but not very serious relations, because speaking truly our men are not very good in being husbands, they are very rude and selfish, i don't like it, as i like tenderness and sincere!!!

Ohh, by the way, i am sorry, i forgot to tell you about it from the beginning of the letter, but you see, i don't know English, and it is the biggest problem of me, i don't know it at the whole! I learned it at school, but not very serious, and from the words i know only some, such as "apple", "dog", and some other very sweet phrases, but i will tell you them later, if our relations are serious, and that is all. I know, that it is very bad, but i do hope, that you will be not afraid of it, because i think, that it is not very big problem! So, due to this i have to use the interpreter's services, i use it at the firm "InternetService", it is very well-known firm in my city, and i decided to use exactly this firm. And i want to tell you one more thing, of course i heard much about the girls, who play in Internet with men's feelings, so i want to tell you about such a thing, that i am serious about the relations and about everything, and i want to tell you, that i don't play with you and i am very serious, so i hope, that everything will be all right with it, and we will not have the quarrels due to this.

Well, my dear, i think, that i wrote enough for the first time, i am sorry, if i have not wrote anything, what about you are interested for, i will do it next time, i promise! And also i will wait for the reply from you, for the questions from you, and i hope, that you are also glad that we have acquainted with you, and i send you lots of friend's kisses!!!

I am looking forward to your reply soon,
Sincerely yours,
Letter 3
Hello my sweet friend!!!!!!

It is amazing!!! We have just got acquainted with you, but you have stolen all my thoughts!!!I even cannot believe myself, because you made me so interested with you, that today i have not gone to the additional classes of dances, and decided to come there and write a letter to you, as i will be pleased, only when i write you a letter, and when i receive the reply, of course i understand, that maybe you are not able to send me a reply at the same time, but i do hope, that tomorrow i will find the letter from you, and lots of kisses from you too;0)ok?

And by the way, i have a notice to you, hen i have received the letter from you, i could not understand, what you have written , and an interpreter told me, that you comment only my letter, but i want something another, i want you to write me a usual letter, please, because i think, that it will be cooler!

Well i want to thank you very much fro the letter, it is really very nice, and i want to make you know, that you are really very interesting man, and i was right, when i wrote you , that you seemed to me very interesting, so i am really glad to have the relations with you!!! By the way, i hope, that we have the relations with you? i mean, that i think, that we have with you a good beginning of the serious relations, i think and hope so, but as for about you, what do you think about it, do you think we can have the serious relations? And are you agree that we have the beginning only now? maybe i am mistaken, but i do hope, because i like so much to dream, and i dream now, that you are the same man, whom i am looking for, and with whom we will meet very soon and will have a family...mmmmm, i am sorry, i am too romantic, and maybe i am too simple in my dreams, but i do hope, that further in my life everything will be very simple, because i am so tired of difficulties;0(

By the way, i like very much to travel!!!! Of course, i travelled only through the country , i was in the Crimea, maybe you have heard about it, i was in Zakarpatie, but i have never been abroad. I have some relatives, they live in Russia, but usually they come to me, not me to them, and that is why i have never been anywhere, but i do want to go somewhere!!! maybe, when we know each other better, you will invite me, and i will come to you, it will be really very great!!! DO you agree with me? And most of all i want to visit your country, i hope, that this my little dream will come true one day!!! And maybe then, we will go with you to the honey moon, it will be so wonderful!!! You see, my romantic personality dreams very much about this, about honey moon, as i think, that it will be great!!!!

Well, i send you lots of kisses, i will wait for the reply from you as the soonest, and i do hope, that when i come next time i will find the letter from you, mmmm, i will think about you,

Sincerely yours,

Letter 4

Hello my sweet...friend? or maybe i can name you now a soul mate? I think, that it is rather better maybe to be a soul mates? What do you think about it? And i want not to answer on your questions, but i want to speak with you about something!I know, that it is not a girl's work, but i will do it, i want to make an offer to you, i want to offer you to have serious relations! What do you think about it? I know, that maybe i am a bit fast, but i think, that it is time for decisions, and i made my decision, and i will wait for your reply, i hope, that you will send me a positive reply, as i do think, that we have much in common, and we can try to build really serious relations, i think, that it is really the same!!!

Well, i wrote you about the most important thing, and now i want to tell you about such a thing, ohh, i forgot, that you asked me about some points, well, darling, maybe first i will write you about what i wanted to write, and then i will answer on your questions, ok? So, i wanted to tell you such a thing, that these several days, while we are together with you, i feel such a thing, that i do like our correspondence, and each day for me starts from the thoughts about going to the firm and to write a letter to you, i think that it is not simply, and that is why i thought about it much time today, and i decided, that i must make some real steps to change my life and to build my future, and by the way not only mine, and also yours too, i hope! And that is why i am here now, and i write you this letter, i hope, that you will not think about me, that i am a crazy girl, and that i want something misunderstanding, i do hope, that you share my thoughts and my wishes, and i do hope, that maybe very soon we both will know about the destiny of us, and who knows, maybe we met each other not only to write the letters, but also for something more?! But however of course i will wait also for your thoughts about it, and i do hope that everything will be wonderful!!!!

And also i want to tell you, that maybe it sounds a bit strange, but i want to tell you, that i do think, that we will have a luck with you in the relations, and i think, that we will know about everything very soon!!!

Well, darling, i think, that i will close this letter, as i think, that i have written too much about the feeling and at the whole about the serious things, so i will wait for your reply, i do hope, that you will not think anything bad about me, and of course i will wait for any of your decisions, and i i will respect every your decision,

I send you lots of kisses,
Yours forever,

PS. By the way, i answered you on your question from the first letter, yes, i am really the same girl, whom you have described, re-read the letter from me, and you will find the answer, because i am always serious about this!
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