Scam letter(s) from Marina Shevnina to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1
today I have come to the Internet of cafe to look and read your letter. But I have been strongly surprised because I email has been removed. I do not know why it has taken place! I asked people in the Internet of cafe why it happened also to me have told that it could happen owing to a virus. I asked to make to me new email and now I write to you. My new address of e-mail
Letter 2
Hi my dear Jessey, Thanks for the letter which you have written to me, I am very glad to receive it. Today I went to various banks to learn as you can send me your money. I was in many banks today and I am very glad because I have learned that wanted... To me have told that the best way to send money it to take advantage of services firm which refers to the Western Union. To me have told that it is very good organization and it is engaged in remittances worldwide. They for a long time work in this sphere and they can trust. Except for that in our city the Western Union is almost in all banks and for me a problem will not receive your money. I can receive your money in 15 minutes after you will place it in the Western Union. I think that you will agree with me and will make as I ask. I have learned that you should know my data: My full name: Marina Pakeeva
My country: Russia Honey, I also need to know your data that I could receive your money.
I hope that you can give me it. I need to know: Your full name
Your city and the country Honey, I should tell to you that I need 850 USD. I do not know how many money you can give me, but I ask you that you have written to me in the letter all data and the exact sum of money which you have placed in the Western Union. I should know more than your data because it is done for safety of clients, and only when I shall know all these data I can to receive your money. Honey, I almost to overlook, I need to know still special number if I am not mistaken it refers to MTCN, it will consist of 10 figures. Honey, I ask you that you have made all as soon as possible because now all depends only on you, than earlier you will send me your money to those earlier I can to buy tickets and to arrive to you. Honey, I ask you that you to go in the Western Union in as soon as possible and try to send me your money. I very much miss you and very much I wait for your letter... With love yours Marina...
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