Scam Letter(s) from Tamara Lezhnina to Ken (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Ken!!!! My angel, my knight as your affairs???? My angel I am happy as never to receive your letters again and again!!!!! You are my inspiration, my support in this hard life!!!!! You that the man of which I think always..... With which I want to be.... Your letters, your gentle words and in particular your photo force to beat my heart fastly and fastly.... Earlier I never would think, that someone can cause in me such strong emotions..... But you have appeared and all has changed..... I am happy, madly happy that have found you!!!!!!! I am ready to shout about it for the whole world!!!! Yesterday I after internet-cafe went to be engaged in a sports hall so it is tired that has hardly reached a house and since morning of fur-trees have risen from bed, Even thought to not go for work, but from work you will not get to anywhere and at the same time the letter to you to write it would be desirable. I so would not like to be full, therefore I look after myself. After training took a hot bath. You would like to take with me a bath filled with fragrant foam and petals of roses???.... My dear Ken today I have accepted that decision about which you asked... I for a long time thought all last day.... You have appeared in my life as a ray of light and I do not want you to lose.... Never... I see, I believe, that you really love me and I open for you the heart.... Though it for a long time has opened for you my angel, I am simple was not absolutely confident you..... Yesterday, when I have come back home after training to me there has come my best girlfriend Julya. (she lives in the next entrance. We have got acquainted with her one year ago when she there has moved. I went from shop and saw as she moved. I have approached to her and we have started to talk. So I have got acquainted with her). We with her so for a long time spoke, that I have gone to bed late. By the way, I to her told about you. She was glad, that I have found to myself the friend on correspondence. I told about you for a long time... Told about the feelings to you. She as well as my mum has told to me that I was not afraid of love that has not missed the happiness that trusted you as you really good person and that the man which I for a long time searched.... She transfers you huge greetings and speaks, that you too are her friend, so my friends it her friends. She wishs us with you only good luck and love... You became for me very much the close person, and I already dream of how we shall be together... I dream of our walk on a beach..... About kisses... Gentle embraces.... About passionate hot nights... I long to stand and to look in this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two. The easy wind blows, the summer sun, water in the river very quiet shines. Grass easily shakes and the cane rustles. We sit a two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and us so it is good, That more than nothing it is necessary also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a grass and long long kiss. Ours kiss to reduce us from wit and we can not constrain our desires And we to engage love You know when I read your letters my heart begin to beat fastly and more strongly. It feels heat and tenderness. You know I never tested anything similar and sometimes begin to think that I fall in love with you. I did not tell to you in the last letter that I yesterday saw beautiful dream about us. I saw that I ran on a high grass on a field. I ran long and the longer I ran the more strongly I felt heat on the body. Then in the distance I have seen your silhouette and began to run faster. I have approached to you, have taken your hands, then have strongly embraced you and you have presented me a sweet sweet kiss. I have woken up from it and my body was damp. When I had boyfriend I never saw dreams about him. And about you saw... I never thought that I shall test to you such feelings, but speak that the love comes suddenly and quickly. So there comes the present love. And you would like to appear in my dream and to present me a kiss? It would be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to meet you. I grieve without you. I think, that you also. I live In Russia and they - one thousand kilometers from your house and from you. So it is far, very far. And this huge distance is very difficult for overcoming, to my big regret. And I am so sad from it. I have met you and this big happiness for me. Letters which you write light and the Kind and so does not satisfy me high temperature and tenderness. I thought of us with you much, about our attitudes and have decided. We can those two half ? Time flies so quickly, and I am oppressed about Loneliness. I am tired to be that. I wish to meet you face to face. And, at last, it to look in your eyes. I think of us with you much. If you now were near to me, you could give me a lot of cares. For those days, which we speak with you I has understood, that is very lonely without you. Now I precisely know, what exactly you I searched all life for. You have turned my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to you I have felt again happy. I send you many - many sweet air kisses, I hope, you have caught them.... I shall think of you.... Now I should move home..... But tomorrow I again shall come here by all means to receive your letter my angel!!!! I grieve without you.... My heart is distressed in loneliness and in the distance from you..... I wish you pleasant mood, successful day and sweet dream of our meetings.... On it I am compelled to finish the letter, I hope... You have not strongly got tired at reading it:) Know, that you with me always beside, not looking that we are divided with many thousand kilometers because YOU IN my HEART!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!! I KISS YOU!!!! Bye-bye My pleasure.... Yours for ever Tamara

Letter 2

Hello my dear-dear-dear-dear Ken!!!!!!! Hi my Loved, my angel!!!!! how are you my love????? How you my pleasure???? How your mood???? My angel I hope, what at you everything is all right???? My dear when I today have received your letter my pleasure was not a limit!!!!!! I am very very happy!!!!! I want to shout about it for the whole world!!!!! My heart is ready to jump out of a breast and to arrive to you now...... My angel, my knight Ken I am happy also you I think too..... Now I can start to do documents and the visa and to arrive to you!!!! I very strongly want to be with you my angel!!!!!! My love you have made that important step for our connection!!!!! I am happy, I am madly happy, because we soon very soon shall together!!!! I believe in it!!!! It is necessary to wait only when all documents will be ready!!!! My love, my angel unfortunately, I late could receive your letters!!!! (: I did not expect, that you will be so are fast in the action!!!!! Half an hour back all banks already unfortunately were closed also I cannot receive today your translation. Tomorrow I will descend in the working break in bank and to receive your money and to give them to travel agency, at once to start to do all necessary documents. As soon as I shall receive your translation I at once I shall go to travel agency and I shall know about cost of tickets and about that information about which your friend from Poland spoke you. Then I at once shall come to Internet - cafe and I shall inform to you all the received information!!!! My angel, my love I hope at me there will be no problems with reception of your translation. I would like to specify some information for this purpose. You have made a control question about which spoke, this name of my grandmother seems? Also in agency the tour operator explained me, that your full home address is necessary for reception for me. I only know, that you live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA, but I do not know street, an index and number of your house. My Loved Ken I hope so much to see you very soon, I have to see you, I have to live with you, my deepest soul is asking for you, is longing for you, I cry for you my Ken, I need you, you are vital for me. Ken my love, I cannot live without you, please, please, please, I want to be with you. I do not know what I should do without you my love, I think and dream from you only. You are my life and my heart, my heart will get ill without you. You are always for mine. For me, it is very hard to be without you. I know my Angel, for me it is easier to be at the computer as for you, If I want write a letter to you, I can write whenever I want, when I go away, in me is a pain, because I fell that I go a little more away from the computer and from you. It's always like a sad parting. But we human have a mind and a soul, and you are in my mind and my soul, in my deepest soul. Ken my love, I do not know what I should tell to you, always and always I will say to you, that I love you very much, that I miss you very much, that you are in the deepest bottom of my heart, that my soul is longing for you, that I will kiss you every time - ok - sometimes we have to eat and to breathe. I want to be with you my angel as soon as possible!!!!! It is a pity, that it is impossible to close eyes and to appear with you right now!!!!! My heart is broken off from separation.... I think every minute about that day when I can sink in your embraces!!!!!! I cannot describe to you the condition... But know to me very strongly there is no you my angel!!!!!! I grieve on you!!!! You in my ideas always 24 hours per day!!!!! My angel I do not know as soon you will receive this letter, but please, at once write to me the answer and inform the address.!!!!!!! Since morning I can go all over again in Internet - cafe and know your full home address and then only to go to bank. I think so it will be more reliable... It is very important!!!!! I shall not sleep all the night long for excitement!!!!! My angel Ken I cannot already sleep, eat I only I think of you!!!! I want to come since morning in Internet - cafe and I hope to receive your answer. Then I shall run in bank and I shall receive your translation. After that I at once shall run in travel agency that they have started to do all documents tomorrow. I as well as you do not want to lose any day of any minute!!!! I am always with you my Loved, I kiss you my Angel. I LOVE YOU KEN!!!!!!!!!!!! On it I finish the letter to you and I ask you tit times to inform me your data your address. I send you 10000000000000000000000000000000 kisses that they have covered each section of your body!!!! I miss you!!! I miss you!!!! i kiss you!!!!! I love you and big hugs to you!!!!!!!! Yours and only yours Tamara.....



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