Letter(s) from Tatyana Sannikova to Marvin (USA)

Letter 1

Marvin hello dear, it is me again,it seems to me I have done all travel things here and I think that maybe it is my last letter from here,becaue I will leave my town tomorrow I will travel to Moscow by train and dear I have so great fear that you can forget of me because train travels for two days,and you see that I will be not able to send my letter from train.please promise that you will wait for me and I think that I will send my next lettter from moscow. I wrote long letter about myself because I want you to know all small things about me because it mustn't be any misunderstandings between us.Maybe I tell too much about myself but I think that is very important .I am very kind and I can forgive almost all I hate only drunkers and rude men. My favorite activite is swimming.I like to swim very much. I wish we had the sea here! and I would like to see the ocean,it is my dream!I have never seen the ocean.I am in The Siberia State Univercity, trainers faculty as fitness ,dancing trainer. I want to tell you about things I like:I like to make barbecue and I so much want to have my own home with fireplace. usually I make very tasty ones and in principle I like to cook and it is not problem for me to cook something tasty. I have never been married and I have not any children.I have not boyfriend because I didn't meet the man of my dream yet! My favorite films are Titanic,Forrest Gump,Matriza,Kill Bill and many others,I like to listen Pink Floyd,Madonna,I like Queen,and to be fair I likea lmost all kind of the music. Also I want tell you about my dislikes: I hate our long winters it seems to me they will never end.I hate lazyness and people who likes to be late. I do hope we will spend some time together when I am there and I think I will be able to improve my english,you can learn Russian and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Have you big bed?(silly joke???). I have drive licence but I am not sure I will be able to drive there. and I do hope you give me a few lessons,to be fair I have so many plans .Please forgive me if I tell about my dreams so much ,I am so excited.I know I will work hard but I am not afraid to work because I know that if i work hard I will earn money to live and maybe to save some.my friend (she worked by the same programm in cafe as waitres for three months and she was able to earn about 4000$ and she bought second hand car in Novosibirsk,Toyoata Witz,Japan).Now she drives her car and she is very proud.but it is not my dream to bye car,I would like to look at diferent life and spend time with kind man and maybe something more???of course it is only dreams but you know that dreams make our life lighter. Well,about important things,I spend so much time to tell about nothing.Now I am going to get all the papers and I will leave Novosibirsk station tomorrow and I will be on the way to moscow and I think I will be able to write to you as soon as I am in moscow and have time and possibility. they tell that it takes about day to complete all travel preparations,I ordered my papers in advance and now they need only to finish a few small things.Usually it takes about a few months to arrange so long travel and you have so strong immigrate rules for visitors. and I do hope to meet you in a few days.I will send exact schedule of my flight as soon as I have it in my hands.They tell that nearest possible flight is on Friday or Saturday(29-30 december) please tell me what is the best,I mean you have time to meet me! Well, I will close this letter Now I feel better I know you are waiting for me.See you soon, kiss for you ,Nata! send new pictures,I do hope you like them.it is important to like face and body the pesron you want to meet and spend time with,I think so!!!!

Letter 2

Marvin hellooooooooooooooooo,can you believe I am in Moscow.I am so excited .they met me and I will visit agency in a hour to get all the info about my flight !I can't say how glad I am to be able to write to you ,it was any withoutending trip,ooh,I don't want to travel by train again,so many drunk men,smoking everywhere and fairly cold inside,I was lucky I traveled with three women in my small room (I don't this word in english) and I almost didn't go out,I did read and dream a lot,and I did sleep so much. you can't imagine how great Moscow is and and they tell it takes a few hours to travel from one end to other. what a great city it is. I have no words to say.I see that it is NEw Year soon because many people bye new year toys and new year tree. I forget how it sounds in English( I mean new year tree),and I have great hope that I will meet New Year with you or if you are very busy just in new place and I know that you have Santa Claus,we have ded Moroz!!!! please forgive me if my letter looks like a little crazy but everything is mixed in my head,too many different things,emotions and even fears.,and if i will get Saturday flight,is it all right??? you see too many problems on my poor head.I am afraid to make any mistake. I am sure we will meet very soon and it gives me forces,to be fair I am tired a little to travel by trian I slept all the days but it didn't give me forces,I don't know why?!but it is not problem I will be full of the forces in a few hours and I want to work and I am ready to meet any difficultes because I know that easy life is possible in films only. Well,I will close this letter ,please write as soon as possible!see you soon!kiss from moscow!!!!!!!! Nata. P.S. and dear I know it sounds silly but please confirm the name of airport ,and if you can please give me full name and phone.I will call if I need any info from you .

Letter 3

Hello my dear Ded Moroz ,(I try to joke) ,it is me again,how are you my dear???I am fine and I try to be strong because everything is not so easy like I thought and so many difficultes on this way. and it is crazy time here before new year,all people with crazy eyes,I am not sure but it seems to me there are not such crazyness in small towns like mine. I think I need time to see how live in so great city but I think it is not great problem.the thing is that my papers and schedule will be ready tomorrow and I just want to send short note to let you know that I am all right.I think you are busy with Christmas time there and have a lot of fun,I envy I so much wanted to see how it looks like?the thing that we don't celebrate Christmas in Russia,we meet New year and we have old New year(12 January),of short it is any paradox,how new year can be old???and it is funny we live so poor here but we have the most days off in the world,people here will be on holday from 30 till 15 January,can you imagine???and after it we want to live well,I think it is just impossible,how they tell here,lazyness was born before us. Well,I think I will close this letter I don't want to disturb you because it is great holday and I do hope you have some vine and good conversation,I have only one request,I know I pepeat but please don't look at other girls,I am afraid you may meet different girl to fall in love and it will be the end of my dreams. Tomorrow I will send exact schedule and all travel details and do hope we will meet new year together.you will be ded Moroz and i will be Snegurochka,the things is that ded moroz never goes alone,he is always with the girl her name is Snegurochka,they dress very well,and modern Snegurichka is very sexyally.today I am going to walk around the moscow to look at any famous places and I will write to you soon.Kiss you ,Happy Merry Christmas! I want to tell you so much but I think I will keep all till our meeting!I think that alive conversation is better than billion letters,Nata!!!