Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Greetings my new friend. How are you doing? Whether all at you is good? I am very glad that I have interested you. I am glad that you have answered my letter, it was pleasant for me to read it. I think that we shall find common language and our acquaintance will proceed as well. I want not to tell much to you about myself. To me of 25 years I was born in the city of Cheboksary it are very beautiful city, it is on coast of the river Volga. In the summer here it is possible to spend time not badly. As to that why I have come to the Internet of cafe. I want to meet here the person loved to. Further to create with it family and to give birth from him to children. I think that you too it search. I think that the Internet of cafe give the big chance to find second half that who has not found to myself the favourite person. Concerning my formation. That after school I have gone to act on higher education, I have acted in institute on economic faculty. I have finished institute with a positive estimation, but on the red diploma at me have failed to stop. I very much now regret. As now presently it is very difficult to find good work. Now I work at all by the trade. My work consists in that that I dig in papers. I work on not to the big firm as the secretary. It is firm is engaged in sale of combustive-lubricating materials. It is very boring work. During free time from work I visit the Internet of cafe. On the character I very trustful person and always trust people. I do not respect those people which deceive I them simply I despise. I think that without trust can be agree what attitudes you with me? I think that you too do not love a deceit. For me the most important purpose in a life of creation of family. I would like to have the good family, the favourite husband and certainly children. Because children this most important. You love children? I want will find the person which to love me and our children. I search only for serious attitudes. You too search for serious attitudes? I hope that our attitudes will develop. Write to me about the city more. I when not was abroad to me it very interestingly. Send to me the photo. I wait for your letter soon. Yours Natasha.
Letter 2
I welcome you my dear!
Thanks for your answer. But you me please understand, and do not take offence, if I suddenly do not answer your letters quickly. I already wrote to you, that I have no the house the Internet.. I think, that it much can be understood. I want, that you too with me have been opened, how I with you. I do not wish from you anything to hide... It is pleasant to me, that you are opened before me and write to me the ideas, dreams and wishes. I also do not wish to have any secrets before you. I want, that you knew about me all. So it will be easier to us to build our attitudes in the future. You with me agree?
Now I shall write to you a little about the last life.
During interesting time we live. Many people search each other in this world and cannot find in any way. I have never thought, that at me such time will come, that I through the Internet shall search to myself for the husband. I wrote to you, that have divorced from the husband 6 years ago.
Then I have met the man, it worked as the female doctor in hospital the gynecologist. We have lived together 4 years. We had a civil marriage. It was the good person, but very much very jealous.
It constantly arranged to me scandals. To me this all it is tired. It should not be jealous me. I NEVER gave it an occasion. I very true and betraid.
If I love the person, I cannot go on change. It awfully and meanly.
But it very strongly me loved also all time was afraid to lose.
I spoke it, that the jealousy and mistrust, you will **** my love to you.
And it has turned out. I any more do not wish to be with it. I want calmness and stability.
I do not know, whether you can understand me. I very much would like to change the life.
Excuse for confusion of the letter.
But I consider, that if the Lord the God between people will be a meeting it necessarily will occur not looking for a while,age, distance, the reasons and circumstances. On character I the optimistic person, with sense of humour. I do not love lie and lies. I very precisely feel falseness or a deceit. At me sensitive intuition.
To me all my girlfriends come behind the help and advice.
And I cannot give up to them, and it turns out that I spend a lot of the energy for the decision of their problems. It is wrong. But yourself you will not alter.
I shall finish the letter.
I wish you excellent days off.
With the best regards Natasha
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