Letter(s) from Maria Ageeva to Geeves (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my sweety
The most pleasant thing today for me is to see your letter which you have written to me my dear!!!! It is always pleasant for me to read your letters. More letters you write me more love in your letters do i feel. I feel myself very happy when i read your letters. I love you very much. In your letter you wrote that the ticket cost for you is from 870 dollars to over 1400 dollars. You asked why are the flights to Moscow, it is because we have International airport only in Moscow. Today in the morning i checked my e-mail and saw your letter. I did not have time to write you the reply because i was late to my work. After my work i went to the travel agency to learn about the flight ticket to your country. I was said that ticket costs is 780$. To make the documents i need 570$ and 780$ to buy the ticket. I need 1350$ to arrive to you. It is a big sum for me. My honey, what will we do, you come to me or i arrive to you?
My love yo you amplifies every day. I feel i became another since our meeting in Internet. I began to notice the beauty of nature more. Earlier I did not think, that simply it is possible to stand and observe magnificence of a nature within several hours. My soul became more poetical and sensual.
Though it is getting cold in our city, but not looking at it i feel warm. Your love and your letters make me feel happy and warm. In the street it is very good. But in summer it was much better. In our city there are a lot of birds in summer. It is very good, because birds bring pleasure to people. In the spring when the nature in Russia wakes up of winter dream birds begin to fly from southern countries and bring a message that spring has come. In Russia there is a saying, that birds bring spring on the wings and share with all world a heat which they have brought.
I do not why, but i think about spring. Probably i want spring to come earlier and it would be warm outdoors.
I love you very much my sweety and want to be with you very much.
The weather became very changeble in our country. It is getting warm or cold. I have such a feeling that in our country we'll not have winter this year. Because we almost do not have snow.
I remember earlier in the beginning of December we always have had snow.
My darling, i'm sitting and write you the letter. I do not have any thoughts except you.

I love you very much and miss

I want to be with you

I'll wait for your letter with impatience

With love

Your Maria