Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Louis (USA)
Letter 1

Hey Louis!!!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter on mine email.
Now I had no opportunities to write to you the letter. At me now it is a lot of work. In the evening when I shall come back from work I shall write to you the letter where I shall tell about myself. Ok?
I send you the photo. It would be interesting to find out you better.
I not badly know colloquial English,
but it will be difficult for me write to you letters in English.
Therefore I have decided that I shall use the computer program of the translator.
I guess that its translation quality leaves to wish the best, but I do not have choice.
If that will be not clear in my letter please ask me.
P.s. May be you worry about a difference in the age of?
My native grandfather was more senior than my the grandmother for 19 years. They lived long and happily!!!!
They always tell me that the difference in the age of should not hinder for happiness!!!
Therefore I done not frightened to the difference in the age of between me and you.
Letter 2

Hi Louis!!!
As I also promised I write you now after work.
Unfortunately I have not simple work and I spend a lot of time for it.
Once again excuse me that so long I did not write. Now I shall try to write to you as it is possible more often.
At all I do not know from what to begin the letter. I never used Internet earlier to get acquainted with the man. I always thought that it not seriously.
But I each day watched TV where showed happy married couples which of 100 % love to each other and mutual understanding have got acquainted through Internet. Now they have family and they are absolutely happy. I have very strongly reflected above it.
Life is too short that so long and unsuccessfully to search for the beloved.
All of us live only once and it is necessary to live this life as it is possible longer with the beloved.
I try to find the man of the dream in Russia very long.
And each time I am disappointed in Russian men.
I heard that abroad man is very polite much and respect women.
Except for that I heard abroad man almost does not drink.
In Russia almost all men have harmful habits and besides beat and do not respect women.
To me 28 years and each year I make for myself conclusions to the future.
Now, today I really understand that I can not find worthy man in the country.
I repeat that I always counted acquaintances in the Internet not serious.
But now my opinion has changed.
Except for that my native aunt Galia recently has got acquainted with one foreigner William.
Appeared that they have fallen in love each other and now she has left to get acquainted to him, his relatives and friends.
Soon my aunt Galia and her loved William will arrive to Russia to get acquainted with us.
By the way when William has got acquainted with my aunt has told that writes to him very much many Russian girls. And in general all foreign men each day receive tens letters from different girls. When my aunt has told me about it fairly speak me shocked this fact.
I hope my letter will not look as one of banal letters which probably you receive each day from set of other girls.
On a site of acquaintances in mine profile I live in USA instead of in Russia.
When the manager internet registered my profile he could not bring in cafe my Russian postal index.
The site of acquaintances demanded that the foreign postal index was.
Therefore manager was compelled to write that I live in USA.
I hope you does not confuse that fact that I live in Russia?
By the way I wanted to tell about myself, but time already later and it is necessary to go home.
Tomorrow I specially shall stand at some o'clock also I shall go in Internet cafe earlier to tell you about myself more in detail.
I wish you a successful working day, up to a meeting.
Write, I shall wait for your letter. Marina
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