Scam Letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Marc (Luxembourg)

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Letter 1

Greetings my sincere friend Marc!!!
How at you an affair? As have passed your holidays I only today has come back from the brother and at once has run in the Internet - cafe to read your letters and to write to you the letter of the answer. My holidays have passed wonderfully. I was very joyful and is happy have met New year in a circle of family of the brother. But I very much did not have your letters. Today when I have come to the Internet - cafe with hope to read your new letter I was very glad. I am glad that you have written to me and have told to me a little about yourself. I think that you are interested in me as well as I you. I think that it will be interesting to you to learn about me even more, I am ready to tell to you about myself more. I very much like to sing. To me speak that at me very beautiful voice. Also I like to listen to music and sometimes I listen to news of our radio. The most popular radio at us is Europe + and radio - the Youth. I like to read books about love and about adventures of various people. My most favourite author of the book about love is Julia Shilova. She writes very interesting stories. You when or heard about such author? Its products very interesting by way of serious attitudes and devoted love. What favourite your music, what genre of music you prefer most of all? I write to you, I use the program of the translator, you well understand my letters? I have not enough time to write to you in English to the Internet - cafe, I well speak in English but I completely do not have time to write letters, it will borrow from me a lot of time to type the text in English. Many people visit the Internet - cafe and there will not lead a lot of time though I so would like to tell sometimes to you much and to write to you more. I think that you will understand my position and will not be afflicted if some words will be not clear to you. I have studied English at university and now almost freely I own him. I think that you asking a question: " Why I have decided to get acquainted with you? " I the decent girl also want to meet on the vital way of the worthy person which would love me and respected, helped and supported me. I want to learn you better and to be more closer to you. I want to tell to you about one terribly incident with the father of my pupil of a kindergarten. Father of the boy has gone to shop one evening, has met there good friends and have decided to note their meeting. They have a little drunk, and when have gone home it has not reached the apartment. It was very drunk and when walked upstairs has slipped and has very strongly hit a temple about a corner a handrail. While it carried in hospital it has not come to the senses and has soon died. It was the big shock for me. It was very a pity to me of this child which has remained with mum without the father, it would not take place if it not saws. The alcoholic drinks kills the person and who knows it as the destiny with you will dispose. It was the good person, but unfortunately now it is not present with us. I do not respect alcohol and against him. You be not afflicted on me if I tell to you that - that not that. My friend you love sports? What your favourite kind of sports? I am engaged at leisure in gymnastics and I go on water navigation. In the days off I like to leave in a wood. It calms me and gives to me of force by a life. I with impatience shall wait for your letters which began for me much more than e-mail. Sincerely yours friend Oksana!!!

Letter 2

My greetings dear the friend Marc!!!
Your charming girlfriend from Moscow Oksana writes to you!!! I want to inform you, that my E-mail address: has been switched - off on unknown persons to me to the reasons. I tried to make all that was possible and also I was helped by employees from mine the Internet - cafe that or to make, but who could not to make that. I did not have other output how to create new E-mail address: I think that you will answer me this E-mail address!!! I as well as you could not send you already during several days of any letter and also I could not receive from you any letter. Mine dear the friend write to me once again all those letters which you tried to send me. I shall very closely read each your letter and I shall answer you my friend all questions. I understand that you did not have not enough my letters, as well as I did not have not enough yours. Mine dear the friend I with the big impatience shall wait from you for your answer, your letters. I hope you will understand my problem and the arisen situation. I very much a hell shall receive from you your news. With care and understanding to you your sincere Oksana!!!



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