Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Nosova to Bill (Australia)
HI my love Bill. Excuse loved that could not answer your letters at once. Simply here there were some complexities about which I should tell to you. I at all do not know from what to start. So it is hard for me to speak about it to all. Couple of months in back spring I the daddy should pay the annual tax for an apartment. I the daddy thought to pay this tax in the autumn as by then it thought to save up the necessary sum. But couple of days back to us there has come the notice to a letter box, about that that we should to be urgently in tax management of our city. I the daddy at once has gone there. To it there have told that we are given with some days that we have paid this tax. Otherwise, as the employee of tax management on our property has explained will be imposed arrest. Yesterday to us home already there came judicial executors who have lead the inventory of all our property. It on a case of that if we shall not pay the tax. So it is unpleasant to me to all to write about it to you. It so is unpleasant when another's people enter into your house. At mine the daddy remained only two days to pay this tax for an apartment. It already some times went to tax management and asked that to it granted a delay even on couple of weeks. But employees of tax management do not want to go on the compromise. They speak that it was necessary to pay the tax still several months ago. They speak that we had enough time to pay the tax during time. So we now do not know what to do. If we shall not pay this week then on Monday to us judicial executors again will come. A part or all our property is possible even will be confiscated. We do not have in an apartment of expensive things, but all this necessary things for a life. I do not know what to do. I think in this situation there is only one output. We should pay this tax that all was good. I hope you will support me and my family. I very much expect for you. My parents and I were is boundless are grateful to you for it. The tax makes about 184 $. I with impatience shall wait your letter loved. I hope that at you all well. With love your forever
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