Letter(s) from Valentina Salahutdinova to Jessey (USA)
Letter 1
Hi from Valentina
Thanks, that you could answer my message. I so am glad that you have written, to tell the truth I did not think that you can answer me, I very much it am glad. I would like to tell for the beginning not much about myself, and I am sorry if that that will be not so because I do not know that you saw in my profile, it to me was done by my friends, I did not make it. My name - Valentina , my surname Salahutdinova, I 27 years. I live in city of Kazan it in Russia, to me very much like that place where I live! Certainly my basic language - Russian, but I speak on the English language, but not so good nevertheless, I try to know it better a little. I have studied the English language at Pedagogical university. I work as the teacher at school. My work is pleasant to me, I like to teach children. And in general I love children! In us very good collective, not looking for his size. During final time from work I like to be in, lean the nature, I like to walk on parks and avenues. The nature at us in Russia such remarkable and various it is especial in the summer! Friends count me, the romantic girl, but I in distinguish from them I think this advantage, and I think, to which it to me will help to find the person who will change my life in the best party. I like to read, but I not always have time for this purpose. In the person I estimate attentiveness of Enthusiasm and respect of fidelity for end the woman. I cannot transfer roughness, hypocrisy, treachery, imprudent jealousy, in what or. I think it, the strongest attitudes are under construction on mutual understanding and on trust to each other. On it I finish the first messages to you. I should not hide it, me very much required, that our dialogue, had continuation as it - my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, I when did not try to find, that the person on the Internet, but on mine was last chance for me what to find the person, I cannot find it here in Russia, can in me appears, where, to be in the other place, and it - really interesting learn about you in more detail. With wishes all best Valentina
Letter 2
Lovely mine, my lovely HUSBAND, lovely. I so am glad that you can to help, lovely I love you, lovely I is very happy that you can to help me, lovely I is very happy, lovely I asked in Travel agency as my husband can help me, lovely they have told that there is very favourable and fast system of translations, lovely she refers to the Western Union, lovely I learned where it from us, lovely to me have told that I can come in any BANK and there search for it, lovely to me have told that my husband has sent me of money that lovely to you is necessary to know only my name and only my surname, lovely my full name Valentina, my full surname Salahutdinova, lovely you can send simply for RUSSIA on my data, lovely and I as should know your data for that what to receive your money, lovely I love you, lovely I shall wait your letter, lovely I do not want to sleep, lovely do not want to eat, lovely I only want to be with you, lovely I love you, lovely I want to be with you, Lovely I love you!!!!Valentina
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