Letter(s) from Galina Polushina to Norris (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my beloved Norris!!!
How are you ?
How is your mood? I think that you're OK.
I shall ask the god, that you will be healthy and happy.
I now began to go to church frequently.
It is very important for me. Do you attend church sometimes?
What do you ask God for?
I always ask him that everything will be good and everyone will be healthy.
I know that he hears me and makes only good for people.
Each man in the world should live well and happily,
Regardless of the fact that he made bad.
Do you agree with me?
I want to know, what is your point of view on this question.
Well, I want to tell you, that my heart beat more often, when I think about you!!!!
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands.
I need some warmth and care and I think, that I ask not so much.
I search for a true love and romanticism in the relations.
I love when all things are beautiful, perfect, gentle and romantic!!!
I've got a desire to have a family and favourite man by my side,
Feeling care and constant support in difficult minute,
that, what aspire each man in life and I too.
I'm 29 years old, but I still haven't got what I tell you about.
I was close happiness in the past, but my trust broke my heart.
I should trust the man who is my life-mate. To trust his every word, gesture, sight, smile.
There 's so much meanness and deceipt in the world now that is necessary very closely concern people, which surround you.
I don't mean it is necessary mistrust everyone, just you should know a human so good as to rely upon him completely.
I as am glad that you has calmed down on the account of money. Preparation of the visa will need a little bit week.
I have paid all, all now is necessary to me to wait when the visa will be ready.
I so strongly love you. I as am glad soon we shall meet and we shall be happy
My mum teaches me, that I should be always open.
I told her, that our relations develop successfully and she is happy for us.
She dreams, that I won't be alone and have a family.
I now want to talk about you!
I want to share my joy with you in person
I want see your pleasure and share it with you.
I want to know what makes you happy.
And I shall try to do my best to deliver real happiness for you.
Please give me chance to make it!!!
Give me chance again to feel loving and beloved woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise,
That I shall think of you each minute.
With love Galina!!

Letter 2

My love Norris!!!!!!!
I ask, that you did not worry with me all well.
I write to you as soon as in me free minute has appeared.
Here there are many kinds of commercial activity before departure to you.
And still many various documents are necessary. It is difficult for me what to have time all.
I only want to tell to you the most important, that I love you of more lives.
Soon we shall together.
My visa while will be prepares, I want to tell to you that very strongly you I love.
I as need to buy tickets.
I do not know when to me to start to move to you. As soon as you to me will tell, that I at once can enter Moscow,
And therefrom fly to you.
Money to the ticket are necessary for me. It costs approximately 789 $, but for this purpose what to fly to
You a return ticket are necessary as also.
It means it, it will cost 1580 $ very softly, and I do not know what to do further.
But - one of the most expensive tickets, and it is possible to find more cheaply because probably
It is not necessary to overpay for the first class.
I can fly the second or third class. It will eat approximately 1200 $-1400 $ with it much more cheaply.
As the return ticket can be on money as soon as I shall arrive to you. Therefore
Any problems and we shall return half of sum.
Therefore it - not the necessary anxiety, that money can to leave. I have learned the information and as it
Necessary approximately 200 $ that it will live in Moscow in some days if suddenly there will be no tickets.
Therefore I need approximately in 1400 $ in it if everyone will be good and if there will be such tickets in
Moscow when I shall go there.
Therefore I ask you when to me to start to move there?
I very much love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible.
I hope, what I have not disappointed you with the letter and such big prices? I very much love you and I cannot without you.
I do not want to spend your money, and I shall save them, but 1400 $ for me are necessary for the ticket
Even the third class and for this purpose what to live in Moscow even two days.
I ask, that you have written to me as soon as possible and have told, that you thought of all it.
I have made actually all which could here and more than I which holds. I am ready to move to you though
Tomorrow and I wait only for the letter from you, that you wait for me.
And also I shall be ready to move to you as soon as I receive your money for the ticket.
I love you, I wait for your letters with impatience.
Your wife Galina!!!

Letter 3

Hi my perfect and wonderful Norris!!!
I am again glad to see your letter. Each your letter brings warmth in my heart.
I dream of that day when it will be not the letter and our long-awaited meeting.
Yes I shall try to call to you on Tuesday or on Wednesday.
Yes it is very bad that I have no house of phone.
You want to learn what I music I like to listen, I different listen to music, for example slow, turnips and so I like to listen to any foreign music.
I like to read romantic books. I read many books, as I like to read magazines!!
As to you to answer this question. I have grown here in Russia, I think who in what city or in the country was born, that country is more to like it. Because it is a native land.
I so cannot tell that to me very much to like to be in Russia because it is not possible to find normal work and as the normal salary.
Here at us in city very small city.
As my visa works 90 days I can lead these days near to you.

Today it is not magnificent weather in the street. Weather is not very warm and sunny.
In such perfect day best to be in the street and to go for a walk on fresh air.
It is so pleasant.
I know probably I am too romantic and I love a nature very much.
Yesterday I dreamed of us walking in the park. When I think of you, my favourite man, I become so happy and it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness.
I understand that I can not live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses.
For this that I searched all my life.
You probably are intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my lovely.
I am happy that you are mine. I value it very much. I do not want to lose you never. You are my sense of life.
Without you I have nothing to live in this world. I always dreamed about such man as you, such understanding and fond man.
I want that we will be with each other.
I shall wait your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to be delighted to your answer.
A lot of kisses to my sweet,
Your always love Galina!!

Letter 4

Hi my dear Norris , how are you today ???
Excuse me please for the long-awaited answer to your letter. I very much wanted you to write the letter, but at us on work again that that happened, that the Internet did not work. I could not send you the letter in any way.
I already so afflict this Internet, that I have bothered constantly that happens. It probably because of that that at us on work old computers cost, it is time to change for a long time already, that it is necessary to put already new computers, they cannot put right now a new computer, because at them money to buy.
I have very much become bored under your pleasant letters, I think that you very well understand me to what I now in a condition.
I cannot write to you every day the letter. I once again want will apologize and I think that you do not take offence at me.
I never shall cease to write to you letters. I with pleasure shall write.
Today its good day and the sun is shining bright outside.
Yes at us the visa is available, now it is necessary to buy only tickets to go to you my dear.
I so am afraid that you can throw me at any time.
I have not told about the visa because I have overlooked it to tell to you therefore that all time thought that you to me write, can suddenly on such day begins, that you write that I any more do not love you, I so am afraid of it.
I do not want you to lose. Yes my visa is available it is necessary only for me to buy tickets and to arrive to you, more it is necessary nothing.
Especially on such a day, I wish would wake up together with my husband and lover.
I imagine that I whisper? Good morning! In my sweet darling ears.
My sweet -heart reach out for my hand and move very close to my body.
I can still feel the scent from our passionate night. I put my arms around his body.
Hi presses his sensual lips against mine and whisper that he loves me.
I tell him that I love him too and that he is the most fantastic and beautiful man in this
Later I will make healthy breakfast and tea for two.
I bring the tray from the kitchen into our sleeping room with juice, tea, jam, etc.,
He smiles to me and tell me that I am the most wonderful woman in this world.
I feel so happy inside, as I (just as he) like to be reminded again and again that I am his best girlfriends, loyal wife and most sexy and hot lover in bed.
We always put much attention to each others well - being.
After breakfast, hi gives me so much joy and good feelings.
Our love is so romantic and beautiful, the only thing I can not live without.
We really understand how to please each other and make the other person very happy.
All the time, we are extremely close together, after a while our bodies become like one.
Your soft hands always in mine, your sensual lips belong to me only, your eyes will be the mirror of our eternal love.
I am an incurable romantic. Actually love is the only thing that matter in life.
I know about love and erotic. I am sad when you are sad, I can not smile without you, I am only happy when you are happy.
I have only one wish. That you, my sweet darling will be the man in my dream.
I can't wait when we will be together !!!
Yours Galina!!


Letter 5

Hi my dear and loved Norris!!!
I today have come to the Internet of cafe to answer your letter. I today having a rest, do not work. So today has well slept, that now so it is good me.
I yesterday have not written to you, I think that can worry suddenly will and has dared to come today in the Internet of cafe. As has become bored under your letters.
I at once want to speak with you about business.
You have told that you can buy to me the ticket and on cheaper.
It would be very good if you have bought the ticket.
To me that you can pleasantly make all this.
I very much was delighted to this and at once have gone to agency of the visa and informed them. But they have disappointed me.
To me have told that it is impossible.
It appears when I submitted documents on the visa I have concluded with agency the contract.
According to the contract if I do there the visa that the ticket to me buys agency. Therefore I should pay cash at once in agency and they will buy to me the ticket.
I was indignant that have not warned me earlier but they have told that at them such rules.
Now I am in despair. I want to arrive to you but I can not.
I should pay itself money in agency. I tried to learn as it is possible to buy to me the ticket of you but to me have told that they cannot make it.
We with you have passed so much and there was only one step up to a meeting with you.
I do not want to lose you when you so close from me. Can you will find any other output from this situation.
It is awkward to me to ask you money but I love you and I do not want to lose when we with you beside.
I hope you have understood that I have written to you.
I love you and I shall wait from you for the answer.

I love you!!!!!
Yours for ever Galina!!!!!