Scam letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Eddy (Belgium)

Letter 1
My greetings dear the friend!!!
How at you an affair, how your mood? I am very glad that you have responded to my letter. I never before before did not get acquainted with anybody through the Internet. This my first acquaintance to you. I have addressed to the Internet to find the fine, decent person for me. Probably and the satellite of the life. To find the happiness. I did not know as me will get acquainted to the person from other country while my girlfriend did not inform me about it. She at present is with the favourite person in other country in United States. We are sometimes copied with it and she tells to me about herself much. She is very happy, and lives with loved already more than year. I want to tell to you a little about myself. To me of 31 years, I live in Russia in to Moscow. My growth of 169 centimeters, my weight of 58 kg. Now I work in our kindergarten as the tutor. Moscow is very beautiful city. I was born in this city and I live here any more an extent of all life. For this time much has changed in city as well as it. My parents have moved to this city before I was born. Before they lived in Novosibirsk. The life has forced to move them here. They have got under reduction and could not find good work in Novosibirsk. To them have offered work in to Moscow and they have gone here. During first time it was very difficult for them, there was no apartment, they removed her. And with my birth it became even more difficult. But my parents have sustained these years, they have taught me and with their help I have acted in pedagogical university and have perfectly finished it. My parents have presented me very much much: all love and caress, heat and and support. They were for me the best and favourite parents on light. But now they are not present near to me. Three years back my parents came back by the plane after week rest in Turkey, they so dreamed to have a rest there and saved very for a long time for this trip. But this trip by the plane became for them fatal. The plane was broke also many members of crew have died, very little who has survived. I cannot recollect that picture when I have seen them together in that broken plane. I have tested very big shock, I wanted to die. I have remained absolutely alone. To me it is very lonely. Now with me in city my brother lives only. But it is already married and at him many family problems. But we sometimes see it and we stir on various themes. I would like to tell to you very much much, but for this purpose time is necessary and I think that during our dialogue we learn each other more. Write to me about itself. It will be very interesting to me to learn about you and about that than you are engaged, about your daily way of life. I shall look forward to hearing from you, and also yours a fine photo. Your Russian friend Oksana!!!
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