Letter(s) from Julia Drosdova to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello dear, I need kind and caring man, who is a leader In this life, who can trust and love with his heart and soul! Are you such man? I want to know you better. Please write to me. yunfiluna@gmail.com

Letter 2

hello :) Hello, My Dear Friend!! before start talking about myself I would like to thank you for your interest in me. So We have made the first and The most difficult , to my mind, step towards each other we have written and now we have a very good chance to know each other:) Isn't it a great:)!! Well, I must confess that judging from your profile and your first message that you are a very interesting man, who I want to know!! so You are welcome in my life!!! Well, I am Yuliya:) Nice to meet you!!! I was born and still live in Lugansk, with my mom, who is a shop assistant! I would like to tell you a few words about my family that will be easier for you to understand me in future. you know I belive that person's background, up brining, family, school all these things give a vivid basis of his or her character that is why first of all i would like to tell you about my family! I live with my mom, unfortunately my dad died so my mom brought my younger brother,Sergey, and me alone, I think she is a very good woman and also a very brave one and she is a great example for me, it is she who learned to cook, and be tidy, to respect people and to trust them may be this is one of my drawback now. Sometimes I trust people too much I am open to them but then they hurt me though I dont hold grudges because I wish only the best for people:) well what else about me, now I am a student of the final course at the Pedagogical university, To help my mother I started to work and study part time. I work at the primary school, You know it is my profession and I like it very much I like to teach little kids and then it is so pleasant when I can reap the fruits of my labor. Well what can i tell you about myself:) I have some true friends who are very close to me, they call me, Yulyasha:) I like animals very much actually I have my pet-cat Elis, I like her really much and sometimes she takes advantage of my love to her:) I like reading, watching TV, walking, and looking out of the window at night I like stars , I like their twinkling, I hope my future best Half is also watching them and we are getting closer ( Oh I am too romantic too?? My favourite color is golden one if it is a color:) I think it is color that symbolizes the Sun and its Rays, sunny warm weather and everything good in life! I am extravert and introvert at the same time, it is a little bit difficult to understand but in the long run of our correspondence You will understand! I am for healthy way of life I like keeping fit and I like to keep on diet! I like healthy food, and of course I like cooking:) mmmmmmmm some of my exclusive dishes are adored by my friends!!! as for sport I go in for aerobics and swimming three times a week:) Any way I hope you can see the results on my pics:) Well I think I should let you go now I dont want you to be bored with my letter you know I am rather shy, my dear that is why i have told you everything came to my mind:) I hope You like my introduction:) well tell me please about yourself as well, I am very interested and I will be looking forward to hearing from you:) If yu have any questions feel free to ask i will be very glad to answer them:) take care Yuliya

Letter 3

hello, Dear!! Thank you for your message i am happy that you like my pic but would you be so kind and tell me more about yourself cause i am very interested in you:) take care Yuliya

Letter 4

Hello:) Merry Christmas:) How did you spent your Christmas:) Good day to you my dear. I hope you are doing well today. Thank you so much for writing me. It's a good feeling to know that you are interested in finding out more about me, and allowing me to find out more about you. In my mind I believe there has to be a reason why we were allowed to discover each other. To think that two people from opposite sides of the world are able to find each other... there has to be a reason for it. Is it fate? Perhaps, but we will know that as we correspond and find if we are a match. I know that I like all that I have found out about you so far! If we truly have the goal of making our partners happy, I think we will discover that we have much in common. You should know that it has to be a very big decision for me to look for a partner from another country. To move such a distance away and leave everything behind....family, friends, culture, and lifestyle. I think I am a very brave woman to decide this is what I want. But, when it comes to being happy in life there are times that decisions have to be made. And change can be a very good thing at times. And if you want to find the kind of life you want, and to fulfill your dreams.... sometimes there are risks that you have to take. So I want to assure you, if we decide we are to be together.... I will make sure I do all within my power to make you happy and to make your dreams come true. So, let us continue our passage to happiness. You may ask me anything you would like, and about any subject. I will always be honest and truthful with you. Only a relationship built on honesty and trust is going to last. I think we all learn from life's experiences. Sometimes they are good, and we hope to enjoy those experiences over and over. Sometimes they are bad, sad, or dangerous...and we must learn and try to avoid those things if at all possible. I hope you are able to send me many of your photos. I know a photo is never as good as the real thing, but for now it will be all I can have of you. It allows me to look upon your image, to view your eyes, to see your beauty.... only to hope that one day the smile on your face is because of me! So please, send me your photos.... clothing is optional.(WINK) Wishing you all the best... and to hear from you again soon. Yuliya

Letter 5

hello, Dear Sandro:)
Today was a very hard day for me, Really it was of my nightmares!! You know some of that days when you think that it is the worst day of all the life! You know, from the early morning my alarm clock seems to broke , so as a result I overslept! Obviously , I rushed like mead because if i am late at work at least 2 minutes my wage must be fined at 10%, you know, it is really luxury for me, so I am not allowed to be late for work! that is why i had to die but come in time, after i did all the clothing even without make up i went to the bust stop to catch a bus, so needless to tell that i almost was flying there I live in 10 minutes from the bus stop, this day i also had a very important meeting with colleague so i dressed myself very good my favorite business suit, oh i liked myself in it very much cause it suits me plus high heels:) so imagine while i was rushing on the stop bus a car that was going by on a great speed, and all that muddy water on the ground after the rain was exactly on my suit! but I had no time to return home so that moment I took on the bus, oh it is awful to use local transport in the morning because all the people also rush at work, in these small buses it seems that you stand on one feet and moreover is always trying to sit on you!] I was so angry, upset, devastated, but need to o! Dear You see I have been lucky enough to save some money for English books, i mean English self-taught because one month of courses costs about $300 you know it is really huge some of money for me that is why i have decided to buy these English books (actually there are three books then three work books and three tapes)i wanted to buy it so so much You know i think that I am ready to make this step for the sake of being together:) at least i decided to try! So I had $50 for that books and some extra money for a living! But after i got off from that bus i saw that my bag was cut and my wallet with all my money disappeared!!!! i burst into tears I just dont know what to do!! this money i was saving for two moths for that books, but then what???? I even dont have money on transport to come back home that is why i am so tired I was walking on foot from work because none could borrow me some money! I feel that my feet will burn, on high heels 15 km!!!! Dear but this is no important the most important thing for me is that i will save this money again for English books I mean, but this is time that could be spent on learning and speak at least little English will be a big step to each other and i want this so so much!!!!! and tomorrow i will have to wake up at 5 o'clock because i must go to work again 15 km... ok, never mind today it was not my day the most important is that at least i can tell you this and share i am happy because i have you!!!! still even realizing how hard can be i understand that such is life and life is wonderful:) but i dont know why a few tears again running on my cheek it is so unjust! take care kiss Yuliya

Letter 6

Hello, Dear Sandro :)
Did you ever instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a long, long time? Maybe you only knew them for a short while but it seemed that you had known them your whole life, as if there were a timeless connection between you. As you read these words and remember those amazing feelings, it's good to know that sometimes life has a way of making us remember those things, right prior to discovering that we can experience those feelings again... With me...in my experience, it's the kind of thing that can't be forced and no words can create it. Words and appearances are only expressions, the vehicles that contain the essence that moves us. It can only happen naturally as the expression of an energy between two people, but when it does...it's just like that feeling of incredible bonding, when all the barriers melt and drop way, and two people come together, fused into one spiritual essence, the mingling of energies feeding one to the other, building and increasing and intensifying, mingling into an expression of aliveness that words can initiate but never capture fully. It has instead to be indulged inside your own imagination...dwelled on, contemplated, experienced, deep, deep inside you. I do not know yet if you are the kind of person that can imagine enjoying that that kind connection, with your soul mate as someone wonderful who deeply moves you. But if you could envision the possibility and feel it opening now before you, drawing you irresistibly forward, how powerfully could you feel that urge to read on and learn more? If these words have moved you...then perhaps you are the special, imaginative, fun-loving man for me and perhaps we are already on the way to being able to meet and feel a special connection; a connection based not just on getting what you want, but moving beyond what you want into what could deeply fulfill you. Yes I think we should give it a chance and we may find love together. I think that in love you need to take chances and risks and expose your vulnerabilities because the pleasure is so great that lies ahead for those of us who together find that soul mate and lover, to enjoy a lifetime romantic love affair?Which is what I will find. Sometimes in life, we get hurt and let our disappointments or past experiences block us from holding out hope...hope that real love with real people can be possible. But behind all that...behind all the cynicism and hurt...the let-downs and the "not quites" is the part of the person who believes. The one who believes in love and being loved for who you are. Dear Sandro I am a teacher have you read my first letters:) Unfortunately Today when I came to the translation agency they told me bad news! I was told that our correspondence account that I have paid is low and should be renewed but really i am short of money and i cant afford this myself! I pay each letter 4 euro your and mine to get translated so honey right now it is very difficult to pay but you see i dont want to loose you:) I am so sad it is so bad when you cant even talk to the man you like! In the agency i was asked to pay either per two weeks 85 Euro :0 and we can exchange as many letter as we want may be you can help??? Take care kiss Yours Yuliya

Letter 7

Hello, my dear Sandro :)
Thank you for your letter:) dear How nice it is to get letters from you!!! I thank you and god that we have met over the Internet. There are not to many special people in this world and I think you are one of these, you are special to me and make me smile and feel the warmth in side when i receive your letters. It makes me special to know that somebody so far away thinks about me and cares for me!! Dear Sandro here is the info you have asked: Yuliya Drosdova, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000 Dear I will be waiting for your reply Take care kiss Your Yuliya