Scam letter(s) from Elena Oshotina to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Ken,

Are you also trying to find a second half of your life? I do believe one can find his love in the net. I'm a sociable and cheerful person. I'm always in high spirits, maybe because I know how to relax. I like yoga. I also passed a course of massage. I like risk. If I can't decide what to choose I just take a coin and choose heads or tails :-) It really helps. My friends call me battery, because I have lots of energy and share this positive energy with them. I'm a sensitive person, I express my impressions by making photos. Please tell me something about you, your hobbies?goals? I'll be looking forward your next letter,my e-mail is: Bye-bye,
Letter 2
Hello, honey Ken! Thank you very much for your letter! I'm glad that you wrote me back. You know it's the first time in my life I'm writing to someone whom I don't know personally. I think exchanging letters is a special kind of privacy. Don't you think so? I think it wouldn't be out of place to tell you some more things about me. I was born in April, 30th. I'm 29 years old. My height is 169 cm (thanks to my parents :-) and my weight is 51 (thanks to the active life style) I have green eyes and light black hair. I like beige color, I guess it suits me. Look at my picture, do you think the same? I spent my childhood with my grandparents in a suburb of Rostov(Russia). Now I live with my parents in Kerch (Ukraine). My parents are pensioners. My parents are pensioners. My father used to was a colonel, so our surname Polcovnichenko was quite for his place. ("polcovnik" means colonel in Russian :-) I have an elder brother, his name is Misha. He loves me very much. Can you imagine he is still calling me "my little". My mother's name is Valya. When I was at school, I visit dance classes. I even got a diploma. I like to dance very much, especially belly- dances. After school I entered the university and graduated from the department of low. I guess it was more my father's choice than mine. Then I had been working for two years in militia(police), but I have some problems with my work,so I had to abandon it and remove to Ukraine. Now I work as a choreographer, like my mother did. From the very beginning I want to tell you why I look for my man here. I'm not going to tell you that all the Ukrainian and Russian men are drunkards and that don't know how to treat a woman. Men are different, but here, in Kerch, I haven't met my man. And why can't it be that my man is on the other side of the world? There's another thing about the Internet that I like. When I meet men in real life, they pay attention only on my appearance and they want *** from the very beginning. I agree that *** is an important part of our life, but I want my man to be attentive and caring . I want to talk to him,to share my thoughts. So it's another reason why I use the Internet to find my love. And one more thing before I finish this letter, I want you to know that I'm not looking for a chance to remove to another country. I'm looking for my love, I can do everything for my boyfriend. And I will do things like i feel, but not for purpose or for money. So I guess, now you know me better. Please, feel free to ask me anything you want. And of course I want to know more about you! I'm waiting for your letter!
Letter 3
Hello, my darling Ken! Thank you very much for writing to me! I appreciate your interest. Isn't it great that though we are so far away, but still we are together in our letters? I think great distance adds a special charm to our correspondence. For example, what is the weather behind your window? Today we have a sunny day and slight wind, I like sunny days, though there's such a saying "any weather is a grace". These words are from my favorite film "Twist of fate". It's an old Soviet film. I like old films, and what about you? I hope you don't think that I have nothing to tell you and that's why I'm talking about the weather. I tell you this, because I want you to know that I'm interested in you and I don't want to end our correspondence. I feel cordiality, which comes from your letters, and I like it very much. There's one more thing I need to tell you from the very beginning. i don't know English. I can say "hello", "I love you", "OK" , but that's all. So I have to use translation services. I don't have a computer at home, so I write a letter and go to a translation firm. I give my letter to a translator. She reads it, sometimes asks me to make some explanations, then I can go. Next day I come and ask if I have a new letter from you. I would like to learn how to operate a computer and I also would like to learn English. I guess it would be very useful for me. I want you to know more about me and I want to learn more about you in return. as I already told you, I spent my childhood with my grandparents in a suburb of Rostov. I was a naughty girl, but they my grandparents never punished me. They said, I was such a pretty girl that when I did something bad I looked on them with my guilty eyes, so they forgave me everything I'd done. I send you my photo, it was made when I was five. Would you forgive everything to me? Then when I was six, I removed to my parents and went to school. I missed my grandparents very much, my mother decided to distract me from my depression and so I began to attend dance classes. I had been attending them for twelve. Dance is my passion. As you already know I work as a choreographer. I like my profession. Now I work with teenagers as we say here "it's not flowers" . I mean they are a little bit naughty, but I'm not afraid of difficulties. As to the children, frankly speaking I already want to have my own children. And it's not the same thing as in youth, when we consider them to be pretty dolls and want to play with them. On the whole I think it's time for me to have my own family with beloved husband. that's what I need to be absolutely happy. I need my man to with me. Appearance doesn't matter for me, because it's like wrapper. It could be plain, but a candy is sweet and very special. But I know for sure my man is self-confident and the main thing is a good sense of humor. I have a lot of love to give. You won't regret, if you get to know me better. I send you many kisses! Your Olya.
Letter 4

Hi, honey Ken! I'm so happy to correspondence with you. It's a great feeling to know that somewhere there's a man who is interested in you, who cares about you. I feel so comfortable with you, as if I've known you for ages. The more I learn about you, the more I like you. I want you to know everything about me. As I already told you, I used to work as a government investigator. One day a man came to me. He want me to falsify evidences, he want me to accept a bribe. I refused him, and so he made a deal with my chief. I had to retire, all my family had to remove to Ukraine in order to avoid pursuit. It was four years ago. I think it sounds like a film to you, but it's our present reality. I haven't told anyone about it, only close friends of our family know this story. I hope I haven't frightened you. I just think I should be frank with you, because I feel that you might become an important person in my life. At least I want things would go like that. I wonder why the majority of men are afraid of serious relationships. Maybe they think it's like a marriage, but it's not. You just take care of each other. I think men's inability to express their feelings is one of the things that makes relationship flounder. I want my men to be alike with me, so we have the same desires and the same thoughts. So would be great if we understood each other without saying a word. I hope your vision of life is similar to my. I'll be looking forward your next letter. You know I enjoy reading your letters, Best wishes ,
your Olya.
Letter 5
Hi my darling Ken, I know , every time I get a letter from you my heart is beating stronger. I do believe that someday our correspondence will overgrow in something bright. Sometimes I ask myself what are you doing, whom are you talking to. Rereading your letters again and again I feel you are my man. I think of you so much, that I've even so you in a dream... I became disillusioned in men so many times that I thought I would never fall in love again. But it seems to me I wasn't right, because you know something has changed since I start getting your letter. I guess you what I mean. All of us had a first love. I recall my my first real love. It was 8 years ago. It was very naive of me to believe everything he said. Now I understood, he was the most selfish person. I know he cares about no one's problems but his own. But I have absolutely different opinion about you. First of all you are very interesting person. You have a very kind heart. I think you have strong character, and developed intellect. It's great when you have a lot to discuss with your second half. You know you are the man to whom I can tell my deepest most personal thoughts. We didn't see each other but I can say that I miss you very much. We Ukrainian have such saying like "hard man's hand". It means that woman needs support, needs to be cared and loved. I feel you can be my hard hand and I'll give you my love and care . My feelings to you grow with each day, at the beginning I was even scared how fast I start falling love with you. Even my friends and my mum start asking what is happening to me. I shine with happiness. And it's all thank's to you. So if you feel the same, please write me about your dreams and wishes. I'll be waiting for your letter with great impatience. Love,
Your Olya.
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