Letter(s) from Anna Malakhova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my dearest Wayne!

I'm sure that our dialogue with you will make us very close. At least this is the main reason for me to be in the Internet. I want to find man who I can relay on, who can be both the best friend and lover for me, who will take care of me and who will appreciate my feelings to him... Who knows may be our communication is just the beginning of something bigger, dear?.. I know that you may think that Internet is not the best place of acquaintance but I don't want to miss even this small chance to meet MY MAN…

Speaking about me, I'm from Ukraine and I have never been married. I graduated from the Pedagogical University and I supposed to be teacher of Junior School. But after my graduation there were no available place to work so I have to look for another job. As all my life lived with my parents in the small house I used to look after the flowers. It became my passion so I thought what if I make my passion as my job? And now I work as a florist. I make bouquets and also teach kids to make them too. As you can see my education is not wasted ;-) By the way I still live in Belovodsk, Lugansk region. Belovodsk is very small town and I couldn't find any man there who would be interested in. That’s why I allowed to my friends to persuade me take some pictures and send them to the sites in the Internet. And now I’m writing to you ;-) Dear, if you feel like I do, if you think that we can match each other tell me more about yourself. Any information will be good because I think that all relations should be based on trust and faith. And this is becoming possible only through communication… have to confess that i don't speak English but if you are interested in our communication seriously i don't think it will become a problem for us. (Any language can be studied;-)

I'd also like to ask you some questions: What are you afraid of the most? And one more question: which woman would you call a sexy woman? What do you put on the nomination of women’s sexuality? ;-) I'm truly waiting for your next letter and I hope that our correspondence will lead us to Happiness, Joy and … you tell me to where else…;-)

Kissing you,
sincerely yours

P.s. Thank's you complimented me! Nice bike! Is it yours? And perfect sense of humor! Hope to hear from you soon!

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Wayne!

Sometimes I would really like to meet Bill Gates and thank him for his invention. No, really, I'm so glad that Internet gives us such an opportunity to be close to each other even though we are miles away. How are you today? I hope that my letter found you in great mood and that all your plans for today will be completed. Thank's you complimented me.

As for me i had great evening last night so I'm full of energy today :-) Yesterday my friends and I gathered together, roasted sausages on the bonfire and talked, talked, talked… My dear Wayne,we had such a great time! I would like so badly you to be there because I caught myself on the thought that I need you to share all these beautiful moments of life and to be completely happy. There were 2 couples in our company and they looked so happy that I and other my friend who doesn’t have boyfriend were almost jealous. It’s so nice to see how they take care of each other, how tender they are to each other and have you ever noticed how beautiful fallen in love girls are? To tell the truth never paid attention to that but yesterday I noticed that! Their eyes were like diamonds and their smiles spread out some invisible but almost physically noticeable warmth… I don't know if you understand what I mean I just want to say that you can definitely see if person is fallen in love or not. Everything is much easier to them because they know that they can come to their dear and they can understand them, give them some piece of advice or support them if they need. can open you a small secret: I relax and fell much better if someone pets my head. I think It came from my childhood when I put my head on my father’s knees and he tried to make me sleep in this way. It works for me even now ;- )All problems are twice smaller and all great moments are twice happier if you share them with someone who you love!

Sorry I made you to read all this but it’s because I want to sit like my friends do with my dear man and talk, laugh and do a lot of silly and serious things together:-).

I'd also like to give you all necessary information you asked me for.
Full name: Malakhova Anna
Address: Lugansk region, Belovodsk, Sovetskaya street, house 43.
Age 26
Height 162
Weight 51
Occupation: Florist(See, I pay attention)
Hobbies: reading, watching TV.
Interests: different
Likes and dislikes: like cooking, dislike liers.
Likes and dislikes in the bedroom: like mixed and oral sex; dislike when a man says he's a cool guy in a bed, but really he can't satisfy me.

Thank you for your patience and remember that you are always in my heart, my dear. Have a nice day! I'd like to know: do you believe in love from the first sight? What is your horoscope sign? What kind of sex do you prefer? Do you have sex experience with a couple, a man and a woman(I mean among you) or two or more women?If you have any questions feel free in asking me, OK?

Kissing you,
yours sincerely,

P.S. Thank you very much for your beautiful greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Hope all your wishes will come true! The warmest of wishes for wonderful times in the holiday season you share with family around you - friends to surround you, and Christmas time joys everywhere!

Letter 3

Hi, my dear Wayne!

It's me, your Anna! Hope you'd be as glad to receive my message as am. Thank you very much for your mail, it made my day brighter! The more I know you the more I think we have a lot in common. My day starts and finishes with the thoughts of you, my dear. And I don't even think about the distance which separates us. Our life consists of the smallest things, And the main I think is to find love between these small things, not only to find, but to keep it. Our love is endless, sure, just if it's true. The more I think about love the more I think about your appearance in my life. My previous life was empty and joyless because you were not in it. Now it's full of sense, because I finally found you, my dear! Sorry, today I feel like philosopher. Love does strange things with us, doesn't it? Hope you think about me as I do, and you always have smile in your heart.

Yesterday I had a very calm day. I was in a good mood. I got inspired by the thought of you and I had done two beautiful bouquets of flowers, which I gave my mother. She was glad to receive my bouquets and found them very beautiful. Than I was cooking. I've found a new recipe of salad and decided to cook it. It was rather tasty. It would be great to cook it for you, sure if you'd want it. I often read and reread your letters, that became so dear for me! The destiny made the dearest present in my life, our communication. Hope, you'd find the place in your heart for your Anna.

Dear, I like your sexy thoughts very much. I also have no desire for anal sex. But I like oral sex very much! I'd like to pleasure you in different unusual places. And what about you? Do you often pleasure your woman with oral sex? As for mixed sex, sure I like different positions, and I'd like to make love I'm on top of you. What sex do you like better: hard (like we are very hungry to each other), or soft sex (as we pet each other tenderly)? I'd like you look at my breasts, touch them, kiss them, care them for hours! I don't like when a guy touches, cares and kisses my pussy more than my breasts. I feel passionate desire to make love when a man kisses and touches my breasts, my nipples. What do you like (I mean something very especial) the woman to do for you to pleasure you?

I don't want you to feel bored because of my letter, that's why let me stop writing. Take care of yourself. Hope to hear from you soon!

Send you all my tenderness and love.
Kissing you, your Anna.

Letter 4

Hi, my dearest Wayne!

How are you, my dear? Sorry, I write you just now. I have flue now and the doctor prescribed me some medicine and to stay in bed for some days. I miss you so much that's why I'm going to write you a letter now. The more letters I receive from you the more I imagine you. I feel calm, because I exactly know that you're here, together with me, in my thoughts and dreams. I'm not afraid of anything, because I know you'll protect me. Protect me of sad mood, horrible dreams, bad feelings... You know, I'm in a good romantic mood today. The weather is fine, but cold, but in my soul the sun shines brightly all the time. It's because YOU live in my soul.

I want to tell you something...
Last night I saw wonderful dream. I was peacefully sleeping and suddenly I've heard quite steps... I opened my eyes and saw a shadow. "What a strange shadow?" - I thought. "Who is it?" - I asked (to be honest I was afraid of it very much). Nobody answered I went to bed and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't do it any more. Than the door opened and I saw ... I saw you, my dear. You stayed at my bed and smiled. "Hello, my dear" - you told me and tenderly kissed my lips. You said: "Don't afraid of anything, I'm here, I'm with you". Then you kissed all my body tenderly, whispered sweet words... And we made love, passionate, hot... we made love again and again, and in the morning we felt asleep very tired... Than you left. I awakened. I was so unhappy and sad, because it was just a dream... But the most beautiful in my life.. But when I awakened I felt your kiss on my lips... and not only the kiss;-).

You asked me some questions. Well, let me answer. Dear, I usually swallow when I give a man oral sex. I didn't have sex with a couple yet, but I'd like to try it. And what about you? Sorry, I have high temperature now, so let me stop writing. I'd like to know about your dreams. Take care of yourself! Hope to hear from you soon!

Everloving you, your Anna.

Letter 5

Hi, my dearest Wayne!

Dear, how are you today? Hope you are well. Thank's a lot for your warm letter! Thank's for your advice, I'll use garlic for treatment. It's rather unpleasant, but if you are sure it will help me, I'll use it. I also drink tea with raspberry and lime-tree. My friend says that the best treatment is good sex.;-). I think she's right.

Dear, I like your dream very much. You asked me how often I'm going to pleasure you. Well, dear, it depends on you, how often do you like to receive pleasure. As for me, I'd like to do it every day or some times a day. I also imagine such picture: we are in the kitchen, I cook something, you stay behind of me, you start to care my breasts. I continue cooking and you make me hotter and hotter. Than you start fingering me, and I become very very hot. I like it. Both we feel desire... and make love doggy-style. Do you like it? As for sex with a couple, maybe you are right, but sometimes I 'd like to receive new experience, though I don't like it very much. I'd like to have sex, where one man and two women pleasure each other. What do you think about it?

It's a pity, but our dreams have too much barriers! And, I'm afraid to tell you, but now i think we can lose the only opportunity to communicate and be together... Yesterday one couple ordered 14 bouquets of flowers for party, but they didn't come to take the flowers in time. I was waiting for them for 2 hours, but they didn't come. I tried to call them, but the operator told me to recall later. So, it was a disaster!!! I didn't know what to do. The flowers died, and my salary died too... So, the New Year comes soon, but I'm not happy. I have to pay $5 for translation and printing of each letter to you and $2 for scanning of each photo. Now, it's rather difficult for me to pay for it. Sure, I'll do my best to find necessary sum of money. But I'm not sure I could. If you could help me to pay for our communication... i don't ask you for money for me, i ask you for your help to save our love. Dear, I'm afraid to lose you, because you are the sense of my life!.. But if you'd help me with the paying for correspondence, I'll appreciate it very much. Hope you'll understand me... Take care of yourself, dear! Hope to hear from you soon! Happy New Year, my love!

Sincerely yours and everloving you - Anna.

Letter 6

Dear Sir!

Your Lady Anna is in the office now, but she can't write You a letter. She asked our company to write You a short letter, as her account is over. Sir, we should inform you that we don't work in a credit and we can't send all the times free of charge letters from Your Lady. We are so sorry to tell that to you, but there is no way out.

With respect Nika-Club

Letter 7

Hi, my dearest Wayne!

How are you? Hope everything is well with you. As for me I'm not well now. I feel rather upset and offended because of your letter. I always try to trust people, and as a rule, people trust me. What is happening between us? The translator told me you ask about their company. I believe them. They organize meetings ladies and men, help with the translation of correspondence and their translators help a lady and a man communicate when they meet, they help men to find apartment and they also help with visa if it's necessary. My friend used their services and she married with a nice man from Spain. They are married for 2 years and live happy life. I understand your fears, but I can't influence on your decision. I believe, trust them and that's enough I think. I'm looking for a real love and I thought i finally met you. But when I need help... I'm alone with my problems. I want to continue our communication and don't want to lose you, my dear. But as you know it's difficult for me to write you now. So I still need help. But I don't want to ask you again, because I see misunderstanding from your side. Sorry, if I offended you, but these are my thoughts now. Take care of yourself! Wait for your reply with impatience!

Kissing you - Anna.