Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Patrusheva to Renato (Portugal)

Letter 1
Greetings, Renato!!! Very pleased to see your letter, Renato!!!! How are you doing? I hope, that all is fine with you! I am very pleased to receive your letter! It - my first attempt to get acquainted with the foreigner so I feel timid, from time to time, please do not pay attention to it, well? I promise you, I shall correct this sad fact in my future letters. Your structure has strongly liked me, I want to get with you friendship!!! I hope you too want it! I want to get acquainted with the foreigner as my friend has told to me about the girl who has managed to find the happiness. She has met the good person with the help of the Internet. Her friend, Gregory, has arrived from Canada. They are very happy together. This girl has found the person whom she always required. They trust and like each other!!! So the Internet has helped two hearts to be united together. But it is true!! Well, I have decided to try my success also, and I hope, that I shall not lose! I assume, what you want to know, why I cannot find the friend in my own city, in Russia? It - rather difficult question. But the answer is simple - I would like to see about me the person whom it will be valid to love me, to care of me, think highly, and respect me. Unfortunately, I never met such person in my city. The Russian men drink much and Russian men very rough do not respect the woman … and do not appreciate the women. Well, I assume, what you probably want to know something more about me? My name is - NADEZHDA, and surname PATRUSHEVA. I - from SAMARA (Russia). To me of 28 years. And how you completely call? I have no neither the husband, nor children. As to my education - I diplomaed the State university and got a trade of the commercial manager. I wanted to work for the big trading company where I had practice at studying at university. But there were no vacancies. At the same time since my early childhood I dreamed to begin the teacher at school. I love children very much, but, you know, that it is too difficult in Russia today to find a workplace!!! And if you are able to find a workplace at school, earnings extremely low. One of my girlfriends, Helena, is the school teacher so I know all about it well. I studied the English language. How you find my English language? - there any mistakes? As to me I assume, that my English language … it will be not bad. It is good, what you want to know about me? Whether can be about my free time? I strongly like to prepare!!! It to me well turns out. I love sports. I am engaged in gymnastics. Tell to me, please cookery what country, what you prefer? I hope, what you love Russian kitchen? And what - your favourite dishes? I also would like to know about your free time? You prefer what sports? I would like to know more about you to do{make} our virtual dialogue by easier. You see, that I set to you so many questions, and I hope, that you will give me answers!!! It will help us to know each other better. To tell the truth, I never was in the foreign countries. Tell to me about the country, city, about your family, about you it is direct - I would like to know all about you!!! Unfortunately I should finish here L, I hope, that it was interesting to you to read my letter to you. And I also hope to receive your answer as soon as possible!!!!!!!! It is a pity, but it - very long letter is valid. Please, give my best regards, love and congratulations to all your family and friends. Sincerely, Your new Russian friend, NADEZHDA
Letter 2
Greetings my new friend, Renato! How are you doing? I was so happy, when I have accepted you the letter!!! You only will not trust this!!! Today as usually I have arrived to cafe of the Internet and have found your letter! Such remarkable surprise!!! I want to tell, that I unfortunately, I have no any personal computer of a house. But I have an opportunity to visit cafe of the Internet. He to be about my house. I hope that you will write to me every day. First of all I want to thank you for your interesting history. So now we know each other better!! And I have assumed, that it was the good fact! I think, what you would like to know something more about me? Whether I am valid is right? I hope so! I want, that we became real friends and I can be even more, than fair 'friends' … can be!!! I would like to tall you about my family. My family will consist: my mum MARINA, I and my younger brother Vitaliy. My father have divorced from mum and now he lives not with us. All of us live together in two - an apartment of a room in the center of our city. And though it is rather difficult to live without the father. To my mum to have difficultly to live without the husband. But I think, that our family lives happily!!! To my mum 54 years. She - very clever and kind woman. My brother, 17-years Vitaliy leaves school this year. he - very clever and intellectual boy. He loves physics and is going to enter into the Moscow University of Physics. Moscow - the expensive city, I am confident, that you already heard about it. As far my father he lives in Nizhnivartowsk, in Siberia. He is a teacher of the English language at school, and I shall tell it for him, I know the English language - he was my first teacher. He once even was in London with group of pupils, and I still remember color books for children with letters from ABC which he has bought for me in London!! Unfortunately my parents once have understood, that they do not like each other more and resolute to release each other. And we have left Nizhnivartowsk for SAMARA. That time I was the 9-years girl. About, I have completely overlooked to speak you that the girl who got acquainted with foreign, Gregory with the help of the Internet. You remember, what I have told to you about it in my previous letter? The matter is that one of my friends has told to me, that he has arrived to our city!! You can imagine it?!! As, appear, was Gregory, has already invited her to his place, and they married there. And now they have arrived to our city to visit her relatives. They are so happy together!! Now they plan to have children!! They speak, that they never thought, that they can find love and a happy life with the help of the Internet more in the foreign country - but the God knew, that they have been created for each other and have helped them to join their hearts! It - an amazing history, whether not so?! To tell the truth, I envy this girl so much … I for a long time to be happy also! I want to have the husband of love and strong family, to have the small house, a garden and a dog. I want to be with the man which it will be valid to love me, to care of me and to respect me. Everything in what I need - love and anything other! About, I never thought, that I am capable to write so!! Really, even actually speaking with you time flies so quickly!! Unfortunately I should finish my letter to you though I do not want to make it. But I hope, that we shall continue to be in correspondence with each other!!! I also want to ask, that you have told to me more about your family, friends and your country. I want to know all about you. I shall wait impatiently for your answer!! It is so romantic 'to travel' with the help of your histories and my imagination as though I see all this my own eyes!!
Your Russian friend Nadezhda. P.S.Thanks for a photo!!!!!!!!! You are very beautiful!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Greetings the my dear friend, Renato! How you make? As to me all is good. Today I feel, that I am full of energy!!! First of all I would like to thank you for your letter!! It was real pleasure for me to read it!! It is in my opinion wonderful, that we go communications with each other!! You are a good person! Your letters are very interesting to me. I feel, that we become more close to each other with each letter!!! And it is very good!!! Tell to me that you think of it? Also what you think of me interestingly? Please, mine the dear friend, write to me about it in your following E-mail. Do not doubt, that your opinion is very important for me!! So now I know very much about you!! I have burning desire to study MORE!! And I hope, that you feel the same!! I think, that you want, that I have told to you about my interests and a hobby. So, about music: I like to listen to any kinds of music - from classical up to popular. As to popular music I prefer the English singers Russian. I like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Sting, Queen and it is a lot of others. As to classics my favourite composers - Mocart, Schtraus, Brams, and French whom of composer De Byussi. You love classical music? One of my favourite structures - Sarabanda De Byussi. It - really remarkable classics - I listen to it, and I feel better really. From the Russian popular groups I like Dima Bilan, 'Alsy', Katya Lel, and 'Kraski'. You ever heard about these groups? I hope so. And what music you prefer? Tell to me about it in your following E-mail, well? About my favourite cinema: One of them - 'Parlourmaid' with J.Lo. Once there was beautiful single mother from Bronx by name Marisa Ventura (Jenifer Lopez) which worked as a parlourmaid in smart Manhattan to hotel. Once rich and beautiful senatorial encouraging named Christopher Marshol accepts Maris for the same visitor of hotel. Two spend these carry spend day together, and he covers her from her legs. Then Marshall invites Maris to a tie - the butterfly, celebratory, and her sight goes from a fabric of a dust up to the prima donna. Later they felt some time, that they have fallen in love with each other. And in spite of the fact that he was the rich person and that she was a parlourmaid they married and were very happy together. Though it - a history of the Cinderella, I believe, that all dreams can be carried out. And also mine!! I hope, what you observed this film, to speak me that you think of it, well? And also I would like to know about your favourite films. What films you prefer - comedies, Westerns, thrillers or can be even soap operas? The promise you will tell to me about it!! As to books: I want to tell to you, that similarly to any Russian I like to read!! You ever heard, what Russia how is supposed, is the main country of 'reading'? To tell to the truth, my mother, inspired to me is on taste for reading, being expressed more definitely - taste or love to poetry. For a body I prefer the Russian classical literature - Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevskiy and Bulgakov. My favourite books - ' the Crime and punishment ', 'Doctor Dzhivago', ' the Owner the Master and Margarita '. From foreign authors I prefer Kafka - 'Test', Gabriel Marx - ' 100 years of loneliness ' - my favorite, Sandor Marai. And you prefer what books? And what - your love? About sports: I love sports! It - big time, and it helps me to hold mine suitable. In the winter it skis, in the summer - volleyball and basketball - my favourite game! But most of all I love dance of sports and figure skating - similarly to any Russian woman. How in last Olympic Games, Sasha the Coin (or Koin) from the USA the best it was valid! She only was remarkable, similarly to the small butterfly, flies from one flower up to another! I also take dancing lessons are helps to relax after the difficult working day. Whether can be in the future which I shall have an opportunity to show you my skills?!! You want it?? I would like to know about your favourite kinds of sports also, well? As a whole, I am interested in everything, that is connected to you; I would like to know all about you!! So I should finish here. My time, and I should continue to work. Please, answer all my questions, well? It is very important for me!! The my dear friend, Good - bye!! I wait impatiently for your letter!! It is a lot of kisses for you, Nadezhda P.S. Thanks for a photo!!! You have well a rest!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Renato! I am happy that you have written to me the letter!! Your messages became the important part of me!!! I always wait your Electronic mail. From them I learn about you more and more. It is so important for us Renato, for our friendship!! And you as think? You know, I constantly think of this girl who has found her beloved husband with the help of the Internet. You remember, what I have told to you about it in my previous letters? I think, what success she!! She is so happy with Gregory!! He - very kind and sensitive the man. He is not similar to our Russian men. He does not drink and smokes in general. He is a good husband and always cares of her. Now they have new very much incorporated family. To tell the truth, I envy her with all my heart!! I want to meet the good person and to be happy also!! But since my last unsuccessful history of love I am afraid to trust in love. The matter is that my last love has ended with tragedy. Let me to share my drama of love with you. I think that we are close to each other enough. I can trust you? When I have left school, I have arrived to study in Zelenograg the State university which is located about Moscow. Zelenograg - remarkable historical city. There are many various sights. I really liked to live and study there. This city is known for the universities and my parents, and the grandmother did not want, that I was badly It has been formed. I well studied. I became the first student of year. Once I have met very beautiful boy. Him called was Dima. he was the friend of one of my girlfriends. We carried spent a lot of time together at university. I studied on the third rate, and he was the first student of year, it is more on we lived in one hostel. And once we have understood, that we have fallen in love with each other. So we met till now. We were young and full of feelings - we liked each other with passion and were going to marry. I carried spent each holiday in my house, in my native city SAMARA. Within these days we very much missed the friend the friend. So the whole year has left, and I did not dream at all of other destiny - I wanted to be only with this boy. I remember one day, we have left. The reason was simple a little, but any of us did not want to go on the compromise. And that day something awful happened in my life. Dima started to drink ***** and then the beginnings of me to beat on the person. Certainly he has told, that it was the first and last time when and unfortunately I have made the big mistake and trusted him. I thought, that he loved me, but I completely overlook. Some time later certainly, all happened again and again and again and each time more severe. Also has passed 9 months as we have left him. I now do not regret about it. I now do not want Russian the man. They always rough and drink much. They cannot trust. And now I hope to find foreign the man to which it is possible to trust. So, that can, I add, I was sure, that I shall not be capable to love again, my life has stopped …, about now I I do not want to bring all this back part. I believe, that I meet the man which will help me to trust in love again. Thanks for your sympathy. Trust me, it is important for me. Unfortunately I should finish the letter. Today - very much borrowed day!! I yesterday have told mine mum and to the brother about you and our friendship. My mum was happy, that I have managed to find such good person as you!!! I transfer you greetings from them!! And desire you all the best!! It is a lot of kisses for you!!! Up to tomorrow, Nadezhda!!! P.S.Thanks for a photo!!! You are very beautiful!!!!!!!
Letter 5
Greetings my dear Hugo!! I am happy, that you have answered my letter!! We - so the friend close to the friend now, we know much about each other!! Each time when I receive your E-mail, I thank the God for you!! He, has sent me you, my dear!!! I hope, that our friendship becomes stronger, and once will have, maybe, an opportunity to see each other actually. To speak with each other not E-mails, but to look on each other …, I want to look in your beautiful eyes deeply, to see, that you smile. I hope, that you feel the same!! Please, tell to me, that it - so!! Last night I thought of you and our virtual meeting, and have noticed the interesting fact. The matter is that some time back I began to write poems. My poems, were very interesting, friends have told to me! I have been confused certainly, but day after day my desire to create begins stronger and stronger. I precisely do not know that this desire to create a poem has affected, but I feel, that my unique needs this and my heart require it also. How my mum and my grandmother are very pleased because of this fact. So, let me to write to you some lines and to promise, what you will tell to me about your impressions, well? My sweet love
All I have
Are thoughts of you.
In my mind
I can't erase
Visions of
Your smiling face.
Whispering through
the wind, I hear
Your sweet laughter
In my ear.
I take a breath
Of cool, fresh air
I could smell
You right there.
I opened my eyes
And tried to wake
Am I daydreaming?
I have to think.
So here we go
One more time
Thinking of my love
That's so divine.
So if sweet dreams
Is all I can do
Always these dreams
Will be of you.
Why do I have to love you?
Why do I have to care?
I can't help myself! I love you, it's true!
Why can't everything be great? It's just not fair! How to you my poem, my dear? The promise, you will write to me your favourite poems in your following letter, well? So here I should finish. I shall impatiently wait for your letter!! All members of my family send their best regards to you!! Carry away you many kisses!! Your favourite Russian friend, Nadezhda P.S. I was born March, 15, 1978. Samara very beautiful city, is a lot of parks, squares, the rivers. But there are no tourist places in Samara.
Thanks for a photo!!!
Letter 6
My most dear Renato! Greetings the my dear friend!!! I am very glad that you have written me the letter!!! I think of you every day. I with impatience wait from you the letter!!! Every minute, each moment I think of you!!! Which you spoke me about things. I wait for your warm messages!!! I have understood, that I cannot find a place without your letters. I never felt like better before! Your electronic letters are so important for me!!! They - a part of my life, they - a source of pleasure in my life!!! I want to tell to you, that your occurrence in my life, is the best which happened with me!!! Your letters force me to feel the big happiness and pleasure!!! I want, that you knew, that I am really fair with you. I try to express everything, that I feel in my heart. I feel to you very much warm feelings!!! We are created the friend for the friend!!! Please me, well? The matter is that some time back I have understood, that mood and everything, that I make within day, depend only on your letters. I try to explain … when I receive your letter, it seems to me, that I fly up to the sky …, I have burning desire to live!! You know, my life is not so interesting, from work - to the house, from a house to work, both again, and again, day after day … But now when you have appeared in my life, become an inseparable part of it. You remember, I have told to you once my sad history of love? So, after it I was afraid to fall in love. Besides I never met the person with whom I could fall in love. You know, I have told to you about the Russian men. Now I am not afraid. But now I have fallen in love with you when I have met you!!! Now I speak you with confidence, that I cannot be without you more!!! I was afraid to write to you these words about my feelings. Certainly I thought of your possible answer. What will you tell concerning it? It means that for you??? But it happen anyhow so I would like to tell to you about it now. I only wanted to inform, that I have fallen in love with you honey! I love you my most dear! It happened so quickly and suddenly, I did not expect it. I LOVE YOU!!! At me such feeling that we with you are familiar all life!!! Certainly I can assume only about your answer. But nevertheless, I have noticed, that you too have to me interest. I am sure, that I am not mistaken!!! I feel it with my heart, and it only cannot tell lie! I aspire spend. more than my life with you!!! And it will be the best years in my life, because you - for me!!! I am sure, that we shall be the happiest pair in the whole world!! I really believe in it all my heart. My loved, my dear the man, my sweet dream, my fairy tale, how still I should name you to express my feelings to you!! So I have told to you all about my love to you. And certainly I would like to know what you think of all it??? Also, my dear, I want to ask to you very important question for me, I think, that it will be fair from my party, my loved. You write to other woman? It is so important for me. I hope, that you will understand me because I love you, and I do not want to divide you with other women. I want to tell to you, that I do not write any to another to the man except for you. I do not want another the man because I love you!!! But except for that I do not want, that other woman has stolen you from me. I speak it to you very seriously. It will be so pity to me if you have or write to other woman. If you deceive me in our relations better at once tell to me about it. I shall understand all and I shall cease to write to you. We should trust each other. Certainly, if the God listens to me, and we - together, I shall be compelled to leave my work, relatives, friends and the whole former life. Certainly, it is not so good, but my love to you is much more important for me than my work to trust me!! All my warm kisses, Warm embraces, Your lady and the beloved woman, Nadezhda
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