Scam letter(s) from Sofia Nevskaya to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello...nice to meet you. Can we know each other better? My e-mail is- Would be very glad to see your letter in my mailbox
Letter 2
Hello, dear Sandro!
So now maybe I probably should tell you something about me...or:) ....well ok.... what have I got to lose:))....hope I won't bore you to death now :)). well as you know I'm a great girl from Ukraine:) who really enjoys life, like having fun and spending time with my friends and family, they are an important part in my life. I prefer not to sleep away my life, it's too short for just doing that. It's more like this, sometimes I feel that 24 hours it's not enough for one day (well you know the feeling). There is so much I want to do. My attitude to life has always been that you should do and try to do those things in life that your always had wished or dreamed for. And it doesn't matter what it is( it could be the smallest thing in the world) as long as you know in your heart that you will be happy. I think it's important to live your life as yourself want it, not what other people want or think you should do or live your life. And as long as you don't hurt anybody else I see no problem with that. I have always tried to live my life as fulfilling as I possibly can, in the meaning as, I live it as I want it and it make me happy. I'm so tired of people who're complaining about their bored life and don't do anything about it. I see it like this, life too short and ****** if I wouldn't do my best, to always be happy and to have so much fun in it that I possibly can....that's little.... why I'm trying this Internet thing now to see if I can meet some wonderful and interesting people....and see what happens never know until you try it:)) and I'm open for anything and nothing is impossible, hopefully I meet my prince:)). So what more can I say..well.. I really love sport, music and adore meeting with friends. I'm trying to do this as often as I can. I would really love travelling to new places and visiting others countries. I love to see and learn about different culture in the world. I think it is fascinated to see how others culture work out and to meet people from different places. Hmm...what more can I say about me...hmm well in my spare time I'm trying also to keep me in shape so I can feel good about myself often by running, badminton, swim or go to the gym. I don't smoke and I only drink on rare occasions, like in a good company or so....well as you see...I'm trying to live my life as worthy as I can....bla bla bla:)) (but it isn't easy to do that all the time, I'm not perfect:))(far from:) I also try to respect and treat others in the same way as I wanted to be respected and treated. As you notice I am a very open and straightforward woman. Hope you don't think I'm too frank and open with you but I am a very straightforward and honest person and I also think that's the best way to avoid misunderstandings:) so I hope you like that and you can ask me anything what comes on your mind....I am ready for anything :))) I think I'm gonna stop here for this time, tell you more about me in the next letter if you are still interested to getting to know me:), I'm not so good in this talking about myself.. I'm just blabbering on..... you're probably already sleeping:))...... I am more a listener, I like to hear what other people have to say. But I hope I didn't bored you with everything and that you are still awake:))), I hope you know a little bit more about me now if not just ask... well I hope hearing from you soon. Bye for now and take care and hopefully I hear from you again and please send pics :) Sofiya.
Letter 3
Hello, dear Sandro! I do not have any photos in the swimming suit, but I have got one in a lingerie. I hope you will like it :) Have a nice weekend, Sofiya. PS. I will try to find one in the bikini :)
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Sandro! i am sorry, but I really do not have the photos you ask for. Thank you for the complements about my figure, I like them a lot :) Have a nice beginning of the week, Sofiya.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Sandro! OH, Honey, I am very sorry, but I have got some problems now - the rent of the flat where I live now has increased in price - I need to save money now for it and our correspondence costs me a lot of money. In order to receive one you letter, I have to pay 5.5$ and in order to translate mine and send it to you - it costs just the same. With my salary of $95, I can't afford to write you any more. But at the same time I do not want to lose you, my love! Please, honey, I don't know what to do now...I just need to know whether you want to continue it with me or not, because without your help I won't be able to write you...I hope that you will think it over carefully and tell me your decision. With great hope, Sofiya.
Letter 6
Hello, Dear Sandro :)
I am very happy to hear back from you! Well dear This letter will be short as my account is off but still i am sending you my pic as you requested! so how was your day how did you spend Christmas:) I want to ask you so much as well as I have to tell you and show you so much but.. well Sandro I asked in the agency what you can do to help so what i was told. Honey, I have found out that the best and safest way to send the money - through the Western Union System. You will need to know my full name Sophiya Nevskaya,Kudryashovka,Ukraine in order to send me the money. Then you will have to send me the control number, your full name and the country where you send me the money from. In a couple of hours I will take my passport and go to the bank to take the money. Take care I will be waiting for your reply Kiss Your Sofiya
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Sandro!
Here is the information you will need in order to send me the money for the correspondence with you with the help of the Western Union Service Sophiya Nevskaya, Kudryashovka, K.Marksa 9, Ukraine I have to pay $5.5 for one letter to send you and the same price is for the letter to receive fro you, but if you want to write me every day, it will be cheaper if you help me with the payment for the monthly unlimited correspondence - $195. As soon as you help me, I will be able to write you back and send you a photo. With great hope, Sofiya
Letter 8
Hello dear Sandro!
Honey, I miss you very much. I want to see you also! Please, try to send me at least a small e-mail in order for me to know that you don't forget about me and you want to continue our correspondence. Do you still want to meet me? I can't stop thinking of you, please, save me from this loneliness! Yours, Sofiya
Letter 9
Hello, dear sir Sandro Floriani! Let us introduce to you our small translation company which is called "Lutri". Our company provides different kinds of translations, including written and **** ones. We translate documents, contracts, invoices and other official papers, we also give such a service as the translating of the private letters and accompaniment of the foreign clients. Your lady Sofiya came to our office and asked us to help her with the translations of her private letters. We agreed and now she doesn't have money to pay for the translation of your correspondence any more. We take $5.5 for one translated letter from you to her. The same price is for her letter to be translated to you. If you want, there is another variant, if you are going to write her every day, it will be cheaper for you - you can pay for the monthly correspondence - $195. If you are interested in using of our services, please, let us know and we will explain to you in the next e-mail how you can pay for our services. Here is the e-mail address of our central office: Best regards, "Lutri".
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Sandro!
Well, so I understand now - it was al a game from your side. you never planned to help me, am I right? You must be sitting there and laughing, laughing at my feelings to you, at my hopes...And I was to naive to believe all the promises you had told me...Thank you for showing not me one more that there are no men who can keep their word. Bye, Sofiya.
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