Letter(s) from Johnson Yeboah to Trevor (UK)

Letter 1

Hello My Dearest Clevor’ Trevor ,
It was really nice and great to have read from you.How are you doing today?Hope you are fine and thanks for showing interest in me. I also read your profile and really liked it profile and i think everything is ok I will really like if we get to know each better. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end, coz love is all there. Now I want to tell you about myself, am a Female from Sweden and am 29yrs of age, I am single woman. My hobbies are Swimming, listening to music, learning from others, visiting and going out with friends. Well I have completed my first degree, and I’m a single woman and now looking for the one who is honest, caring, kind, lovely, faithful, and responsible and I hope we will be good lovers to each other. I want to be with my man of my dream now, forever and ever .I am always serious looking for the right man in my life and I hope that man will never let me down and will accept me in his life.

Also be serious and I am serious to meet you where ever you are if you are in seriously in love with me, and I would like to hear from you soon and tell me more about yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon. You are the reason of my worries and at the same time the source of my courage. Without you around I would be more indifferent to adversities. But you give me the motivation to look ahead with confidence and determination in the pursuit of the options that will give us more tranquility to enjoy the affection we share. Even when my days don’t run as smoothly as I would like, I don’t get mad, because I know I will be coming home to your caresses and to be greeted by your warm smile. Even when I face some problems during the day, I always keep in mind your morning wish, your “good morning“ and I try to overcome every obstacles just so that I can see you again soon and enjoy true peace in the peaceful island of your arms. I love you “Good morning!”, just as I love every night and every hour we spend together. If you'd like to reach me you can e-mail me or chat with me on (johnson_yeboah1234@yahoo.com).I tried connecting you throught your direct mail address but didn\t get through.Can you give me the right address?

Yours ever, Johnson

Letter 2

Hi Trevor,
i got much impress when i read your marvellous message dated this date.I am swedish and i was train .............. sweden ,i had all my education in sweden in a region called Abbekas and i have my 1st class upper degree in psychology .My father comes from sweden .......and retired so moved to ghana cos his wife is ghanaian as at now am in ghana with my mum and the same time working as psycologist in a company called INSTITUTE OF RESAERCH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.we deal with those who are suffering from their mentality,and also deal research into why some people are poor and why others are rich.But am inot researching into the economy. And my dad has now moved to the United States so i will be happy if we meet to talk more about our selves so we can friendship that will last for long and for ever.So i will be expecting you to talk about ourselves to know more about each other soon bye for now.