Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Stepanova to Isaac (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Isaac!!!! When I have said that it will be nice to hear from you at my e-mail address I had no idea how it would really be pleasant to get a letter. And not from somebody - from a man who lives kilometers away, but has a desire to make friends with me or even to start a relationship. I am a new person to Internet - the thing is that we don't have that many people in Ukraine and particularly in Kharkiv who use Internet. Actually I am not really used to write letters, but will try to tell at least something about myself and my life so you will have an idea with whom you are talking to and will highly appreciate if you will tell me the same about you. Thank you a lot for the photo. I liked it very much. i find you really attractive man( although appearance doesn't mean anything special, inner world is the most important). I'm very interested in you and your personality. So, what about me...I don't even know what to say - I am an ordinary girl who has dreams and hopes. I have lived in Kharkiv for my whole life. Have studied in school and have ended courses in agricultural university to be a veterinary. I am working at a private veterinary and I just love pets - especially I love cats - I have three of my own at my house. I live with my Mom and I also have an older brother who is married and lives separately. My Dad had a cancer and have died when he was 36 years old. I was in high school then. My Mom have been heart broken, we have overcame the pain, but I still remember my Dad - he was the best one in this world. I want my future kids to have such Dad. Talk to you soon. Hope that my letter will be a start of a nice relationship... Olga or Deer lady( as my Grandma called me when i was little).
Letter 2
I was really happy to get such a soon reply from you dear Isaac! Also I am thankful to you that you have wrote me about yourself - I had no idea that I am communicating with such an outstanding person. I thin that you have all the traits that an ideal man should have - you are successful in life and you have a straight direction in life - it is just what I would love to see in my future husband. We have communicated with each other only several times, but I feel like I have know you for quite a while. And it is really nice that having some boundaries (language, territory, age, social life) we like each other and think that this communication can lead us to something terrific!!!! Thank you for your letter - you seem to be the best man I have met... I think if I had found such a man as you at the beginning of my grown-up life as a woman I would never let him go. I could love him, and care for him and we could have strong and loving family. If you think so too, feel free to say it. I like that you are open minded and sincere with me. You are so great. I thank Fate and God that they made out meeting at the net. I could only hope that I can meet such a man as you are... you are a very intelligent and smart person - I am so happy that I have met you in the net - you are truly a nice person and i am so looking forward to the next letter that I will get form you. I am happy that you responded to my message and want to get to know you in real life I hope it will happen one day. you are a very intelligent and smart person - I am so happy that I have met you in the net - you are truly a nice person and i am so looking forward to the next letter that I will get form you. I am happy that you responded to my message and want to get to know you in real life. I'm not as smart as you but most of I like reading books. I just can't live without reading, finding out something new, enriching my mind with new knowledge. This is my main life hobby. I adore classical literature (Balzak, Stendal, Kovabata, Kamu for example), Classical Russian literature (Dostoevskiy, Tolstoy, Pushkin, have you ever heard their names?). Critical Realism Trend in literature is my favorite (Fitzgerald, Dreiser, Williams, Steinbeck). I can tell you about my favorite book if you don't mind. But please don't laugh because children read this book at school, I also did but I still like it. Don Quixote by M. Cervantes. Although it's loooooong, Cervantes has thousands of great ideas that make this book highly enjoyable. While the first part of the book is basically a parody on the romance of chivalry and knight errantry, the second part is some kind of a parody of the first part (at least I think so). The second part also makes a big turn towards modern literature (I mean, its 400 years old!), as Don Quixote himself becomes a figure in a novel and fiction and reality are getting more and more complicated to distinguish... And do you have some book preferences or maybe favorite authors? As for the boundaries between us don't understand me incorrect - those boundaries doesn't mean a lot to me. I have always wanted my man to be much older then I am as i think that a man in a head of a family and he has to be wise to make decisions and direct family into love, friendship and happiness. As for the language and territory - we are separated by them now, but if we will decide to be one whole - one family - we will find ways to overcome them. I am not speaking English, but I am studying to do so. I have to translate my letters, but I am willing to do so for us. Concerning social life - yes, we have different cultures and lives, but when people are in love nothing matters to them...I am sure you will agree about that. So if you are also not afraid and straight in your decision to communicate with such lady as me - make this decision now, as i don't want to suffer from a relationship that will be continuing but will lead into nothing. I want a family and think that we will know each other better I will be sure if I want to have this family with you, but so far I am admiring you... I hope that we are looking in the same direction and will become close in a nearest future... Talk to you soon, Olga. P.S. Sending more of my pictures - the one is from a girls party at my friend's house and another one is one of my beloved - I just love purple color and I love to have things that are purple. I have read in one article that when person likes purple a lot - he/she is ready for starting a family - I guess it is right:-)
Letter 3
"Never give up" - it is the motto of my life... Dear Isaac, I am impressed that you have wrote to me such warm letter and have expressed yourself and your thoughts about my ideas and dreams.... I guess that you are sure that we are on the same path - why do I think so - in other way you would have never wrote to me again:-) Thank you very much for your photo. I liked it indeed. It seems you to be handsome and fit. You are of a very romantic nature. I feel the same. So I want to know about you as much as possible. And of course I'll be glad to meet you too to get closer and I am sure some day our desires will come true. Love gets you up in the morning, gets you moving on your goals, inspires you to achieve and to make the most of yourself... and also to leave the space for those around you to make the most of themselves. I think you see where I am going here... love is a lot bigger than those romantic novels would have you believe... love is about living with purpose and gratitude, in love with your world... love is about embracing life, appreciating the relationships that help us to learn and grow... love is about nurturing, balance and accountability... and then, yes, love is about romance, hearts and flowers, passion and togetherness... and mystical experience. Do you feel what I'm talking about? Anyway, how is your life, how is your work? I am doing just fine. Have had a hard day at work - we have had a lot of pets today at the veterinary. One dog had a real bad wound - dogs have got in the fight as the owner have explained and one have been hurt...I really love pets and don't lie to see them suffer. I am also against those people who are leaving animals on the streets - most of the dogs and cats are not used to the wild life - they are home pets...I feel so sorry for them...If I have had an opportunity I would have made an orphanage for left animals - we don't have such place at my city and the question with homeless animals is realized once in half of the year - military just shoots them all. I think that it is cruel and awful. Oh, I am sorry for expressing my opinion - probably my monologue have made you seek... What other things I would want to have in my life - like every girl I want to have happy house, husband and kids. I want to have a house full of laughter and family that is friendly with each other and love and care for each other - just like my parents family before my Dad have passed away. I am eager to forgive and understand everything whatever my beloved man will do - as my aim is to have all the mentioned above... I want to devote you a short poem which empresses in words what I feel with my heart. Soulmate Our pairing is a concrete union of two beings who complete each other to the point where separateness is a non-thing that causes only loneliness and a constant yearning for the heartbeat that echoes itself in it’s lover’s hear Sending you the best wishes, Olga. P.S. Sending you one picture that have been taken when I was in high school - we have been in Moscow with my uncle and aunt.
Letter 4
My dearest Isaac! My heart is pumping up when I am reading your letters and when I hear the sweet words that you are addressing to me... I love everything about what you say and tell me - I like traits of your character and like how you think and what you say about life. I have started thinking about life from another corner - I am thinking how my life would been with a man like you, how I would fly to you and how you will meet me in the airport - by the way, I have never been flying anywhere. The most far place where I have been was Moscow - I have traveled there with my aunt and uncle - I have already sent you the picture that was taken there. It was incredible - I would love to travel around the world with my beloved - do you want the same? I feel I can't leave without your letters. You have also become an important part of my soul and life. My thoughts are only about you.
You are always in my mind, hopes and dreams. Thank you for appreciating me so high. I feel the same. I feel our happiness is very close to us and soon all the world will be at our feet. I like every word from your letters - I read them with great pleasure - when I read them I see that there are still man who have tender souls and have nice feelings for women - not only sex or money are interesting to them, but feelings - love and care - are two things that I will ask form you if you will wish to become my soul partner. Well, I've been there and I know how totally frustrating and emotionally draining it can be-to search for love I know you're putting your heart and soul into trying to meet the right woman or making your relationship be the best it can be. You're doing all the things you've been told should work. But something's been MISSING, and here it is... It is the right person like you. I already want to see your city, the place where you live - it should be very nice (I think:-)) I want to meet your relatives and friends, I want to see what you like to wear and get to know what you like to eat... I want to know as much as possible about you - I want to become a part of you and be so related with you so I can feel your every move, your very thought - I don't know what is going on with me, but you are becoming the sense of my life... I don't know what to do or to say - you are in my dreams, you are in my life, you are in my heart and mind - may be I am starting to fall in love with you?... Kiss you, Your Deer lady.
Letter 5
Dear Sir. We want to inform you that your lady is not able to reply to your last e-mail, as her paid contract with firm is over. She has been using the internet resources and the translators of our firm to correspond with you. If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady we can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able to help your lady with correspondence fees we will be glad to assists you and are ready to offer you our service. Feel free to contact me or other stuff members if you will have any questions. Sincerely yours,
Kira Voropaeva. P.S. Our office current e-mail have been changed to
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Isaak, Thank you for the letter. We are sorry but we are not reading the letters of our clients
- we have professional interpreters who translate the letters and they are not interfering with the lives of people who’s letters they are translating. Everything is strictly private. As for correspondence we can offer you several payment plans for correspondence:
a. word by word translation:
1 word – 0.05 $
Ordinary letter of 200 – 300 words will cost you – 10-15$
note: this method is commonly used in most of the international companies, but it is
more expensive then the rest as you will see further.
b. complex letter translation:
1 letter – 5-10$:
* letter of 1-150 words – 5$
* letter of 150-300 words – 7$
* letter of 300 and over words – 10$
* scanning of one picture - 2$
* printing of one picture - 3$
c. monthly rate (fee) (including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 200$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 350$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 500$
d. monthly rate (fee) ( NOT including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 150$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 300$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 450$
note: all of the payments are given in USD
You can also choose the way of making the payments:
• you can forward the payment on the name of the lady you are corresponding with, then you should write in Western Union documentary:
name of receiver: Olga Shurkhno
address: Pereyslavskaya street, 45/13, Kharkov, 61000, Ukraine.
Payments can be forwarded:
• through the Western Union Departments ;
• or through the Money Gram;
For future information feel free to contact us. Sincerely yours,
Kira Voropaeva. P.S. Our office current e-mail have been changed to
Letter 7
Dear Mr.Isaak Thank you for your letter. How we could prove that Olga exists, show us the way? After your communication with her you should made your point of view about her attitude towards you. Then she has a real name, address and money you will send to her, not to us. She is a really good person and every day she comes to us and ask about your answer. She is too shy and she never asks for help, but now she thinks that could believe you. She thinks that you do want to correspond with her, too. Sincerely Yours "Language partner"
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