Scam letter(s) from Kristina Pavlova to Leigh (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, my darling! A lot of people consider that love is very banal thing. May be they are right. But I have another attitude. I think that love is the most strong feeling in the life! It makes us strong and weak, happy and unhappy! When we fall in love, the spring comes to our life. And even the dismal day seems to us sunny and warm! I think that we are made for love and life without love is empty and vain! I hope that you share my opinion. And if you are,then I think we have a chance to experience destiny with each other! I'm careful and kind person, a little romantic, like every woman! I want to spend all my life with my beloved man. I'm very faithful and I appreciate this trait in people, because I hate lies. My daring, I want to make you happy! I hope that you'll give me this chance! Remember, I'm still waiting for you!!!
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Leigh! I'm happy that I have a chance to correspond with such a wonderful man like you! I'm very interested in you and I hope that it is mutual. Before our acquaintance my life was monotonous. But now thanks to you I'm full of emotions and I'm waiting fir the next day to receive one more letter from you, Leigh. I appreciate you much for more of your wonderful picture, I like all of them! I guess we are able to build up a deep friendship if we will keep this letter correspondence. A big relation between foreign people and a passionate love and this first affection here is like a small young flower that can only fed by our care and trust in the next weeks. And you know the laws in nature that as same as flowers need some water regularly so our friendship needs frankness and commitment to overcome this long distance between us. Now we donot have the opportunity to meet us every day. We only can write us our thoughts, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires and its not easy to let grow our feelings to a big love here. But we should try, yes? What do you think about this? Every your letter raises my mood and you know, even disagreeable moments seem to me not so bad and depressed! In this letter I want to tell you some words about my work. Probably you want to know all about me and my life. I hope that this letter will help you to know me and my inner life better. At first I want to say that I'm very sociable. I like to communicate with different people. It's very interesting to know something new about human mind. I'm not a psychologist, but any way I like to work with people. As I have written to you in my last letter I work as a waitress in one of the restaurants. It's very hard work, because it takes a lot of power. But I am trying to obtain even from this job something useful for myself. There are a lot of different people, some of them are kind and friendly, other are gloomy and even severe. But I always set myself an aim to raise their mood and to make their visit to our restaurant agreeable as an object. And you know, when they are pleased with my service, I'm really happy! Sometimes it is enough only to smile to them! Many of our visitors have became my friends now! Unfortunately, this medal has another side, not so good. Sometimes it happens that visitors are displeased by something. In these situation I try to do everything possible to smooth away the troubles. Thanks to this work, I have some experience and I'm sure that it will help me in the future. Now I wait when I'll finish my study and I hope that I'll have an opportunity to find work according to my profession. Like every person I have a lot of dreams, but the main is to meet my soul mate. I think it's very important to have near yourself a person to whom you can trust and give all your hear and soul. Also I'd like to travel. you know, I have never had such opportunity. But I always dream one day to visit many countries, of course with my beloved man. i think it will be so romantic! I am thankful to the scientific progress for such an opportunity to meet and communicate with you,my darling, though the distance between us! I also need to tell you about some small obstacles. I feel ashamed, but I don't know English and I don't have my own computer, that's why I need to use the agency's service. I hope that it's all right for you. But any way, I dream to learn English and I think that in the nearest time I could realize my dream. I hope to hear you soon! Sincere yours Yulia.
Letter 3
Thank you for your such a sweet reply, my dear Leigh! It is really nice of you that you wrote me back again. I am so glad to receive your letter, I can't even express it. And I am also glad that you are still interested in me. You seem to be a man of a dream for any girl so I am flattered that I am the one who is corresponding with you. Your kind words, your sincere interest in me, your sweet compliments mean a lot for me, my dear. You do care of my personality, you want to know me better and you are not satisfied with my great outlook only. I thank you so much for that! We have only one life and I think that we must spend it with pleasure. Every person want to be happy, to have family and bring up Kids! I'm not an exception! The whole life we look for true love and stable relationship. Unfortunately, very often a way to the happiness is hard and long. And now I'm the happiest woman on this Planet, because destiny has me presented you, my sweetheart! You are man of my dreams! Thank you for your attention and care. I'm very glad that you share my perception of the relation and the world in a whole. We have common thoughts and we are waiting for the same from love! And now I can say with certainty that you are my second half and all this time I was looking only for you! This is really a fortune to meet you, my darling! I'm sure that only you could fill me of love and happiness. It seems to me that we have a lot of common. I think that we can build the stable relationship only on three founds: love, respect and mutual understanding. I'm sure that you will be loving husband and careful father. You are my second half, man of my dreams! every your letter makes me the happiest woman in the world and I'm always waiting for them with impatience. You fill my heart and my mind. I don't understand how I have lived before without you, my sweetheart! Thank you for your presence in my life! It's very difficult to trust people in our modern world. All my life I was afraid to be defrauded and I have never shown my feelings. But now thanks to you, darling, I want to be an opened book which you will read always with rapture! I want to take you all my confidence and inmost feelings! It's so wonderful to perceive each other more and more with every letter! I hope that these letters will be first pages of infinite story of love! And of course i would like to meet you one day! I don't know what our future meeting will look like, but i can already imagine you coming to me, and how we hug and kiss in the airport... Every minute I think about you and I'm waiting for your lovely letters! Yours Yulia.
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetheart Leigh! I'm always waiting for your lovely letters with trepidation in my heart! It seems to me that with every letter we become closer and there are no distance and any barriers between us! All the time I think about you and our future. Now I understand that true love and lifelong happiness have come to my life. You are really wonderful man and I with every your letter I understand this more and more. Of course I want to share with you not only past and feelings, that overcome me much. I want to talk with you about everything, even different stuff! I want that you will become a part of my life and I'd like to be this one for you. I want to ask you for an advice and give it to you, when you need it. I agree with you, it's very important to live with each other's daily life. This night I have seen a wonderful dream! You and me, we have strolled in the forest. Everywhere it was sounded pipe of birds and it has seemed to me that they have piped about love! There was nobody around us! We were following the path and you have hold me by the hand! I have felt warm and tenderness of your hand and my heart was beating faster! With every step the path has become more and more narrow and our bodies were nearest to each other. And suddenly you have stopped and... You have kissed me! It was our first kiss! My darling, I want that some day this dream will realize! I need your warm and tenderness, your love and care! You have filled my life of bright colors! Our world is vast and varied. And I want to perceive all its charm and beauty with you, my sweet! I want to see dawn together and to spend romantic evenings under moon with you! I wish to overcome all life's difficulties and to ask you for advice! I'm sure that our life will be like a holiday, without misery and sorrow. My darling, I need your strong shoulder and hot heart! I think that we have a chance to make each other the happiest people in the world, because we love! It's really difficult for me to express all my feelings, because they overcrowd my heart. But I know for sure that you are the only for whom I was looking and I dream about the day of our first meeting. My darling, I'm sure that our relationship will be the happiest in this world. It seems to me also that we have known each other all the life! And of course I want to be with my ideal man, with you, my sweet. All my heart and my soul reach out for you. I fall asleep and wake up only with one thought about you. I know well I need you, I want to be with you all my life. I don't afraid to start a new life , our common life! You are the better what I had ever have in my life and I don't want to lose you. I'm always thinking about you, you are in my heart! Sincere your Yulia.
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