Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Zolotova to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my soul Ken! I with trembling heart waited your letter. Thank you for told all what you think. Thanks for your letter. You have written to me and it means that one more day I will be lived with good mood. I want to describe to you my day completely, since morning and till the night. At 6:30 rattle my alarm clock. I do not love my alarm clock. Because it so loudly rattle, that each time I jump as scalded. I rise with good mood because in dream I saw you. At 6:35 I go to a bathroom And I THINK OF YOU! I wash and I clean a teeth. At 6:45 I dress my sports suit, I go on street And I THINK OF YOU! I jog. I run in the mornings always when it is not cold to support myself in the good form. When in the street coldly, I sleep till 7:00. At 7:20 I cook a breakfast, as a rule strong tea or coffee and a sandwich. I drink tea and I THINK OF YOU! At 7:30 I go to work. Usually, if weather good, I go on foot And I THINK OF YOU! I like to go on foot since morning. Air clean and fresh. To job I come vigorous and cheerful. At 7:55 I go to a cabinet where works my girlfriend . As a rule she already on work at this time. If there is an opportunity I receive your letter. If the opportunity is not present I receive it later. At 8:00 I start to work And I THINK OF YOU! At 10:00 I go on street and I THINK OF YOU! I breathe fresh air of 10 minutes and come back to work. At 12:30 a dining break. I go home for a dinner and I THINK OF YOU! I reach up to a house by a trolley bus. At 13:00 I eat and at 13:10 I go again for work And I THINK OF YOU! I go by a bus but I abandon a trolley bus earlier, than it is necessary, to again take a walk on fresh air And TO THINK OF YOU! At 13:30 I again work And I THINK OF YOU! (though in my work is impossible be distracted and think about something another except for work) :-) At 15:30 we with my employees do a small break and we drink tea for have a rest. I was not capable to drink tea because I THINK OF YOU! During the working day when there is an opportunity I answer your letter. At 17:00 I go home. I go on foot, slowly. I feel itself perfectly because I THINK OF YOU! At 17:40 I take a shower and I imagine that YOU WITH ME! :-) At 18:00 I have supper, alone, but I smile, because I imagine that YOU SIT OPPOSITE TO ME! At 19:00 I go for walk with my girlfriend (but it happens seldom). We walk in park. I THINK OF YOU! If I do not go for walk, I listen to music, I read the book, I watch TV, I knit, I make various homework And I THINK OF YOU! (of course not all simultaneously) :-) At 23:00 I lie down to sleep. Usually I fall asleep very quickly because I THINK OF YOU! Today we with Elena went to bank, there have met with her familiar. He informed, that I should write the application on reception of money and then bank will consider my request and will solve, allow to me of money whether or not. But he has told, that it will not cause what problems and that he will help with it. To know what sum to take in bank I has taken an interest in agency how many tickets will cost. They have told, that the prices for tickets very much frequently vary, and probably tickets will cost from 900 up to 1600 dollars. I have filled in the application on 38000 roubles. It approximately 1420 dollars. Now I need to wait some days and then to go in bank. By the way, one more important detail. I hope, that my application for the visa will approve, therefore it is necessary for me to know the international airport nearest to you in which you can meet me. I hope you write to me it!!!! Only do not think that all my days pass so. It is an approximate variant. Every day passes on miscellaneous. To visit your country it is necessary to have the visa, without the visa I cannot arrive to you, it is obligatory. But is that peculiar to each my day: IT'S MY THOUGHTS OF YOU!!! Your and only your Olga.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Ken! Today fine day. But only for one reason - I have received your letter. And all the rest become unimportant for me. I do not know why, but today I have woken up earlier than usually. I could not fall asleep again. In the street already was sunlight. I sat near a window and began to look at street. Unexpectedly the small birdie sat down on a window and began to sing. She so beautifully sang. She looked at me and sang. The birdie at all was not afraid of me. I looked at this birdie and thought that you now somewhere there, far. I have thought that maybe you sleep and see me in your dream. And I have thought, if I was a birdie, I too would sit down to you on a window and began to sing my song. I have told to a birdie: " Fly off, my small birdie, and sing this song to my far but close friend Ken. Tell him that I think of him ". And in this moment the the birdie flinch and fly off, as though she has heard my words. And I have thought, maybe this birdie really will fly to you and will sing her beautiful song. So if you Ken will see near to yourself a small birdie which beautifully sings, know that I have sent this song to you. O'k Ken, I have for you good news! Today I went to agency! Visa is made! I have received the visa!:-) But me it is necessary for receiving in Moscow. In Yoshkar-Ola there is no embassy of your country and consequently I should go there and to take away her, up to the plane to you, my dear!! In agency have told, that they will prepare my tickets for tomorrow's day aboard the plane. Tomorrow I shall go and I shall find out it. All turns out very quickly and well for me. The destiny helps me to bea with you beside :-) The blue sky, the bright sun, stars in the night sky, your letters make of me happy. I like to read your letters. Your letters makes me happy and they it is valid make me smile. Forgive, but I should go. I want to send you my kiss if you do not object. Your Olga
Letter 3
So! With what to me to begin?! Certainly I am surprised that you do not trust me!!! But how you can assume it? In Russia lives more 200 million people!!! IT IS HUGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!!! And from these people the same name and a surname, as at me is a lot of women at whom!!! Women with name ELENA KOZLOVA some tens thousand!!!! As you do not understand it!!! Why you such silly and naive!? I especially I such not one in the city!!!! As you could not think of this!!!! You to me have very strongly offended!!! I loved you! I wished to be with you! But you have turned away from me! As Judas has turned away from Jesus, and you have acted with me!!! Ken, you very trustful also cannot distinguish where lie, and where the truth!!! I trusted you, I was put on that I shall be happy with you. But it is probable all this will not happen!? In occasion of my surname I already explained to you some times!!! Why you such ******???
Kolcova - all over again I thought, that it is a correct surname, but she has appeared incorrect!
Koltcova - again not correctly written surname!!!
Koltsova is it has appeared a correct surname!!!!
Kudryavceva - THERE WAS A LAW WHICH CANCELS ALL DOUBLE SURNAMES AND NOW AT ME ROOFING FELT ONE SURNAME!!! I always remember words of my mum: " Before something make, think above this TWICE ". These words concern to you!!! Think above this and answer me!!! I shall wait for your letter. I hope, what is happy with my visa which you DEMANDED FROM ME?!?!?! p.s. A phone number which you asked from me +74952326565
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