Scam letter(s) from Marina Biletskaya to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1
My greetings dear Jessey!!! I today went to travel agency. To me have told, that at them who is not able to speak on English. Write to me the phone number I I shall call to you. I today went to bank and to find out as you can help me. The worker of bank has told to me, that there is a system of remittances. She refers to Western Union. It is the most safe system of remittances. The worker of bank has told to me, that translation can reach the addressee for a pair of minutes. I have been very much surprised with such system. I when did not hear about it. For that your translation would reach me to you it is necessary to know my data. Marina Biletskaya
The country Russia
City Kazan
Lenin's street
The house 46
Apartment 9 To me have explained, that what I could receive your translation to me it is necessary to know number of translation he from 10 figures.
Lovely do not overlook I shall write the phone number to call to you.

I shall wait for your letter.

I kiss you!!
Yours Marina
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