Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Popova to Fekri (USA)
Letter 1

Hello. My name is Irina. I liked your structure and I shall be glad to learn you better through e-mail. I shall send you a photo in the following letter and I shall be glad to see more your pictures.
Letter 2

Hello my love Fekri. I am very glad to receive again news from you. I hope, that you are healthy and not the patient more. We too have very cold weather already whole week, but soon promise warming. How at you an affair now? I spoke you, that I very much to want our meeting and I to wait for it very much. I was in agency of travel and learned, that trip to your country costs 1135 Euros. Be already fast we can together! Tell to me, we presume to ourselves such trip? It will strike not strongly on your pocket. This simply huge luck, that we have got acquainted in the similar way and we really approach each other and I to not doubt at all. That we shall be happy together. I love you my prince. I to hope for your fast reply.
Yours for ever Irina.
Letter 3

Hello my love Fekri. I am glad to receive news from you. First of all I put a photo for you, but I want to tell, that I to not have any more similar pictures, it is last. I spoke you in last letter, that to me it is necessary 290 Euros for official registration of papers to visit you in your country. First it is necessary for me to prepare all documents, and then when date will be known, you will send me tickets aboard the plane. I cannot wait our meeting. I of you so to like and want to be with you. As it is a pity, that we live not in one country and we can not meet right now. But, I to trust that our meeting will take place already soon, in fact for true feelings there are no barrier. I to hope. That you to understand me. You can send me 290 Euros for my name Irina Popova. I shall wait for your fast reply. Yours for ever Irina
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