Scam letter(s) from Alsu Muhamethanova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello dear Fred, You know, that when person alone he try to find his soul mate. I am alone and i want to find my soul mate. You know that this world is very big and when you meet someone who lives so far, you are thinking : It is a destiny! Dear, i think that it happened with us! I feel that we are two lonely hearts, which are searching for new emotions and for love. Dear,this word means for me very much, i mean this feelings is the most wonderful feeling in the world that helps us to live! Dear you may ask me why i decided to use Internet. I tell you , because i lost faith in our men and they are not interested me at all! Frankly speaking i am so tired to be alone , but it doesn't mean that i am ready to be with the first man whom i will meet, i want to be with the man who will take care about me the whole life and i want you to know that i can love and i can make you happy! As i told you, i can love , it means that i am ready to share all your troubles and happiness, it means that i am ready to be your best friend and to be your life partner! My heart feels lonely now , but i hope that you will fill this empty space!! I keep hope that we have future and we will learn from each other only good and pure things. I want to open my heart, to show you my world that tells you about me!! I hope that you will open your heart for me and we will start "the trip through the whole life"! Dear welcome to my world where you can see beauties of the love and forces of this wonderful feeling! Liza
Letter 2
Hello Dear Fred, I am happy that you wrote me again and i hope that we will go further and we will know each other more and more. This day brought me your letter and my heart feels warm, because of you. I didn't have relations for ages, because i am selective. I prefer to find my man and to spend the whole life with him. I hope that you like my thought concerning relations. Dear the first step of any relations is to know each other. Well i want to tell you some facts form my life. Frankly speaking i like to talk about me and my life. So my full name is Liza Melnik.I was born on the 15th of February on 1983. in small town called Pervomaisk. It is very nice town. I was small nice girl and all parents friends and our relatives just was delighted with me. I finished school and decided to enter the university. I always know what university i want to enter. So i entered the National university which situated in Lugansk. I studied economy and now i am working as manager in the firm which sells cosmetics. I like my job. I always communicate with people. It makes me great pleasure. I live alone in Lugansk since i entered the university. It is not easy to live alone , but i am strong girl and i try to cope alone. I love my family very much. I try to visit them every week-end. My parents are great people and i love them very much. I have sister, but she is younger me. She is 18. We are good friends. Sometimes i give her advises, when she asks me about it. Well i fond of dancing and i go to the disco just to dance. I am very active person and optimistic. I don't like to be in boring company. I fond of reading and listening to music, different music form Linking park to classic. As for me appearance, my hair is brown and my eyes are hazel. My waist is 53 kg. and my heist is 168 cm. Dear i like to eat healthy food, because i always keep my fit. I think that it is important for each woman. Well at least i am girl who is looking for man who will love me till the end of time. I am ready to give all my heart. I am looking for your letter with great impatience. With best wishes ..... Liza
Letter 3
Dear Fred, This rainy day brought your letter. Thank you for this. When i received your letter a wide smile appeared on my face, because you gave me feelings that i am not alone now. Our meting is the most amazing thing which has ever happened with me. Dear some time ago i was thinking about my life and i thought that i will never find my soul mate here, in my town , because i need pure feelings , but our men can't give it and suddenly i met you! I couldn't belive it. but now i see that it is a reality. I belive that we will know each other and my life will change completely ,because i want it very much. My heart full of love which i am ready share with you,because my heart feels something inside that tells me that i am going the right way! We don't know each other , but it is good we can start from the beginning!Only you and me!I feel so good now. Frankly speaking i have never felt before you!!! Dear i feel that my empty space is filling with your life and your dreams! I want to give you all my dreams thoughts and emotions , and you will give me yours! I am in foretaste of strong feelings, pure love and honest relations! I hope that our relations will be strong pure and long! It is new for me , i want to know more and more! Dear please understand that it is very serious step for me, i want to you show me your world ,to open your heart and to share with me all feelings which will appear in your heart! I hope to hear from you as soon as possible!!! I give you warm kiss Liza
Letter 4

FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO WISH YOU MARRY CHRISTMAS! I WISH YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE , I WISH YOUR FAMILY AND YOU TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY THE WHOLE LIFE! MARRY CHRISTMAS MY DEAR MAN. Your letter today makes me very happy, because i was waiting for it with great impatience! I miss you this cold Ukrainian days. I needs warm and love! I am sure that you can give it to me! I feel that you are kind and pure! I am little bit sad today , because i need to talk to you and i feel that you will not answer me , but i keep hope that you will hear my cry about help! I think that can help not only me , but us! My dear, if to speak about the level of my English , i don't know English, it is better to say that my English is very poor! I know some phrases and words and that's all! I use the service of the translator firm!, they are great firm , because they translated for me letter, but sorry this service is not free. My dear i didn't want to tell you this and ask for help , but i paid for our correspondence , but now i don't have money to do this for us! I would it with great pleasure , but i couldn't do it right now! That's why i asked you about help! Please i really need it now , because i feel that we just much to stay in touch , because we can lose chance to be happy! I belive that you will hear my heart who is calling for you !! I need you , please write me as soon as possible! my dear i have never been abroad! i dream to visit many countries , especially i dream to spend Venice!! i think this is beautiful country! my dear i am ad , because i feel that something strange is happening with my heart! i miss you all the time , maybe this is love? I don't know but i have never felt such before I hope that you will hear my heart! pleas write me , please help us to stay in touch and to be happy! Your Liza
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