Scam letter(s) from Olga Balyuk to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Jerry! Thank you again for you letter! I have bad news today.... As i said i had meeting yesterday and it was bad :(
They don't give me all sum on a LOAN!!! :(
It is a horror! I expected that they will agree to help me and lend me all amount that i need but they did not allow it :( I was need 490& USD to cover the last payment to the company for their services.. And i expected that my friends will help me with it. But they give me only 150$ USD It's good but i need another 340$ USD... I know it is small sum but i already have borrowed a lot of money from many my friends and natives to pay one part of money before so i could not to lend more... :(
I am crashed! I do not want to do now! I am in shock!
I am cry! I have very sad mood now.
I thought that could to fly to you on next week and celebrate christmas with you together! Oh my god how i wanted to see USA on next week.
Do you know how it hurt when you waiting for something and it does not happen? It is very painfull!
What i can do now? What i must do now?
I really have dreamed about trip to your country and now all my thoughts is breaked! :(((
And in that letter I want to ask you about one request.
Dont afraid. You may say NO if you dont trust me.
But to tell the truth I dont know what can I do that you trust me.
I like to learn a lot of new about yout people, the country, etc.
I for a long time wanted to look at your country.
Besides we could get acquainted closer and to begin more than friends if I have arrived to your country.
I already have all necessary documents and papers for it but you know about my problem :( It is a shame to me to ask you about help, but I nevertheless do it. Can you help me with money?
I know that i had promised to you to not ask you about money but i am in difficult situation now. All that i dreaming about is so close to me now and i already see you (in my imagination) at the airport with the banch of roses and i do not to lose all it!
I realy want to meet you!
f you can help me I shall earn and return to you then later.
I mean, that I want to take money at you ON LOAN (BORROW or LEND) I do NOT ask, that you gave them to me forever.
I will return money to you in anyway...
I necessarily will find work and I promise that I shall return your money. So think about that and tell me in your next letter about that. OK? I dont want you think that I play with you. I really do want to meet you. I SWEAR!
I do not want to wait much time cause i have vocations now and i must to not waste and lose my time! We could have a good time together as we planed.
I hope you want to see me so strong so will be able to help me.
If you will agree to help me i could come to USA within 12-13 DAYS!
I AM SERIOUS ABOUT ALL OF THAT! I just need 340$ USD on a loan (it means you will get your money back later for sure)....
And if you want you can contact with manager of the company and ask any questions about me.. All of it very easy and simple..
They will your guarantee if you will agree to help me so should not to worry about it....
My destiny is in your hands now.... I hope you know about how much i serious of arriving to you and spend my vocations with you. Believe me i am not playing with you. I have realy serious intentions and plans and i am sure that it will come true. I just need your help for now cause can't do all on my own. I realy feel big shame to ask you about money but i realy need cause i do not want to lose my time and lose this great opportunity to leave russia for some time cause i have been waiting all this for a long time. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEND ME MONEY IT'S OK. I will understand you and we will be good friends anyway cause i like you. It will mean that all my plans will be broken but i do not want to press on you to disturb you to ask you again and again about it. I have a pride! So you must think about it and make your decision about help me or not.. I just want to tell you that i am real and i am ready to arrive to you very soon... Think about it.. So sorry if my letter is too big and about my request.
I will wait your answer!
Bye! Your OLYA.... P.S.
I hope you will not change your mind about me..
I do not want to lose you and my dreams......
Letter 2
Hi my dear Jerry! Well i thought that you will say not. It is sad but i understand you. Please forgive me for this request.
I was should not to ask you about it. Please forget about it ok.
I not wanted to do it and have told you it before that i will not to do it cause yes i am different. Sad to hear about your bad experience with russian womans.
But I am not like that woman. I am real! No more lie in your life!!! So please forgive me for words about money. I swear that you will not hear from me any word about money in the future!!! I hope you will not change your mind about me and you still will like me very much cause i like you very much and want to see you. I will try to do all by myself and will try to find necessary amount by myself. I will do my best cause i realy want to see you.. I will try and borrow it and maybe sombody will help me... Ok i will close for now and let's continue talking about good things and forget about this talk.
We have a good connection now between us and i do not want to lose it... I want to hear your voice so i will try to call you soon on your phone number. Ok have a good day and be happy my dear Jerry.. Always yours OLYA KISSESS!
Letter 3
Hi my dear!
Thank's for your letter. OK i understand you Jerhou and thank you hat told me about your problem.
I understand all and do not want to force you. And i want to tell you that will not leave you and will continue to write to you.
It's ok i will try to find habitation in another place or something. I want to continue to be your friend and hope you want the same.
So i will not ask you about place for living and money do not worry about it. Quite the contrary i want to suggest you help. YES HELP my dear.
I want to give you an opportunity to earn some money and make your life better. So i have some ask for you. Hope you will help me :) I bet it will be surprise to you:) Well i will explain you all.
Did you heard something GlobalTestMarket system? It is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys that lead to the development of new products and services. Their online survey community consists of over 5.5 million members in over 200 countries. GlobalTestMarket is a world-wide technology leader in global consumer research sponsored by Global Market Insite, Inc. (GMI). They belief is that in the coming years, a growing majority of survey-based research will be done over the Internet due to the inherent advantages in terms of speed and inter-activeness.
Many companies and manufactures in this system and they make a global market research.
It's like promotions. They do many compititions, interrogation, interview, offer to people to fill many questionnairies.
They ask people about their goods etc ask some questions etc.
Sometime offer the lottery. So it's like a big interrogation to the people about different goods.
I am in this system for a 3 months and had made a lot of interrogation, take part in 4 research and had winn 3 compititions.
It is very interesting you know.
They give a POINTS on each offer so after 3 months i have a lot of points now (it's like balance).
They had gave to me a special VISA card only for ONLINE SHOPING It is specialy discount card for online shoping in stores that included in this system so now i can purchase something for me in this stores...
But here is on problem.
They do not accept Russia on their site.
It means that they can't send it to me in Russia because it is impossible to sign up on their site from russia.
When i sign up i wrote that i am from USA.
I have a few accounts on this site and i used a random names cause i wanted to take part in this system.
I mean that when i have signed up for their compitition i used another names :) I remember when i have fill it up. I think up several names random. And now when i want to purchase something in this online stores i need a USA address cause they think that i am from USA :)
I am feel shame myself now but i wanted to try to winn compitition on their website and told them that i am from USA :) And i am winn it :)
There was some questions, tests, i was need to give some answers on their questions and from their results i got big scores and take first place :) So now i have a good balance of POINTS (SCORES)
But i do not know what i must to do now. They need the address to where they can ship it. If i will tell them that i am from russia they will refuse and abort my membership reset my balance.
But i am want to got it very much.
I am already promisis to my nephew that i will give some thing to him.
And i want to keep my word and give it to him as a gift. And of course take other things to me. So i ask you. Can you receive it to your postal address and then send it to me or sell it at your place?
And if you want i can give you as a gift some of that items.
Maybe you want something? Feel free and ask me about it ok?
I will send you some item like bonus for that you sending my items.
So it will be yours items and then you could use it for yourself or just sell it for money... So please help me.
I can give them your address and they will send it to you. You can receive it very easy without any problems.
So what you think? Please let me know what you think soon ok because i must to answer to them till 29 December.
Hope you will understand all of that i wrote here and will help me..... Well i will close for now in hopping to hear from you very soon.
OLYA..... P.S. Let's chat via yahoo messenger! Please tell me your yahoo id and we will chat!
My id is dekameron333 so please add me to your contact list..
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