Scam letter(s) from Elena Panafidina to Richard (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Richard.
I am glad, that you have answered me my small letter. I never Before did not correspond with anybody from other countries and in general it is my first experience
Correspondences through the Internet. Now presently when are widely advanced high Technologies, speak much and write about acquaintances through the Internet. I too have decided
To try to search for the happiness on the Internet. I want to tell to you about myself and about That where I live. I live in small city Yadrin.
To me of 27 years, I work the doctor in our hospital.
Our city is in republic Chyvashiya. I was born and have grown in this city. My parents have arrived
To this city before I was born. Earlier they lived in city Kazan, but they have moved in Yadrin Because to the daddy have suggested favourable work, and he did not begin to refuse. My father works As the engineer on one from the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city. My mother simple The teacher. I have not wanted to be neither the teacher, nor the engineer and consequently, when Has left school, I began to study at medical university and now I work The doctor. My growth of 167 centimeters, my weight of 54 kgs. I was born on February, 8 1976 Year. It is very interesting to me to correspond with you. It is very interesting to me to learn about To you and about your way of life. I hope you to me will write also it will be fast. I I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters. Elena
Letter 2

Hello my new friend Richard.
Very much it was pleasant to me, that you have written me the reciprocal letter.
It is very interesting to me to learn more about you. In general it is interesting to me,
That we with you are copied, because I for the first time communicate with the person from another The countries. I hope, what as it is interesting to you to correspond with me? To me You are interesting to learn wrote to someone else except for me before? And still you now with Somebody except for me you correspond? It is interesting to me, because to me always Did not carry with men. I do not know why, but they always threw me, when Learned me better. I think that all the matter is that at us the man much and Frequently drink *****. On mine, it is a general problem of Russia. For this reason I Has addressed in the Internet. I know that in the foreign countries there is no such problem, and the man Concern to women more validly, than at us in the country. As I to you have told, I I write to you from Internet - cafe. It is usual library, in which except for books still Some computers cost. Unfortunately I do not have own computer,
Because I cannot dare to buy it. I work the doctor, and it as you You know a trade which it is paid from the budget of the country. And it is difficult for the country To pay work of doctors because as explains our government the budget Russia tests deficiency. It is interesting to me to learn what hospitals from you and as Financing hospitals is arranged. It simply my professional interest. Not Looking at that we have some problems, I all the same like mine Work because I in the childhood dreamed to treat people. I the doctor - anaesthesiologist and My duty will be, that I should support viability Human body during a narcosis. And consequently frequently in my hands is Life of the patient. Certainly it on would be much easier, if our hospital was It is better equipped better. But it is not present besides because of bad financing.
But we have already got used to this and we do everything, that is possible that we have. I I work during various time basically certainly in the afternoon, but once in three days I work at night in a night shift. Sometimes there are very difficult days when it is much hard Patients. In such days very strongly you get tired. My mum very much experiences for me,
Because she loves me. She always brought up me and spoke me, what not Looking on anything is necessary to help people. I completely with her agree. I want to know What relations at you with native to you people? Whether there are at you brothers and sisters,
How frequently you with them meet? I have senior brother to him of 30 years and at him There is a family. he married two years ago, and one year ago at them the son was born, him have named Pasha. he such interesting. When my brother come with the wife and small The son to us home, I always am glad, because I very much love of children. And you like Children? Except for that it is interesting to me as you will spend the free time and whom you You work? It is very a pity to me, but I should finish the letter. I hope that you You will answer me soon and you will answer my questions. With impatience to see your letters Your friend in cold Russia Elena
Letter 3

Hello my friend Richard.
I am glad, that you have written to me more than usually. Today I come in Internet - cafe and I see the letter from you,
it very much pleases. You set not few questions, I think that you are interested in me and you want to learn more about me.
It is the truth? I think that it so. You are interested what hobby at me, I can tell that at me the concrete hobby is not present. But not looking at it I have some hobbies. Basically it is books and billiards. Understand I read not all books there is no I successively like to read only imagination because I very much like this genre. I began to read already for a long time Tolkien " The Lord of the Rings ". You read this book. it very much is pleasant to me. I looked cinema at our cinema, and very much it was pleasant to me. I think, that this film could be removed only when computers and more advanced technologies have appeared. I think that you agree with me? I want to learn from you what music to you it is pleasant? It is pleasant to me various styles and directions, but last time me style New Ege because it directs at reflections is pleasant,
and I like to listen to this music before dream. These are such groups as Enya, Enigma and many others. Except for this music to me to like also popular American and English music. We have the radio, the most popular radio in Russia, it is radio Europe +.
I constantly listen to this radio. You heard about them? Probably is not present, but it the most popular radio in Russia.
Probably you reflect what for I in general began to correspond from you? I can tell only one. Understand me, I cannot find in Russia the person which loved me and respected. As one wise person " has told When we live we are in search, in search of that who can go with you on a vital way because one to go very much and very difficultly. " I think that you agree with me?
And if it is concrete, that I search for this that in the person that he was kind and careful. Probably it only children's dream, but I think, that you such. For me the purpose in a life it to find the person who can cares of me and about ours with him children. I shall apply to this all efforts on what I am possible and there will be with this person a leg in a leg to help and support him. Recently happened so, that I was on funeral of the schoolmate. The matter is that he recently has died that he used drugs and he has died of overdose. he was the excellent friend, he always came to me to the aid when to me it was bad.
he was the successful businessman. But unfortunately he has given in to drugs and unfortunately there is no him more with us.
I very much regret about it, and consequently I categorically against drugs. I understand, that it is very difficult for you to understand, that I write, but you forgive me I not superb I know English and consequently probably there are mistakes. I studied English at university and I can speak fluently. I wait for your letters and I can tell that they began for me more than simply e-mail it on much greater. Yours faithfully Elena
Letter 4

Hello my road friend Richard!!!
I am glad to see again your letter in the letter box. Unfortunately I cannot sometimes write to you every day because I should work much in hospital. I worked in a night shift and consequently I since morning for a long time slept. At us today good solar weather and consequently mood simply fine. Since morning I went to a sports hall. I like to go in for sports, because I think, that it is useful for health. From kinds of sports I prefer gymnastics and navigation. I like to float.
In the summer on the river, and in the winter in pool. I like to keep up myself, and I like, when I look beautiful. And for this purpose I put not small efforts. Many of our people do not go in for sports.
They speak, that they on it do not have time. But I think, that for sports always it is possible to find time. I daily visit a sports hall and pool. I was accustomed to sports in the childhood. Father always spoke me, that it is necessary for me and I completely agree with him,
especially now. I remember that time when I studied at university. It were cheerful times. Certainly to study it was difficult, but after study it was always cheerful. We had cheerful company, and we each day off went to various clubs and bars. This tradition has remained till now and when we meet we gather in any bar and we recollect our student's time. Many of us have already parted and work in other cities. But the majority still in our city. When I studied at university, we studied set of sciences, but basically it is natural sciences. We studied five years, so much time is required to receive higher education and to begin the doctor. I love different kinds of the foodstuffs. But basically that I can prepare. I like to prepare I peep, because it is very interesting. Especially when you prepare for something new. Still it is interesting to me what I peep you you like?
And how the food in your city is various? You are able to prepare? I still want to ask you to write to me your phone number. Simply I want to hear your voice and I think, that you are possible too not against to hear my voice. I cannot give you my phone number because I live in an apartment in which there is no phone. And neighbours do not allow me to use their phone. I shall call to you from telegraph. I wait for your letters yours Elena
Letter 5

Hello the my dear friend Richard.
I recently start to understand, that I get used to To your letters, and they become for me big, than is simple letters. I always with Impatience I wait for your letters. I learn a lot of interesting about you, about your country and About your work. For me they became the important part of my life. I hope, that you so You concern to my letters. I have written to you, that I live not with my parents.
I live in an one-room apartment in several quarters from my parents. But I Almost every day I go to them and I visit them, I learn as from them affairs, as at them Health. When I have moved on a new apartment neighbours concerned to me Unfriendly. And now many too concern to me not so well. But is and Good people. They frequently call on and ask advice. I always than can I help them, and they answer me gratitude. Whether you frequently ask me I can I to arrive to you. I did not reflect on it and at all I do not present Whether it is possible. But if you will want that I have arrived to you I shall try To learn it is more than information on it. I believe in the god, because at my work frequently To have to address to it. But it only behind encouragement, because,
When you see, that people die on your hands all the same you can not is quiet To look at it. Therefore I some times in a month find time to go in Church. I the orthodox Christian. But for me there is no division on racial To attribute, on religious beliefs. I think that in all races and in anyone People there are both good, and bad people. In hospital to me to have To collide with people of different peoples and different creed, but I do not do Among them distinction. For me all people identical. I swore Gippokrat and Therefore I help all people not looking on anything. And as I concern to them in Lives. Unfortunately not all people consider how I and consequently in the world occur Any collisions and acts of terrorism. I am confident,
That people will think again and will make so that we to doctors had not to rescue from Death of people. Because only doctors and those who has directly suffered Completely understand size of all tragedies. Fortunately now all is quiet and not It is a lot of work at doctors. But every day there are incident, failures, unfortunate Cases, after which we should work strenuously to rescue a life to victims All these incident. But fortunately while nobody has died also to our brigade it is possible To perform the work well. I can give you the address that you knew Where I live precisely. But I ask you do not send me by mail anything. To me of it not It is necessary. I understand that you have such desire, but I the modest girl and consequently I I can not simply accept your gifts. You write to me more warm and kind better Words and for me it will be the best support in a life. My address
Elena Panafidina
Nekrasova street 25-73
City Yadrin, 429060
I wait for the answer as a nightingale of summer so speak at us in Russia. Elena
Letter 6

Hello my kind friend Richard.
I want to tell directly, I for a long time waited for that moment, that To see your letter and I again I can see your kind words. At me There was yesterday a tragedy, therefore I at once am sorry my letter will be shorter,
Than usually. To us in hospital has arrived it is hard the sick patient. He has got in failure On the automobile. We tried to rescue to him a life, but unfortunately he has died. We Tried to extend him from hands of death during eight hours. But at him was Extensive haemorrhage in internal bodies, and he has lost a lot of blood. For Me it not the first fatal outcome, but I as to this I can not get used.
After work I for a long time sat in the apartment and for a long time could not will calm down. Hands Were shaked and from my eyes tears in themselves flew. I wanted to write to you more Today, but I cannot forgive me. It is good, that you at me are also I can write To you about the feelings and experiences. I love you. Elena
Letter 7

Hello my favourite person Richard.
Thanks you for your kind and warm words supports. On it was much easier to me to experience death of the patient, when I has read your letter. To me there came my brother with son Pasha.
I very much was to this it is glad. He has taken an interest about you and as you an affair and asked me that I has transferred to you greetings. His son such interesting, he already goes and speaks much. Yesterday we went to walk on city. I love the city and I always like to walk in solar warm weather. We walked on streets of our city. I very much love ours Parkways on which we walk. They are fine, is especial in the summer, when bushes, trees Green. I have told to parents about ours with you to correspondence. Mum has told what not Approves it, but also not begins to interfere with me. Father has simply kept silent. I I know, that they are concerned it because do not know you how I know. I have written in The end of the letter that I love you. I want to tell, that it is the truth. I not at once Has understood, but when has read last your letter, I have understood that i love you. You can will consider that it cannot be, but believe me it The truth. On it I shall be to finish the letter to you. I wait for answers from you on all my reflections. I Love You, yours Elena
Letter 8

Greetings my love Richard.
What all the same is pleasure to receive from you the letter. Only It is a pity, that I cannot write to you every day. It occurs not on my fault, and Because I or work, or the Internet - cafe on the days off close. Believe me That I, if at me was such opportunity, would write to you daily and big Letters. But unfortunately it not so. You speak that at you in the country much The doctor - anaesthesiologist receives not bad money to your measures. If it is fair, me It becomes sometimes very a pity, that I was born in Russia. There is no I love the The native land, but that there is now it simply a nightmare. Imagine to us yesterday distances Wages, but it is simply ridiculous. I have received 130 dollars and it for Last three months. That is to us gave money for November. You imagine as Doctors when the state does not estimate their work as they of that should work Deserve. During such moments is not present what desire to work. Many of mine Colleagues in our hospital are engaged in illegal business. But I cannot go on The transaction with conscience. One doctor with whom I work has told to me, that is favourable Business, but it illegal. I have refused, when have learned about what he spoke. I I am in charge of various soothing substances in hospital, and he has suggested, that Sold to their young teenagers which use drugs, but cannot to itself To allow expensive drugs. I have refused, because I cannot it to be engaged,
Because I cannot sell drugs and by that to doom to death young People. I love children and they to me always bring pleasure not looking that they At all mine. I do not have children, but I always wanted them to have and I hope, that mine Dreams will be carried out and I will have children. And can be at us? I think that The true family, and in general relations between two people should be based On trust and the kind relation to each other. You agree with me? At our life,
When you do not know, that there will be tomorrow I not can tell, that with me will be through two Or five years. But as it will seems monotonous and boring life to me is. On Work from a house and from work home. Certainly it is a shame to me, but I ask you, if you You can change my life, I shall be simply grateful to you also I when not I shall overlook it. I love you and I want to lead the rest of the life with you. But we still Even did not meet you face to face and we do not know as our relations will be To develop further. And consequently I cannot expect that you can To change in my life though something. But that that we with you are copied also I can to write to the person from other country and from other continent it has very much changed my Life because I am in love in the person whom we did not see in alive To time. I think, that we all the same should meet, but I do not know when it Will take place. Such small letter has turned out, I think that you will write to me On it the answer. There can be I something not that have written that could you or To offend or to offend, but it simply my opinion on our relations. I love you. Yours Elena
Letter 9

Hello my love Richard.
It is very a pity to me, that I cannot frequently write to you very much, but for Me always in pleasure your letters. And when I again visit Internet - cafe, I with Pleasure I can find such dear letters for me. Recently I Constantly was on work, because my girlfriend and the colleague who works When at me the day off I was ill also was compelled to replace her and To work practically every day. But not looking that I worked I also Has tried to learn, that is necessary to arrive to you. I You have made it because I, and probably too, I think that all of us equally should Will meet and see each other. Because relations between two people not Can is under construction on correspondence and phone calls. All of them equally should see Each other and to look each other in eyes. I think, that we with you should To do the utmost to meet. I called in embassy of your country and tried to learn what requirements to get to you in the country. As To me have told I should receive the passport and the visa. I can receive the visa only in most Embassy in Moscow as in other cities of embassy is not present, but all over again I should order it through travel agency. Therefore to arrive to you I should First to receive from me in city the passport for travel abroad. At My brother in Moscow there is a good friend with whom they together studied in University. he works in Moscow and is engaged in tourist business. My brother Has called him and he promised to help me with registration of the visa. It is interesting to me to learn yours Opinion on my actions. I think, that you will agree and to approve my actions,
Because we with you like each other and our hearts should incorporate,
To feel each other. I think, that the first touch to each other we Let's remember for all our life because we with you are in the different countries and we are divided with thousand kilometers. It seems to me, that it is the God the friend has allowed us to find The friend. You think itself, we are on the different ends of the ground and when did not hear About each other. And at us with you huge chance in a life. We have found each other not Looking at distances. I am grateful to the god, that I was born during such time,
Time when technologies connect people from different doomsday. Also allow people To communicate on huge distances. But all the same we too should make efforts,
To meet and that all this time which we know time each other not Has passed for nothing and we were together. I love of you and for me the maximum award would be That I was with you. The greater I also do not dream to wish. I hope, that you You will consider seriously my words because they go from the heart. I wait Your letters. You and only your girl also can be in the future wife Elena
Letter 10

Hello my dear Richard !!! I am glad that that you have written to me my dear, I It is glad to each your letter. I once again thank the god that that we have found Each other, and we with you in a place want each other. I am glad that that you Want that I to you have arrived, you very lovely and kind person,
To correspond with you it it is very pleasant, to read your letters to know as You live and that at you occurs. In one of letters I spoke you that That I have brother which to me will help for trip to you, as it Works in travel agency. I could find out that to me It is necessary to have to you to be with you beside my lovely. My brother to me Has told that it is necessary to me for that that I to you have arrived, and that sum of money Which is necessary for me. The first that is necessary visa without which to me for me is To arrive to you she most expensive of all that to me it is necessary, is Different visas on which I can arrive to you wedding, unitary and The worker, I has chosen unitary as she not such and expensive and costs She 68 euros. The passport for travel abroad it will cost for me of 193 euros, the insurance The most expensive part which is necessary for me, I should pass honey The commission that I to you have arrived to receive an insurance policy which to me Too it is necessary, this insurance policy is necessary for me in that case if with me Something to happen at you in the country. The insurance company will pay all Medical services and all other charges in case of misfortune, for That that at me the insurance policy and for a medical board to me was It is necessary to pay 282 euros, the company which to me will do " Rosgosstrakh " she makes the insurance of citizens leaving abroad.
The last that I need to pay it to travel agency in Which I shall do these all to me necessary documents for flight to To you, it costs 393 euros. In a place it turns out 936 euros. I to you Has written all that is necessary for me for flight to you my dear. I hope that That our meeting with you will change our life with you. I understand that that It is very huge sum of money but our meeting with you this most Main for us with you my loved Richard . This step for us is very serious and It is important, as it will solve for us everything, I shall trust in you my lovely and Road to me the person. Your answer to me is very important. We with you should be In a place and to pass all barrier to that that we have met you. I I shall wait from you for the answer my lovely. Your Russian girlfriend from Russia Elena
Letter 11

Hello my dear Richard!
I am very glad to receive your letter! So it is pleasant for me to read your lines.
I am very strongly glad, that have met you, my dear Richard!!! You began For me the most desired person on the Earth. Except for you to me now Nobody is necessary. Today at me good mood. In the street fine Weather. There is a small snow. The wind practically is not present. Today I Has specially asked for leave from work on earlier as I wanted to be in time To go in bank and to learn the best way for sending money.
The manager in bank has advised me to use known American company of remittances " Western Union ". To send Money with the help of this company it is very fast and convenient. As to me have told,
I can already receive money in 15 minutes after you them You will send. To me have told, that to send money, you It is enough to know my full name - Elena Panafidina, and the country, in Which I live - Russia. All this the data which you should specify in The form of the western union. You have enough these data to send Money. And that I could receive this money, it is necessary to me To know four things:
1) Your full name and a surname
2) Your full home address
3) The sum transfer money
How I understand at you there was a question that such MTSN, I am right? MTSN is After you will send ten-character number which to you will tell Money. To receive money, it is necessary for me to know all data,
Which I have written to you above. I think, that now at you was not present any Questions concerning sending money. Now speed of our meeting Depends only on you. As soon as I shall receive money, I at once shall go in Travel agency also I shall pay the trip. It so is wonderful To meet you, my unique Richard! I dream of our meeting Every day, every night... I very strongly want to be with you. As Only I have met you, at me the meaning of the life at once has appeared. I everyone Day I fall asleep with dream to meet you, as soon as possible. An idea about That we not together very strongly afflicts me. But I not I am upset, as I know, that I all the same meet the love, you Richard. And from this idea at me at once it is cheered up. Now I shall go home, I hope, that tomorrow you will write me the letter. I shall be with Impatience to wait for your letter.
Your Russian love Elena.
My dear I to you shall call on Monday
Letter 12

Hello my dear Richard
I with impatience waited from you the letter, my dear I is very glad that that you have quickly answered my letter my loved Richard. my dear you to me write that that that I would call to you in midday of 12 hours. My dear I want to tell to you that that I cannot call to you at this time as I went to Friday on a mail and I have entered the name for a while 19.00 on Russian time. My dear Richard, I think that that you can be released what with me to speak by phone, my dear this bell to us is very important, wait for my bell my dear Richard. my dear I very strongly I want to meet you, I very strongly grieve without you my dear Richard. my dear on it I shall finish the letter both with impatience and with melancholy I shall wait from you. With love your Russian love Elena
Letter 13

Hello my dear Richard.
I with impatience waited from you the letter. My dear I is very glad that that you have quickly answered me my letter. My dear Richard,
today I to you called, I could not talk to you of you was not, I have asked to transfer that that I to you called, my dear as that is a pity that we has not talked to you to me very strongly it would be desirable to talk to you. My dear I very strongly miss on you I cannot without you any more, my dear as your mood??? How are you doing my loved Richard??? My dear I it is necessary to you once again I shall call, but only I now do not know when I to you shall call my dear as I called to you from a public telephone booth. My dear as that is a pity that we with you not together, I very strongly want our meeting and as it is possible more soon. My loved write to me as it is possible is more often, it is very pleasant for me when you to me write and care of me my dear Richard. My dear I want you to ask you to me will help with my trip to you if you to me will be capable to help me that I I want you to ask that when you can send me this money??? I with impatience shall wait from you the letter my dear Richard. on it I shall finish the letter both with impatience and with melancholy I shall wait from you my loved Richard. with love your Russian love Elena
Letter 14

Hello my dear Richard.
I with impatience and with melancholy waited from you the letter, my loved Richard, I am very glad that that you have quickly answered my letter. My dear you to me have left phone, but I cannot call to you as. I do not have phone. I if shall call that only from a public telephone booth. But I cannot as I do not have money. I shall save money my dear and it is necessary to you my dear I shall call my loved Richard. very strongly I grieve without you my dear. I even represented what ours there will be a meeting my loved. Now I to you shall tell all, I arrive to your airport, I leave from the plane then I go to you, having seen you, at me on the person appears, a smile. I with shout to running to you on a meeting, then start to embrace you,
we are kissed also we are very happy. Then we go slowly on your city and there is nobody we do not pay attention, how that is a pity that it has not taken place yet, but anything I hope that that in soon my dreams all will come true. My dear I it is very strong you would like we are created that we were together my loved Richard. my dear on it I shall finish the letter both with impatience and with melancholy I shall wait from you. With love your Russian love Elena
Letter 15

Greetings my lovely Richard!
At us today not bad weather as at you. I would like to tell to you what about you fine dream have dreamed.
We with you in the evening under a sunset went were pleased, we kissed each other together there were the most in love in park. Lovely you spoke me the finest words wanted me to kiss to grow fond. This evening we have finished at you houses in the morning having woken up having risen I has looked to you in eyes and you have understood that the most favourite person on light. You have approached to me and the hands have embraced me,
have pressed to yourself, have kissed, have named me loved and we as two angels have merged in a flame of love, we were as a single whole we understood as it was necessary to do all all of us all wanted each other more strongly and more strongly, after love we for a long time stirred about that that knowingly all of us it have passed all I to you has arrived. And in dream I was glad that we have found each other have grown fond and lived for a long time and happily. Elena
Letter 16

Hello my loved Richard.
I with impatience and with melancholy waited from you the letter. My loved I have very strongly become bored on you my love Richard. my dear I too very strongly I want to speak by with you to phone. My loved I want to tell to you that that I shall call to you tomorrow in the evening on Russian time from 19.00 till, my dear I think that that we can talk to you my loved, I want to tell my I loved on it letter both with impatience to you wait for my bell my dear Richard.
shall finish and with melancholy I shall wait from you. With love your Russian love Elena
Letter 17

Hello my dear Richard.
I with impatience waited from you the letter. My loved I am very glad that that you have written to me. My loved I cannot call to you as at me now very few time for it my loved understand me, I to you shall necessarily call, as I will have time I shall give you to know when I can call to you my dear. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter my dear Richard. on it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you. With love your Russian love Elena
Letter 18

Hello my loved Richard.
I with impatience waited from you the letter. My loved I have very strongly become bored on you my dear Richard. my loved Richard, I to you shall call on Monday as at 19.00 I think that that you can be released from all has put and to talk to me my loved Richard. my dear Richard, I very strongly love you, I with impatience wait for our meeting, I very strongly grieve without you my loved. You have written me such delightful letter, I am simple without mind, from your letters I each time all want to be near to you more strongly and more strongly, I very strongly would want that you have warmed me a man's heat, I very strongly want it. I any more can without you my dear Richard. we are simply created the friend for the friend. You at all do not represent as friends that are happy for me that we with you soon shall together. They are very glad for me. My I want you to ask loved, when you can send me of money my dear Richard??? My I loved on it shall finish the letter both with impatience and with melancholy I shall wait from you. With love your Russian love Elena
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