Letter(s) from Svetlana Dovlyatova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Greetings Fred! To me will pleasantly receive from you the letter. I waited when you will write to me. First of all I want to tell to you, what for I have come on a site of acquaintances. I have very good girlfriend Elena, she now lives in USA in the city of New York. Elena, 2 years ago in came in Internet - cafe and it was registered on a site of acquaintances to find the person with which she would like to form family. And it was possible to it, and the ambassador not long dialogue with it, both of them understood that want to be together and it has suggested Elena to arrive to it more to learn each other. She agreed with it and arrived to it. And after she arrived to it they fell in love in each other and have decided to get married. Now my girlfriend lives in USA in the city of New York. She is very happy that has come on a site of acquaintances and has found to itself the husband. I have decided to follow the lead mine of girlfriend Elena, can also to me will carry. Because I could not find to myself the husband in my city. As you already probably noticed, I nice, and the majority of men with which I met, there were rich and solvent people, but I did not interest as the woman as the beloved, I was his ornament. You understand me Fred? I do not want to be an ornament. I want to be the beloved and I want to love. I want that the man have grown fond all over again of my private world, and then only my attractive appearance. And consequently I have gone to Internet - cafe and was registered on a site of acquaintances because here, only here all over again you learn about what the person thinks, that to it to like, to what it to aspire. You agree with me Fred? In the Internet acquaintances it is a lot of pluss, but also also there are essential minuses, recently I frequently hear about deceits in the Internet and about scammers. It very much excites me. I heard histories when the girl got acquainted with the man in the Internet and corresponded with it very for a long time then it has invited her to visit his country and she agreed, she thought that has found the person with which will form family, and appeared that this the man of her deceived, and after she arrived to it, it selected its passport and other documents and has forced her to be engaged in prostitution. I also still heard the same histories but after the girl arrived to the man to the country, her sold. Because of it to me it is very terrible. But I hope that anything such to not happen to me. I hope that you Fred, me not begin to deceive? Fred, I want you to ask, why you came on a site of acquaintances? Why you did not find to yourselves the wife in your country? You have been married? If you have been married, for what reason you have left, how for a long time you were together? If you have been married, whether is at you there are children? For me these questions are very important. Answer me these questions in your following letter. I to you in this letter want to tell where I live. I not for a long time, 1,5 year ago moved from an apartment of my parents in an apartment which I remove. I have decided to rent the apartment to become more independent. I remove not the big one-room apartment, she to be not far from my work. It is very convenient for me to go for work. And you Fred where also as whom work? How you there for a long time work? To like you your work? I work in a small private concern on manufacture of doors. I by formation the bookkeeper - the economist. I now work as the bookkeeper. My work to like me, but it not a limit of dreams, my work very boring, she consists in billing and reports, I all do it on a typewriter. We in firm do not have computers and we do the reporting on typewriters. It is very difficult, but my chief promises me that computers will be soon delivered. It would be very good. It very strongly would facilitate our work. And on your work there are computers? I to you still want to tell about I wash the chief, she very good woman and we with it very much are friends. To me with it has carried. Well I began to tell from my apartment and have deviated from the subject. Fred, I want to speak you beforehand, I probably cannot write to you the letter every day, but I shall try to do it. Because at my place there is no computer and to me to have to go to Internet - cafe to write to you. You probably will not believe, but at my place even phone is not present. You probably in city do not have problem with communication? And at us in city is. We in city have not enough at whom there is phone. It very much complicates our life. On this sad note I finish the letter. Because my time in Internet - cafe has approached to the end and I need to go. I hope that we with you at least shall make friends, but I hope that we with you shall fall in love in each other. I hope to find the husband in the Internet and I think at me it it will turn out. I had one more question for you Fred. You for a long time are engaged search of the wife in the Internet? You met with what - be the woman from other country? If yes, why at you with it it turned out nothing? I too hope for these questions to receive answers. I wait for your fast letter my new friend Fred. I hope that you will write to me soon. Your new friend Svetlana

Letter 2

Hi Fred. I am glad that you answered mine the letter. I hope that you closely read my letters. How you? How passes your day? I'm fine. In this letter I would like to tell to you about my life till this day. I hope that it will be interesting to you. I was born on March, 5, 1982 in 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was in a maternity hospital of city Novocheboksarsk. it fine solar spring day was. In the street it was still cold, but it was felt approach of spring. To me it was told by mum. It was for it the most wonderful day in its life because I was the first child. There was a lot of pleasure in day of my birth. Mine mum and father were unique children at the parents and when I was born, their parents became grandmothers and grandfathers. As I was spoken by mum, its mum for a long time wanted to become the grandmother and to nurse grandsons. And when I was born, its dream has come true. I grew the obedient and sociable girl. I carried out in the childhood with the grandmother much before have gone to a kindergarten and we talked to it much. I remember it as though it was yesterday. Till a kindergarten, my mum could not be with me for a long time because it was heavy time in our country and it had to work much and while I have not gone to a kindergarten, I was at my grandmother. My most good memoirs on a kindergarten, I badly remember it, but I remember that I there very much very much liked also I cried when left from him. When to me 7 years were executed, it was 1989, I have gone to school. Number of my school ? 416. is very good school. At me good memoirs about about my school. When I have gone to school at me have appeared many girlfriends and friends, I till now sometimes see the some people. I studied well, on 4 and on 5, on 5 ball system. I wanted to try and leave school with a gold medal, but it was impossible to me. Than me the school, it certainly the first love, the first experience in kisses was remembered. It cannot be forgotten never. I want to tell to you about first my love at school. It was the man, not oustanding mind, studied badly, was the hooligan, but it why that has very much liked me also I in him has been in love, it was in 7 class, to me then there were 13 years. The first experience in kisses at me was with it. We were friends of it and spent time together but when to me there were 14 years, his parents have left from our city and have taken away it with itself, since then I did not see it more. But I have gone through it very quickly, I was still young and I had many admirers. I have left school in 17 years, in 1999. it was not so long ago. After I left school and before me there was a choice what to do further, to go in university or to go to work. I have made a choice and have gone to university. I almost without problems have acted in the state university of city Novocheboksarsk by a trade the bookkeeper - economist. I very much liked to study at university, it was not much more complex than at school, but I liked to receive knowledge and overcame all complexities. During study at university, I have lead a lot of time in libraries and reading rooms, I shall not forget it never. Also I had much a rest with my classmates and classmates. We went on the nature much and had a rest from study. It were the finest years in my life. At university when I studied on the second rate, I have got acquainted with one man, it already finished training. I was in love in him and as thought, that it will be my husband and the father of my children. It is my the first the man by way of sex. But this the man appeared not that for whom I of it accepted also we with it have soon left. I tried to find whom - be, but for serious attitudes, but could not, I already spoke the reasons in the last letter. I finished university with the red diploma, I very much tried for him and have received, I have finished university in 2004. I thought that stop in university with the red diploma to me it will not be difficult to find work. But it appeared not so. In few places looked what diploma at you and what estimations cost, presence of the diploma and all was necessary only. To me it was insulting, because I very much tried for him. I very for a long time searched for work, 6 months. But it was then arranged and has moved from parents on a demountable apartment. I certainly happen to pay hardly for it because at me not the big wages, she makes 5380 roubles or if it to transfer in the American dollars it will be 199.25 dollars a month. But it suffices me, but all the same sometimes to have to borrow. I still live on my demountable apartment and I work. To you I have told about all my life as I was born as I grew also what now. I very much would like that you to me also have told, where you were born? Where dews? How dews? What you now? Tell to me as much as possible about itself. It is very interesting to me. I want to know about you all. I want to learn you more. Still I would like to speak by phone. I would like to hear your voice and so it would be easier to learn on each other, but I unfortunately do not have phone. But I so would like to hear you. Can be when - be I shall hear you, can we even with you we shall meet. But even if it will be, it will be later. We with you need to learn more each other. Tell to me more about itself Fred. to me it very interestingly. On it I shall finish my letter because I cannot be for a long time in Internet - cafe, it is very expensive for me. I still wanted to write much, but unfortunately I have not time and I stop. I ask to forgive me if I did not answer some your questions. About I have not enough time and I could not notice them. I wait for fast your letter Fred. I hope to receive the big letter with stories about you and your life. I very much hope for it, because you are interesting to me also I want to know you more. Friendly embraces for you Fred. Sveta

Letter 3

My dear!
It was pleasant for me to receive your letter. I like your letters. I want to tell to you, that one person is necessary for all my life for me. I do not want to marry many times. I want to grow fond of the man really, instead of for some years. The love for all life is necessary for me. I search for this love on the Internet. For this purpose I have gone to the Internet - cafe. I want to form family with the loving husband. I want that we in family had love and that children have not been deprived of our love that children grew with both parents. Poorly when children grow without the father or without mother. I would like that my children had both parents. That the child had happy future. I think, that some people do not understand all gravity of wedding. It is very responsible step in a life. I do not understand those people which marry in an early age, as a rule their marriage does not last for a long time, and their children remain without one parent, and sometimes and without parents. I understand all importance of wedding, and I want to find love for all my life. For this purpose I have come to the Internet - cafe. I think, that I can find my love here, in fact to my girlfriend have carried, and success will smile to me. I think that it is impossible to hide something from the partner. I would like that at us in correspondences not deceits and mistrust. Because if we shall deceive each other it will not result in anything good. All the same sooner or later the truth will be known. And when the truth will be open, we shall be afflicted. Also it will turn out so, that we have spent time all for nothing. I would not like to spend time all for nothing. To me dearly my time. I have come to the Internet - cafe on a site of acquaintances not to deceive people, it it is not necessary for me. I need to find my love and to leave for him in marriage. If we shall not be each other and we shall trust each other our attitudes will be good, and we can construct loving family. What does you think of it? I think, that each person wants to be happy, but should recognize what not at everyone it turns out. But I think, that at us should it will turn out to be happy. We in fact our each other. And it shall seems to me that we with you are happy. I would like it. In fact at us one purpose. We with you want to form happy family. And we should achieve it. Actually not probably will study the person through the correspondence completely completely. To study the person well, it is necessary to meet this person in the person. Because one meeting can replace thousand letters. It is possible to write many letters to the person, but to not learn it as you of it you can learn at personal meeting. I think, that if we with you shall be ready to a meeting it will be wonderful. I would like to meet you in the person. At a meeting in the person we with you could better study each other. We could carry out with you a lot of time together, could look each other in the face. Speak, that eyes this mirror oppress. I would like to see your soul. Also we with you could walk with you in the evening keeping for hands, or to have supper together is it would be very romantic. The our meeting well would affect our attitudes. What do you think of it? My ideas only about you. You stand in my ideas on the first place. I wait for your answer. I hope, that you will write to me soon. Gentle embraces and kisses for you. Sveta

Letter 4

My dear!
It is pleasant for me to receive from you the letter.
I am glad, that we with you have found each other. At us with you identical ideas. We with you think equally. I think, that it is destiny. Because seldom you meet the person which you think as well as. I am glad that we with you on means of the Internet have found each other. And I would like to learn you as much as possible. You to me are interesting also to me of it very much it would be desirable. But I do not have not enough now only your letters. I would like to meet you in the person. We have already learned about the friend the friend enough. I think what more to learn from correspondence it is impossible. Also there would come time for that that we have met you in the person. What do you think about our meetings in the person? You want to meet me? I hope that it so. If you I interest what - be the important things about me you safely set them to me, I shall try to answer them. In fact we with you want to construct the present and strong love. I think that at us it will turn out. I want to develop our relations with you. I would like to move forward in our relations. I want that we met you. What do you think about our meetings? You want that I arrived to you to the country? I can make it. I learned in a travel company as I can make it. I will need to make the international passport, the visa and tickets. On registration of these documents 14 working days is required. It is not many times. For registration of the international passport I will need 93 euros, for the visa I will need 275 euros, the ticket will cost 664 euros. The road is one more thing about which that should know. It is not convenient for me to speak about it, but I live in small city and I work on is low to paid work and consequently I cannot pay my travel to you. For me it is very big money, I cannot get so much money. You could help me to me with payment of my travel? You can help me about 1032 euros (1393 American dollars)? I cannot think there is nothing except for you. You stand in my ideas on the first place. It is dream which seems impracticable... But I hope, that we with you nevertheless shall be together, and we shall be happy with the friend the friend. I so strongly would like it. It is necessary to begin official registration of papers as soon as possible. I shall soon have holiday. I would like to lead my holiday near to you. But we need to meet soon. I with impatience wait for your answer, and your opinion on my travel to you in the country! I wait for your letter soon, I hope that you will not keep me waiting for a long time. Yours Sveta

Letter 5

Greetings loved Fred. I am very glad to receive your letter. How you? How passes your day? I'm fine, I hope that at you also all well. I agree with you, that we shall build with you strong family. I am sure in it. We with you shall be happy in a marriage. I dream of it and I shall achieve, that you were happy with me, I hope, that you will try to do too me happy. Yes, I shall require internal flight, but it already all enters into the sum of my travel to you. It will not be necessary additional expenses. My vacation will soon. They will be in the beginning of February, but asked my chief if I shall not have time to do all my documents that it has a little transferred my holiday. Therefore. My chief agreed with it. You speak, that the visa costs more cheaply than I have written to you. Yes, I know it. But I want to do the urgent visa which will be done faster, than the simple visa, and it will be necessary to overpay for promptness, and still because I shall do the visa not itself, and to me she will be done with a travel company. You understand why there is a visa so much? You speak, that it will be not easy to do the visa to me. But me assured of a travel company, that it will be not difficult, they spoke. What is the visas are done not so difficultly as the others. Do not experience, I can make the visa. You ask as you can transfer me of money that I could pay my arrival to you. I learned about ways of transfer of money. The most convenient, fast and reliable, it Western Union. you have it in your city? If you do not know, to me gave a site of it. www.WesternUnion.com there you can look, whether is Western Union in your city. That you could send me of money for payment of my arrival to you, my data will be necessary for you. Name: Svetlana, Surname: Dovlyatova, The country: Russia, Republic: Chuvashia, City: Novocheboksarsk, Street: Sovetskaya, The house: 100, Apartment: 12 number of the Russian passport: 8547417420. and to receive this money, I will need number of a remittance and precisely same data which I sent you. You can ask in Western Union and everyone will explain you. You ask on how many I shall take holiday. I have agreed with my chief for 1 month, but it spoke me, that if I want, it to me can give holiday on more. At me very good, kind and understanding chief. I hope that we with you soon shall together and my dream of a meeting with you will come true. I love you and I want to be with you and to be formed with you family. My ideas only about you, I cannot think there is nothing, except for you and our meeting. I love you. My gentle kisses for you Fred. With love, yours Sveta