Scam letter(s) from Elena Pisarevskaya to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you very much for your interest, attention and of course for your letter. First letters are very important and also difficult as you can give as much information about yourself as possible, right Jessey?
So, let me start:) My full name is Svetlana but my friends call me Lana. I was born on the 15th of December, 1981 in Lugansk (ex Voroshilovgrad) but now I live in Kremenchug.
My height - 1,68 sm; weight - 53 kg.
I will attach some photos of this city and hope you'll like it.
I have graduated from the University at 2004 where studied Choreography. I like to dance very much and I am a happy person dancing is my profession. I train children:) I like children very much.
I don't have a high salary that's why sometimes I give private lessons to people who are going to get married and need to study Waltz.
This is also my pleasure as I can watch them for hours.
I rent a room in a flat and it is not very comfortable but it is impossible to buy a flat nowadays. The prices are too high!
I don't have a telephone but this is not a problem for me at all.
It's better to talk looking at each others' eyes, lol:)
I enjoy my life and though it is full of events I feel like I am ready to start a new life with my beloved. Of course, it is not so easy and fast but I will do my best to be happy in love, will you Jessey?
Why through the Internet? It's easy, I want a foreign man.
Why? Because they are pretty better than our Ukrainian. Because of many reasons and it is not even so easy to count all items.
I am serious in my search and hope you too. I am not here to play games or just have fun. My English is very poor and I use translation services.
My intentions are to serious to prevent me to find my destiny though now we can speak different languages. Real desire will overcome everything, right Jessey? I need to go now but I hope to see your letter in my e-mail box soon.
Oh, I wanted to tell you that has some problems and I had to change my e-mail address.
It is now. Write me here.
Letter 2
Thank you very much for your answer.
I was glad to read your letter:)
It is so amazing to feel like friends when you actually write just a second letter. Good start! Don't you think so, Jessey?
In this letter I would like to tell you more about myself as a person.
I am very open minded and always show my feelings and emotions as I don't see any reasons to hide them. But like a woman should be I have some surprises and secrets:) Don't be afraid - only good surprises:) You will never know how I can surprise you:) I can be very different but you will surely like it:) I promise! I like to spend my spare time with my friends, to have some fun, to go to the cinema, to listen some good music (Jazz is my favorite but pop is also ok), to watch a new movie together, to go out and so on.
I am very sensitive and all the sounds, smells views are very important for me.
I try to enjoy every moment of my life as I consider it to be my best gift!
I like to help people if they need me, I would never refuse to help a granny on the street or a child. I always try to be polite and smile even I feel bad.
It's better to smile, then any problems are the problems at all, right Jessey?
I hope that you will tell me about your character in your next letter, ok Jessey?
It would be very interesting for me to get to know your inside world! I need to go but write soon I already miss your letter:)
Kiss for only you!

Letter 3
Thanks! Thanks again for your letter!
have I told you it puts a smile on my face?
Yes, it does! Remember I told you I love to smile:)
Thank you for telling me more about yourself it was a pleasure to open some new sides of your personality. Great!
Let's continue? Of course I have a lot of things to tell you.
For example I don't remember that I told you that I love to travel.
Yes, I do! I have visited almost every city all over Ukraine.
Unfortunately I have never been abroad as it is a very expensive pleasure for Ukrainian citizens. Hope the situation will change soon.
Oh, one more reason is that I don't have international passport.
What about you? Do you like to travel? Where? What is the place you love the most?
Tell me about it, ok Jessey?
During the year I am quite busy but the weekends I often spend at my parents who still live in Lugansk. I don't have any brothers or sisters and my parents miss me very much. They are retired now and would love to see me more often.
If I have any opportunity to make them smile I always do it.
They are indeed the most important people in our lives at least until we have our own family and even then they are the closest. Do you agree?
I have to hurry now. Write soon, ok Jessey? Hoping to read your next letter:)
Hugs, Lana
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