Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Saveleva to Trond (Norway)

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Letter 1

I wish to get acquainted with you; I hope you allow making it for me. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Oksana. You will be, probably, surprised to receive this letter. I want to tell you about the purposes of my life and about myself a little. I am an educated and cheerful woman. It will be very good, if you look at my picture. It will be the best way to judge my appearance. I have some pictures, and I will be glad to send you my pictures, so that you could see me better. My email I shall wait very strongly for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello Trond,
Many thanks for it you have found time and have written to me. I very much waited your letter. It was very important for me for receive the answer from you. Now I have a smile on the person because you have written to me the letter.
Trond, I hope, it has not made to you work to understand, which I write to you. Tell to me, you understand my English language? I have studied the English language at school and institute. I had the maximal item in English. Please, have patience to read mine the letter. I very much worry now when I write to you this letter. I do not know at all what to write to you, probably, I should write to you about me it is direct, about tastes, interests also my purposes by lives. I do not know to begin the letter. I am a usual girl from Russia. I never had familiar people from other country earlier. It is very unusual to write to me the letter to you.
Well, now I shall tell to you about me directly. To me of 29 years, I have been given birth on March 8 1977. Also it is interesting to me, when your birthday? My growth does 175 cm, my weight approximately 51 kg. I send a photo in the letter, I think, that it will allow judging I wash appearance better. Tell, that you think of my photos? My girlfriend in my place makes these photos. Whether I worry very much, loved my photo to you? I try to support beauty of a body in good condition. I visit employment by aerobics also I visit association. Trond, it helps me to support my beauty. I very much worry, that you will not love my photo, and you will not answer me. I cannot till now overcome the excitement, which I now feel. In me the husband never was, and I have no any children. I live together with my parents, in an apartment with four rooms. In our apartment not so it is a lot of place, but it satisfies us. I have the younger sister who also lives together with us. I very much respect my parents. Tell to me about your family?
I have higher education. I have been trained in “ Pedagogical Institute of city Chelyabinsk ” and also I have finished correspondence branch "Economic institute " Yes, I have higher education of the teacher. It very much to similar me but at present while there is vacation at children I work on one of firms as the bookkeeper. I dream to have the child, sometime in the future. Children - flowers of a life, you heard such proverb? I think that is necessary to be very responsible to have children. I already adult girl, and I think, that I am ready to such important step in a life. I think very responsible work, actually from I now teach, what formation to guys their future life depends. Yes, all depends from initial stage of a human life his further life. You agree with me? My work takes from me many forces and energy every day, but all the same I very much love her! Work as the teacher, brings to me of money which are necessary for my life. I try to live independent of my parents, because I already adult girl. I help also to my parents. My main vital principles it is sincerity, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people. These qualities have been lifted in me my parents, And I am very grateful to them for this purpose. I do not love lie. In people I respect sincerity, compassion to poor people, love and respect for relatives.
Well, my purpose and dream - search, loved the person and creation with it families. To love the person who will support me always when I demand his support. For me the main thing, that the person loved me, respected me, and has paid to me attention.
I live in city Chelyabinsk, our city, to be in Ural. You heard, sometime about the Ural Mountains? I very much love city in which I alive. You probably heard about city of Moscow, our city, be on distance of 1700 kilometres from city of Moscow. Moscow - the capital from Russia. In our city we have many beautiful places, it has parks, museums, theatres, still it is more than cultural establishments.
In summer I with pleasure I spend a free time with girlfriends in parks. I like to visit cultural establishments, such as museums, exhibitions and theatres. Tell to me how you concern to similar entertainments?
Trond, tell a little about itself! I very much would like to study in the biggest degree about you!
What do you search in a life, what you want from your partner in a life? What happiness for you? I am happy, when I see around independently happy people of people, parents, friends and girlfriends!
I think, what you already have wide experience in your life, please, tell to me about it?
Well, Trond, I should finish my letter on it, and I hope, you will concern all serious to my letter. Please, if you search serious attitudes, I am ready to continue to write to you. I have written to you so, and I hope, that I have not cleaned a lot of time from you.
I send you a photo, and I hope, that it is pleasant for you. I hope, that you will love my photo, and you will send to me a photo!
I shall wait your answer Trond! Have good day!!! Oksana from Russia.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Trond!
I hope, that you liked my photos. I have made these photos especially for you. Photos that I have sent in last letter have been made at my place. I very much worried, that you did not like me, and you would not answer my letter to you.
How has passed your day today? I'm fine! I hope you also have had a remarkable day!!!
Trond, first of all I want to tell to you why I have decided to write to you in Norway. I really search for the man of the love I search for the soul mate. I want to have serious relationship. I am 29 years, and I till now it was not possible to meet the man of the love here in Russia.
Yes, I liked your photos. The impression I have, that you a hoar spend time also you do not like to miss. It is magnificent. I too do not like to miss and I try to trust always in the best and never to experience.
I had relationship with men here in Russia, but these attitudes last no more year. I loved man in the life of one this man was my schoolmate. We knew each other since the childhood. We lived in one courtyard, went to one kindergarten, least, I very much loved him. Yes, in my heart lived love to this to the man. We studied with it in different higher educational institutions, I studied in Pedagogical institute, and he studied at Technical University. We tried to be together every minute.
I even wanted to live together with him, but all time he refused. I have noticed, that he became cold to me. I did not any more hear from him beautiful declarations of love. He gave me not enough time. Trond, I the girl, I very fragile, and I always would be desirable to feel support of the man. I did not any more receive from him colours at our meeting. Shortly I have learned, that he has another girl. I was in a shock when I have learned about it. To mine I burn there was no limit my heart has been broken.
I did not want to see him any more. It is very big trauma which I have gone through in the past, has postponed indelible impression about men in Russia. I shall never trust men in Russia more. You do not represent, as hardly I experienced it, and I managed to reconcile to this trauma. But I shall never have relationship, with men from Russia more. I certainly understand, that it is impossible to judge on one person all the population, but I cannot differently. Trond, me have been betrayed, you do not represent, as it is hard to be deceived.
I was very much disappointed in men from Russia and therefore I have decided to write in Norway, I hope you understand me?
I do not search a rich man, I want to find the man that will love and respect me. I the girl and I want to feel tenderness, caress and care, but the most important, that I want to feel, it love. It is very important for me. I the provided girl, and I do not need anything. I do not want to be a toy in any hands.
Trond, I would like to tell to you about my life, and I hope, that it will be interesting to you. I worry again concerning a barrier of language, and I hope, that you can understand, about what I speak.
I am very grateful to my parents that they have presented me the most important that at me is, it is my life. I am very proud to my parents, I am very grateful to them that they have made for me.
I would like to tell to you about the family. Our family will consist from four people my mum, my father and my sister. The name of mine mum Svetlana, she works, as the seller in shop and she works as the teacher in one of the high schools. My mum has advised me to choose formation of the teacher. The name of mine of daddy Vasiliy, my daddy works, as the manager on sales to home appliances. My sister is younger than me and she still goes to school. My sister goes in the 7 grades. The name of my sister is Maria. I live together with my parents and my sister. We live in an apartment that has four rooms. It is a very big apartment. Each of us has our separate room.
We live very much provided life. I never had to require anything. I try to live independent of my parents. I am already an adult girl, and I earn to myself for a life. My work brings to me very good money. I even try to help my parents. We have very happy life.
I do not think, that the happiness in a life depends on money. In our family, money never stood on the first place. My mum speaks, that is not necessary to aspire to have much money. The most important is respect, cosiness and mutual understanding. These are qualities on which attitudes in our family are based. My parents’ are very good and kind people. Since the childhood, I never heard from my parents of rough words. I very much respect them and I appreciate my parents.
Often we gather before TV to observe our favourite TV show or news. I think that is very important to have in family mutual understanding and respect to each other.
Please, tell to me about your former attitudes and your family? I really sent to you many questions and I hope that it is good with you. Please, ask me if you something to interest, I with pleasure shall answer you Trond!
Now I should go to work. I write to you from the work. I have a computer of a house, but I have no connection to the Internet.
It is completely not difficult for me to write to you the letter, it delivers to me a lot of pleasure to see your letter and to write to you the answer.
I shall apply today to the letter a photo for you this photo is made in cafe, during a lunch break. I hope you will like this photo.
I wait with impatience to see your letter tomorrow, please, write to me. I very much want to see your message on the computer tomorrow.
Your friend Oksana. Bye Bye

Letter 4

Hello Trond!
How are you? Today in our city was very good to weather all the day long with long lights from the sun. Really it is very fine. I love sunny weather. You do not represent my mood, today it was very strong is spoiled in the morning. I left in the morning for to go for work. When I stood at a stop, one automobile that passed me had sprinkled me with dirt from the wheels.
You can’t imagine how angry and offended I was. This machine, did not stop, nobody gave me his or hers apologies. For me it is very cruel, and I very much was nervous from it. You know, that Trond, to me is offensive from it. It - the big disorder that is created in streets. I at all have not remembered number of this machine. I should come back home to change clothes into other clothes. So for me today began day. But when I have arrived for work, I have received pleasant news, yes this your letter.
You know, your letters bring to me great pleasure. I like to receive your letters and to learn all interesting. Your life, really very much differs from mine, apparently, that the life in your country is more favourable me how rights and legitimate interests of citizens of your country cost on the first place. You agree with me? Tell to me how has passed your day today?
At me the usual working day today was. Yes, today there was nothing especial.
Trond, please, tell to me about your work? Also it is interesting, what you prefer to eat? I like, there is a healthy foodstuffs, I like to prepare I peep, me, my mum has learned this. We eat constantly healthy I peep. You know, I the daddy is very exacting to meal and, it constantly speaks that food should be healthy and natural. We have the ground area for City on which we raise vegetables, such, as a potato, an onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, beet. At us not the big ground area, but to us it is enough of it. Yes, we should work hard on a site in the spring and reap a crop in the autumn, but it allows cutting expenses on a feed. I like to save money. Tell, you have ground area for reception of a crop?
Sometimes we visit cafe, and we eat various kitchen. I prefer the Mexican kitchen. Constantly to eat in cafe, it is very expensive, therefore I think necessary to save money for foodstuffs. Health directly depends on a feed, and health, this most important what the person should watch. In fact health you will not buy for any money I want to tell to you, that I very much care of the health, I never smoked. I the woman and I should have a beautiful, graceful body, and also I should be healthy. The health of my future children depends on my health. You agree with me Trond?
Well, I want to tell to you, that your life is very interesting to me. Please, write to me as you live, that you like. Well?
We live in the different countries, and we shall consist in various cultures, but we should find common language. Your letters help me to represent more about your life. I never travelled far from the city, and I dream sometime to visit Norway. Unfortunately it only dreams and I never can travel to Norway. I wish to find the favourite person and then, to start to travel together with him.
I would like to answer your questions that you to me set in the breach the letter. I shall begin with the answer to a question on true love. Yes, I trust in such love, I search for it. But when I shall find it I shall be happy.
1 Know to me to hard you to tell about features of the character because I consider, that from they are more visible. On a greater measure I the cheerful person also do not like to long, always I try to trust only in the best.
2 Most likely I more timid person.
3 Something an average meanwhile and that
4 I adventurous the person, try to achieve always the aims laid down self.
5 It is valid so.
6 I the obedient person. I shall respect and listen the future to the man.
7 I would like to present partner a lot of caress, and gentle kisses. But unfortunately now, in my life, there is no such a man.
8 Most of all Sincerity. For me appearance do not play any role, for me the most important this heart of the person.
9 I would like to find the man who will love and respect me.
10 It seems to my dreams it is as well as at all people, about a good life.
11 Here it I cannot tell to you in any way because itself I do not know :))
12 Yes, our city is very beautiful. In our city the industry is very strongly developed. It is one their large cities of Russia. But I shall tell to you fairly that our state does not watch protection of the rights of usual citizens, very high percent of criminality. But the most beautiful is our Ural Mountains. At me was photos of mountains, so if I find it I shall necessarily send it to you.
I hope my answers will not frighten you:)) Big to you thanks that you ask to me questions. It speaks that I am interesting to you and you wish to learn me.
I observed for many histories on TV, I saw on the TV many beautiful places in your country. But I would like to look at them the eyes. Tell to me, you would like to see Russia? We also have many beautiful places.
Trond, you can tell to me about your hobby, it would be very interesting to me, than you like to be engaged in that leisure?
I like to listen to music! I like to listen to various sorts of music, and it depends on my mood more often. I love classical music!
My work borrows from me a lot of time, and at me almost does not remain time for entertainments. I not always have an opportunity to find a free time for entertainments.
Trond, I wish very much to hear your voice. Do you wish to hear my voice? I am sure, that at you a fine voice. I want to tell to you, that now I have no any phone in the house to call to you. But we have sent in the application, and they have told us, that within two weeks they will establish phone in our apartment! We can have a talk, as soon as such opportunity will appear.
In our city many people have mobile phone, but I have not it. I think, that is a very expensive pleasure to have mobile phone.
Please, excuse me if I to early speak about our conversation. Well, it is very interesting to me to carry on dialogue with you. I hope that you also want to talk to me, and it is interesting to you.
You now my good friend! Anything to itself! I have the friend in another country! The Internet a remarkable thing!
Please, only be in earnest to me. Well probably you the person of my dream? I always shall be frank with you. I promise you it.
Well, I have already got a little tired with a seal. Probably, I shall finish this letter. Write to me more soon!!!
Send to me your photos! I shall wait your letter! Sincerely, Oksana.

Letter 5

Hello the my dear friend Trond,
I am pleased having received your letter today. Your letters do my day, very happy and fine. My mood has very much improved from reading your letter.
Many thanks to you Trond, that you have answered my questions. It is very pleasant for me for learning from you more and more new. What did you do today?
What weather today at you? Today in our city is also good weather.
My working day today was very intense. I should make the report for my head. I have devoted all time to preparation of the report. Tomorrow I should go to director, I hope, that all would pass well.
It is very pleasant for me to write to you letters every day, but it is very a pity to me, that I have no plenty a free time, and I cannot write to you more. I do not wish to disappear from you. I am very pleased to get acquaintance to you. Trond, you very much like me. I want, that between us there was a trust. I am always, with you, as the open book. You can ask me, and I shall answer each your question. Every evening, arriving home I think about, whether you will answer my letter tomorrow. I wish to receive your letters every day.
Trond, I want to tell to you, that I thank the God for all achievements and successes, and I believe in his force and importance. Many people of my age do not give the big value of church, and I think, that it - is wrong!
I always dreamed of visiting sights in the Norway. Your country is very interesting by sights. You agree with me, Trond?
The most important is necessary to have the big aspiration to carry out the desires. I hope Trond, that you correctly understand me! You my friend, and I think, that I can talk to you about it. You also are not confused to speak with me about any theme.
Yes, I spoke the friends about you. Anyway, I wanted to divide pleasant new with my friends. I think, that you deliver me great pleasure. I already told you that mum knows about you, and she also asks some questions about you. I spoke to mum that you are engaged. I have told that your name is Trond! She also asks what attitudes you have toward us. I think of it! You think of it also? I think she would like to talk to you and to learn more about you. You like me, and you are to me a very interesting person. I want to thank you for that you are always with me. I trust you. After my last attitudes my heart still hurts, and it was very hard for me. You support me Trond, and I thank you for your understanding and trust.
Well, it is necessary for me to go home and have a little rest! I wish you successful day and great time!
Write to me as soon as you will have time... Yours Oksana.



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