Letter(s) from Maria Somova to Al (USA)

Letter 1

It’s so pleasant to read your letter!
First! I’m glad to hear that you are happy because I’m going to come to your country.
My company will be opening its subsidiaries in several cities in your state.
If I have an opportunity I will try to get into the city that’s the closest to you.
Please, write me which international airport is the closest to you. If I have a choice, I will arrive to that airport!
I will try to find out the exact dates of my trip. My company will pay all my expenses!
My dear! I get so anxious when I think about our meeting. I want it so much. I hope you do too.
I can’t express my feelings in this letter. It all is in my heart! I hope that you understand it...
Oh... I’m so confused. I think about you every single day.