Scam letter(s) from Kathleen Marie to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jeff Love,
Dhl will be coming to pickup the Box On Tuesday By 10:00am to 2 :00pm so try to be around so that DHL can pickup the package.....Here is My address to send the Package To:

Here is DHL Account: 796822107 Note when filling the form that is the way bill note that u will tick Bill Account that is the Account Number Ok..Note that coz if u do any mistake they will bill me Here...that bill Sender's account that is my Account ok...

Also on the WayBill... U will see a Tag Number That is Tracking Number on it.i will like to have the Tracking # so that i know when to receive the package...Ok....Love u Jeff .... So Much...
You will see a shippment air waybill num on the international waybill you will be giving...write it out and send it to me cos that wat i'll hv with me so as to track the package....Your love Kathleen Marie....

Love Always,

N.B pls repack to 1 box or if 2 it okay but dont repack to three boxes ok LOve ...Tnx
Letter 2
How are you doing? i am stil waiting for you online... i want you to sign up for an account at the bank of america ok? a savings and checking accounts.. when you done with it just email me the bank address,account name,routine code and account number ok? i will expect your mail soon ok?
Love you
Letter 3
Hello love
These are the info on how you r gonna send me the money love
Name: Adesanya I. Adebola
Address : 24 isaac john str fadeyi lagos
City :lagos
Zip: code :23401
love pls reply me with the secret question and ans asked ok and other important mail too love i love you so much i'll call you if the money is been collected here love pls reply me back the important mail i mean secret questions and ans and the (MTCH Num) love i love you Kattie
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