Scam letter(s) from Lilia Strelnikova to Buddy (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my loved. I today have woken up with one I think that I love you and I can not live without you. I thought to make today good for Christmas that it was not overlooked day. I thought and have thought up. Today I went with my girlfriend to a shelter where there live children the orphan are small children with 5 till 12 years. They do not have parents and they have nobody to please for Christmas as at them not who is not present at children. I have thought that if to them to help a few gifts. I talked to the teacher and I to it have told that I have favourite person and I shall ask to give it to children of a few money. It means that I shall buy to children of the small a few foodstuffs and a sweet that him was weighed and it is good for Christmas, it will be their holiday and children will be grateful to you. It is the good help to children for Christmas as they of it require. I to you want to tell what you have sent me of a few money that I could buy the foodstuffs and a sweet to these small helpless children to orphans. How you look at it? How to you my idea? I ask you that you have sent me your money 250 $. Children will be very grateful to you in it. I him shall tell that it is my favourite person to you have helped also to children will are very glad to this that you will make him. I think that you understand me. You can send your money to this address:----Russia, 424000, Ioshkar Ola, ManeyGram, the Moscow prospectus, The house 15, case "A" the name Liliya Strelnikova. Through bank ManeyGram, it is fast and convenient. You should give me your full name (name) And the surname, your city and the country whence you to me will send Me your money and the code is 8-place code that to you should give means that when you to me will be Send me your money in bank. I think, that you understand me. I want that you have sent me your money tomorrow. I shall wait from you for your answer. Yours.
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