Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Gayazova to Kai (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello my friend Kai.I very much were delighted when has received your message. I admit,I the first time search for acquaintances through the Internet.I was not so sure,what my idea will bring result,but it has turned out,you have written me. My friend you has very much interested me when I looked through your structure.I think you very interesting person and we shall find with you the general themes for conversation.You have considered my structure in agency?You would like further friendship,and in a consequence of serious relations?Hope we shall find out it at correspondence.
I shall tell slightly about myself.About my appearance to you will tell my photo whichI has enclosed in this letter.I hope very much you like it.My name is Olga. I'm 27 years old. My zodiac is Aries.I live in city of Yoshkar-Ola(Russia),in an one-room apartment which I rent.I recently have moved this city from Murmansk why has moved this city,I shall tell at further our correspondence. Together with me lives my cat,him about two years. He is my unique friend now. I work in food shop as commodity researcher.My work consists in keeping up goods which act in our shop, check them, send on a warehouse and on counters.I like my work,though it very difficult and demands big responsibility of me.
I very much love poetry and painting. In them are told histories, probably happy, and probably tragical.Simply in painting and in poetry its made by different ways. Tell me,you are interested in poetry?I very much like look various films.We with girlfriends like go to the cinema when there is free time from work.I do not have preferences for genre of film,the most important that was an interesting plot.My dear friend what films like you?Write me what are you favorite sport.I like go in for sports I try support myself in the good sports form.On it I stop the story about myself.I shall try tell you about myself as much as possible in following my letters.I hope for you my letter was pleasant and you necessarily will answer me.Please write about itself directly and will send me your photo.
With best regards your friend Olga.
P.S.I ask an apology concerning my english language.I do not know the English language so well as you.But I talk in English freely.The truth,when I correspond with you,I use the dictionary of translation if a word me not familiarly.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Kai!
Thank for your letter.How at you an affair?Im glad to that you are interested in me.
Its very pleasant for me receive from you letters.I with pleasure read your letters, I very much would like to learn you am more best.You have very much interested me.I am pleased with that,has found person to whom I can write letters.Today at me fine day.We have warm weather here, sun shines, birds sing. What weather at you?
My friend Kai I would like see a plenty of your images.I want learn your hobbies.
What you like to eat?I excellent cook.How you carry spend free time?Where you go on days off.I do not get out anywhere further the city.You are strongly occupied at work?
You like your work?You love children? I very much like.To me that we search identical relations very much would be desirable hope.I do not want short-term relations, I am tired from them. I already enough mature leave in marriage. I hope,that you want same.
Destiny has acquainted me with you and I hope, what at her in plans much more serious intentions.You with me agree?We were too long lonely. I am very tired that each night I fall asleep one in the small apartment without embraces loved men.I so wish that me loved also I liked.I would offer all for the sake of it. My life now has found sense.
I visit Internet-cafe and check my mail,each time when there is an opportunity.I very much am glad,having received from you letter. Today even the sun shines more brightly, than usually, but it only for me. You would like learn me is more best? Please ask me about everything.It will be pleasant for me to answer any your questions.If you ask me about what that,it means,that my life is interesting to you and you would like learn me is more best.You like my image which I have sent you in the last letter?I send you other my photo.Send me more than the images,I shall be very pleased.My friend Kai What you like in women?What you most of all appreciate in people?
I very much appreciate honesty in people and am open,me very much not like when people tell lies each other.I try to behave with all fairly and I never hide that I think of whom or.I Love whole world, I love life and a think that there are no bad people.
All people are good their own way, they only have various keys, and I try find them.
Everyone has their own feelings of life,and each of them is free do regardless of the fact that it wants,while it does not damage whom - that. People work to earn for the foodstuffs,and to earn,have whom-,divide it with,correctly whether?I think life to us give many opportunities and we should use it.Im right?
Well I shall write you further after I shall receive from you answer.I shall wait very much.In total you of the most best.With kisses,Olga.
Letter 3
Hi my friend Kai!
Since the first lines of this letter I want thank you for your attention me! Me very much pleases,that you write me!To me pleasantly each your letter!How you feel yourself?
At you all is good?At me everything is all right, life proceeds!In this letter I think tell you slightly about myself!I think,it will be interesting you know about my hobbies.
I shall start that I love a nature, whether in the summer I adore get out on the river lake put on a coast tent, to cook supper on a fire, drive by a boat, or to be floating slowly on a watercourse and to admire a sunset! And to sit near a fire at night to look at star sky,and reflect about something!You see its fine,you agree?In the winter I like to be rolled in a wood on a ski,inhaling a full breast clean wood air!Also sometimes I try to go on an ice skating roll, having taken with myself skates! As you have already understood,I try to watch over behind health,behind figure because I do not want,that I would have problems with health!Sometimes,in free time from work,I like look good films about love where at the end of film kindly always wins evil,and love above all! Also I very much love flowers!I like roses,tulips.I love their aroma!Except for it,I have still more many vital interests and if it is interesting to you,I shall write you about it in the following letters!
About my character?I can tell, that I quiet,kind,sympathetic, sensitive,fair! I believe in the present love,in this clean and light feeling!And I as believe,that in this world there is my second half, whom I necessarily a meeting! You too in it believe?
..................... the ANSWER TO HIS(ITS) QUESTION..............................
Well, I have shortly described myself if you have questions me ask me about everything!
I necessarily shall answer!Only beforehand ask forgive me if it will turn out so,that I suddenly shall not answer any your question because I not in perfection know english language, and can not understand that or! As it is interesting to me to know more about you, about your relatives about your hobbies!
Write to me, my friend Kai!I shall wait your letter!
Your friend Olga
Letter 4

Hi my dear Kai.
Its very glad,that I have an opportunity write to you new letter.How are you? What new has taken place in your life for these days? I very much missed your letter and all time thought of you.While I thought of prospect of this letter, it has cast over me some ideas. I all time think of how we will have a further future.Whether there will be we together sometime?That us expects ahead?Whether I can hope that you really will grow fond of me and will become my unique and loved by the man. But I hope...Hope dies last. Perhaps you can answer me these questions.I could not.I want write about love.I want write about that feeling which in a word describe am unreal.I want tell about main thing in the world. I want tell a small history. We frequently know that love somewhere beside.We people do not notice one. That if we search for this love it never will come, it you see a wind.It is able to give pleasure. Or to bring grief. What for we like.What for we go on an eternal tunnel leaving afar? We lock ourselves in a regal cage. Where we leave all our problems and the most important,that never will die. We leave soul in this cage.And then there is a person. Which breaks this cage and takes away your soul. Brings in soul happiness. But passes time and the person understands that pursued happiness,and has caught only a shadow of happiness. We search for love. And then we run from it. We run because we understand that it may be artful, bringing pleasure, or a pain, love may be passion.WHY WE LIKE TO ESCAPE FROM LOVE?You agree with me? I hope not too you have tired with reasonings.I for long time wanted share with someone feelings, but, unfortunately nobody was near to me. There was no such person to whom I might tell about it.You understand me?I hope you understand.
With the best regards yours Olga
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Kai.How are you? How your affairs?How your mood?
When I receive from you letters at me mood is improved.I overlook about troubles which sometimes are during day. I become happiest woman on the Earth. My friend Kai after meeting with you my life has found sense. After my moving from city of Murmansk in Yoshkar-Ola city I did not know, how I shall live one, in it not familiar city for me. My friend Kai today I wants to tell you about my family which at me is not present now. To me it is very bad on soul from I recollect fatal day when my parents have not come back home... I shall tell all under order. My mum's name Marina, at daddy's name Nikolay.My parents have got acquainted in 1977,and in 1978 they have got married.After one year I was born.My mum on speciality was teacher.My father after ending of Murmansk State Technical University worked as engineer on the factory. I was the only child in family, but at me might be born brother... But...My grandmother,has told me some time after.My daddy on work has departed in business trip to Moscow and my mum has departed with him, my mum was then on 2 month of pregnancy. But plane in which they flied, has broken and was wrecked not having reached up to Moscow... All passengers and crew of plane have died... To me was then two years.I almost do not remember the parents,only vague memoirs.Me grew and brought up my grandmother,has given me education.Grandmother has learned me to appreciate kindness and honesty in people, has learned me to solve any problem,any dispute in dialogue.My grandmother was for me mum and daddy.Last year my grandmother has died.I might not more remain in city where any place,any street of city of Murmansk induce on memoirs.And when after institute( I have two higher educa- tions, medical and economic)to me have offered work in city Yoshkar-Ola(republic Mari El) I have agreed not doubting.In city of Murmansk me nothing held. You understand me my dear friend Kai?
Tell also you more in detail about yours parents. What vital lessons you have adopted from them?Write about yours childhood? On it I am compelled to finish letter. Because to me its necessary to go on work,I can not visit Internet-cafe after work,Internet - cafe works with 1p.m.Certainly its not convenient for me but Im ready on all for sake of our correspondence. If I would have opportunity I has bought computer, it would be very good for us.We might correspond more frequently and find out each other better. But on my salary computer not buy.Write me soon,Kai. I with impatience shall wait for a fast reply from you.
Good-bye. Sincerely yours Olga.
Letter 6
Hi My dear Kai!!!!
I so miss you that days.You change my life and I feel how more and more close we become to each other.Thanks god and you for it!!!Every name from your lips will be the best name for me,only you can say it especially and wonderful...
You are so unusual man, I so value how serious you are for me.It was like ray of light discover how serious you are towards me. Man in Russia ready to help only in words but never in facts.But you are so different form them.Only true man like you ready to be not only in happy moments but in trouble too. I have never met such kind and true man here in Russia(to my shame). I�m grateful to God that he gave you to me,and Im so grateful to you,my Honey.That now I have You,and I won�t feel myself lonely anymore.When I was child I liked very much when Grandmother read fairy-tales to me. Most of all fairy tales I liked that one,where prince saved girl.They loved each other and whole world was glad for them. I thought I would never meet my prince. But now when I met you I believe that a fairy tale can be real.
You lighted up light of hope in my heart, and light rays of love. I love all this world only for that it gives you to me! After all pain I had I need real man,who I can trust and who can care.Honey!It doesn't matter for me that you older than I am.I always liked men older than me.Because they are more clever, reliable and careful then man of my age.I'm looking in life just it,stability and reliability.I lack it my life.Im tired of lie and betrays.Im very serious, responsible person.And man of my age cannot understand it. Only older man can understand and appreciate it.And I can find much in common with them. I think that it is more important when people have common thoughts about life.Because everybody now are looking for soul partner.And I also know that as older man is more stable views on life he has.That is I know if he chooses me, he won�t leave me in some time.He is not so easy changing his mind as younger men.With older man Im always sure about tomorrow.T hat he will not betray me.I hope you understand me,and that we also can have fairy-tale.I think we deserved it.And also I would like to be sure that you really care of our relations and you really have SERIOUS INTENTIONS towards me.Please, be frank and honest.OK?I'll understand every your answer. Sorry please for raising this subject now. This is very painful for me, and very unpleasant.I can't do anything with it.And I hope for your honest reply and understanding. I have big interest towards you and I want continue our communication. I do not want loose you as we have a wonderful chance for our future. Sincerely,yours Olga
Letter 7
Hi lovely Kai!!!
I long thought of that connects us and has come such conclusion that our relations of steel already its more than simply friends on correspondence, it seems me, I already love you.Certainly Im in it yet its not absolutely sure but me to you strongly pulls. I with impatience wait your letters, I reread them several times and I feel from them any heat which heats to me soul. How you think, whether its possible fall in love on correspondence? I long might not believe in it but now when I have found love in the Inter- net,I have understood,it not myth.Yes I love you Kai!!!!!I do not think that you test me same feelings, but I very much would like that it was so but if you of me yet do not love it will afflict me, better bitter truth, than sweet lie,but I hope that you will not cease me write you see not so important your feelings now. I think that in due course you too can grow fond of me.It seems me that I girl which was possible grow fond,let I the simple Russian girl but in me there is that is not present in other women, I love you! My lovely Kai you are ready begin unique person for me, you will be that light which warms in the mornings each plant and each corner of our planet,you that whom I can let into secrets all and dreams,you that with whom I would like lead all life.My love,seems me I has fallen in love with you because you very kind and fair person.I have seen in you persons, which searched for long years.I think,that for you it seems absurdity,but for itself I has decided,that you that person who is necessary for me.I'm ready wait from you reciprocal feelings how many its required and for me not so important how many will pass time,main thing for me,that you would not cease me to write letters.I thank god that he has helped me find you, you see you have raised in me hopes in breast that I can grow fond of somebody still,and somebody can grow fond of me.It seems me,that my angel the keeper has forced me to go in the Internet - cafe, go in that agency where your structure was and choose you and thousand others.I do not know my lovely, that for us wait in the future, whether there can be we, what learn each other closer and be together,light each other all stayed life, but I for one second do not regret, that have got acquainted with you. Between us its a lot of obstacles,which us should be overcome,if we shall decide be together, but I think,that we can overcome all this if we shall decide,that we are created the friend for friend.You know,that at me there is nobody, except for you. If I have not got acquainted with you,I simply did not know,what I did.I simply could not find myself someone who would concern me same as you concern me.I searched for you all life.I waited for prince who will like me and concern me,as princess.Im afraid be hasty in the decisions. Tell me my dear, that I do not deceive myself. I would not like,that all this would be only my dreams.Tell me,that you as seriously concern to our correspondence,and you will make me most happy on all white light.I shall wait for your letter with impatience and shall try answer you at once.Yours Olga
Letter 8
Hi my love Kai!How are you? How are mood?
Every morning I open my eyes and think about you.And I run to work again with the hope to get your letter.So at last I am able to read it and to write you, my dearest. Isn't it happiness?Only thing makes me sad is that you are so far away from me. I want to share my life with you,I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care. May be it seems strange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each another for ages. Hope you are not scared with all these and you understand me. The most important in the relations between two people,man and woman, love,of course,mutual understanding,respect. Two people should trust each another at first understand,care about each another.His life will be my life and I will give him all my love,care and tenderness.Let's fantasy little bit.
Imagine: night,romance,we are alone in the room,we turn on music and dance slowly.I look into your eyes,they are so deep and you look in mine,they are full of emotions.I see your lips, so soft and I want kiss them.We love each another and the minute is an eternity. Or so. you are coming back from work.I am waiting for you.I have cooked very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table,you tell me news,about your work and I am just listening you. I don't need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and watch the movie. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing.Just calm evening.
Or so.weekend, we are cooking breakfast for our children,they are running near us - a boy and a girl.After breakfast we are going to walk, we are having picnic, then we are going to see our friends and we come back home tired but so happy.We spent a day with our family. Children are sleeping already and we are alone. We are making love and the whole night is not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin and it will be even better.Well,enough with my dreams.
I believe that you are my second half and destiny helped us to meet.Its our chance to be happy and we can't miss it.It would be unfair.I understand that we don't know each another for long time and we haven't met but I don't care. I just know what I feel inside and my heart tells me everything. I would never believe that I could fall in love with the person I have never met in real life.But now I have experienced it and I believe in it.Everything could happen in this life.And there is nothing strange in it.I need to tell you one thing. It is really very important for me.But I need to know that you trust me.You shouldn't have any concerns about me. I don't deserve it. I have only serious intentions about you. Just write me that you trust me and I will be not scared to tell you this.I need tell you this, because it is very hard to feel it inside and not be able to tell you. Please, dear tell me, that you trust me and that you don't think that I am weird. It is not so,Im just very sensitive and sensual person. And you mean everything for me in my life. I just can't imagine my life without you anymore.I will better die than lose you.My life will be empty without you,it will have no meaning.I will think about it tonight. Please,be honest with me and write me your thoughts.Do you trust me?Take care, my lovely Kai. You are in my heart.Thousands kisses. Yours forever Olga
Letter 9
Hello my lovely!!! How are you? My dear, you likely have taken offence at me strongly, that I did not write to you the letter so for a long time, but it not my fault. As I some days come in the Internet of cafe and she all time is closed. Only today have opened also I only today could go there. You do not represent as I missed on you and very much wanted to receive your letter. Today I have received your letter and I am very happy. My lovely I so wanted to write to you the letter on January, 3 both to congratulate you happy New Year and to wish you all the best but so I have already told to you, that the Internet of cafe has been closed also I could not make it. But I now want you to congratulate happy New Year and to wish you that this year all your dreams and desires have come true. I in 2006 wished to find prince both I have found you and I this 2007 have wished, that we have met also I so I hope, that my dream will come true also we can with you will meet. I think, that and your dream to meet me and to look it at me. I so hope, that this year will be for us the most successful and happy. I have understood, that without you I cannot live, because I already very for a long time could not read yours the letter and it was very hard for me. I so dreamed, that we have met New Year together, but then I have understood, that it cannot be and dreamed, that we this year could will meet in the person and I am sure, that the our dream this year will be carried out also we can will meet. My lovely on January, 7 we had Christmas and on this holiday I thought only of you and me pulled only in the Internet of cafe and to read your letter, but unfortunately the Internet of cafe have been closed. But I do not despond and I shall hope for the best. I hope, that at you the same feeling to me as was before. You likely already know, that at me tomorrow on January, 10 day the birth and me tomorrow will be 27 years. And I so hope, that you tomorrow will write to me the letter and will wish me happy birthday. Well my lovely and unique, I on it while shall close the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours for ever lovely and unique Olga.
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